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Iran visa application FAQs

Iran visa required documents​

  • Passport copy with at least 6 months of validity
  • Personal photo
  • Visa application form
  • Finalized Detailed itinerary, only for the US, UK, Canada & Ireland
  • Detailed CV, only for the applicants of the US, UK, Canada & Ireland

Uploading non-compliant documents may slow down the application process. Check the details on the photo and passport copy requirements at documents for an Iran visa application

How do I get my Iran visa

  • Fill in an online application form
  • Pay the service fee
  • We do the paperwork & send you an authorization code from the Iranian MFA in 3-5 working days
  • Collect your visa at the selected point (Iran embassy/airport in Iran

Visa applications require approval from the MFA. We aim for visa approval within 3-5 working days, excluding weekends (Thur & Fri) and public holidays.

Note: Ongoing political conflicts between Iran and Germany, France, and the Netherlands may extend the visa process for citizens of these countries to up to one month.

We handle your personal information according to our privacy policy. We don’t share it with unauthorized third parties. Your details will be shared with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We store and dispose of your information securely.

What type of Iran visa can I apply for via To Iran Tour?

As a tourist visiting Iran, you can only apply for an Iran entry visa which is your travel visa to Iran. Iran has different visa types, which are issued based on the purpose of the trip of the applicant.

Can I get Iran Visa on arrival?

Yes, to be on the safe side though, we recommend you apply for a visa and get your authorization code before traveling. It makes the whole process easier, shorter, and safer.

The citizens of the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Jordan, Iraq, Colombia, and Pakistan are NOT eligible to obtain their visa upon arrival. However, the EU and other nationalities can get their tourist visa upon arrival at the airport. See Iran Visa on Arrival for more information.

How much is the visa fee?

Iran visa fee depends on your nationality and will be paid to the Iran Visa & Passport Office at the airport/embassy when you are collecting your visa. It ranges from 10-150 EUR. You can get more details on Iran Visa Fee.

How is the visa process if I buy a multiday tour package?

Visa is included in all our tour packages and you don’t need to apply separately. After buying the tour, our support team will be in touch with you for the visa process. Later on, when collecting your visa in person, you only pay the visa fee.

Do I need travel insurance to visit Iran

Yes, just like other countries in the world, you need to provide your travel insurance while entering Iran. Buy Iran travel insurance.

Is it possible I get rejected?

Iran visa rejection is rare for most nationalities, with less than 3% of applications being turned down. The Iranian MFA makes the final decision, and To Iran Tour cannot interfere.

What is visa service fee?

As a travel agency who provides Iran travel services, we charge you a service fee to apply for your visa and get the confirmation from the Iranian MFA.

Can I use your visa application service if I was rejected before?

If you were previously denied an Iran visa, you can still apply for a visa through To Iran Tour’s visa application service. Just be careful that you do not have any other application open and in progress.

Can I visit Iran independently, as a US, UK, Canada or Ireland citizen?

Unfortunately, no. The citizens of the mentioned countries must travel to Iran by applying through a licensed travel agency in Iran. They also need to book a full-guided tour for their whole trip.
At To Iran Tour, we are eligible to apply for visas for the US, UK, Canada and Ireland Citizens.

How is it for me if I have an Israeli visa stamp in my passport?

Those who have an Israel visa stamp on their passports (or exit stamps at the relevant Jordanian or Egyptian border crossings into Israel) can apply for an Iran visa at least one year after the expiration date of their Israeli visa.

What about citizens of Afghanistan and Bangladesh?

Passport holders of Afghanistan and Bangladesh need to apply for and collect their visas at the embassies/consulates in their countries. They can’t apply for an Iran visa from travel agencies.

What are the visa requirements for Pakistani citizens?

Pakistani nationals are not eligible to get VOA. In order to get their visa, they must apply through an agency and get their visa stamped at one of the Iranian embassies or consulates. It is the same for the nationals of Somalia, Colombia, and Jordan.

Is there any long holidays which will effect visa issuance?

The Foreign Ministry in Iran do not process visa applications for one month, from around March 5 – April 5th each year. Please ensure your application is lodged outside this this period, your applying process will done with a low speed.

Can I get my visa in any way except for applying via a travel agency?

As other ways to obtain a visa to travel to Iran, you can also refer to an Iranian embassy in person or use the website of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). However, individuals applying directly from a(n) embassy/consulate or MFA’s website are reporting longer waiting times and higher rejection rates.

What if I don't receive any confirmation e-mails?

Check your “Spam”, “Bulk Mail” or “Junk e-mail” folder. If you find our e-mail there, select the confirmation message and click “This is Not Spam”. This will help your future messages (for example visa documents) to get through. If not, contact the ToIranTour Support Team for assistance.

Can I get a refund if I do not use my e-Visa?

No. The visa service fee is nonrefundable since the service is done at the moment we receive the application submission.

Can I book Iran daily tours for my trip? How?

Yes. We offer a wide range of daily tours in different cities of Iran, and also can tailor-make any trip you’d like to have throughout Iran. Take a look at our Iran Daily Tours to book or contact our support.

How long can I stay in Iran?

A tourist visa usually allows you to stay in Iran for the time you claimed in your visa application form. The maximum time is mostly 30 days but you may be able to extend your visa twice, each time for another 30 days.

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