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Life is all about learning! As a Persian idiom says: “Search for knowledge from cradle to the grave”. Take one of our Knowledge-based Style tours to do some learning activities while visiting this mysterious land. This learning trip to Iran will give you a deep dive into history if it’s your favorite subject! Because it’s the land of arts and literature which always has been a scientific center as well. In this style, we have differentiated services and tours that are tailored to your age and interests Our Knowledge-based style tours contain creative on-site learning activities. Not only for fun but also to target the learning goals and engage the students/researchers in the local culture by offering interactive activities.

Archaeology Tours in Iran

Iran is a country with highly educated people and high leveled universities. Also, with facilities like student travel companies and tour operators operating student trips, Iran is a good destination for scientific and student travel.

Take Your Interest into the Field!

You really do not need an archaeology tour to enjoy the archaeological sites and monuments of ancient Persia. You can see these sites everywhere even when you are walking in the streets. But definitely, a knowledge-based archaeology tour with a professional tour guide can take you to the places that normally are not offered in tours and no one may go there on his or her own. The variety of archaeological remains in Iran is spectacular.

Neolithization started around 10000 BC. in Iran, much earlier than most of the world. On the other hand, remains of glorious Persian empires plus to fantastic Islamic architecture and fine arts wonder every visitor. So, it is not an exaggeration to say Iran is the best destination for archaeology trips.

Traveling to Iran for Conferences and Festivals

Every year Iran attracts thousands of people to attend conferences, festivals, and fairs. There are more than ten permanent fairgrounds and hundreds of international fairs and exhibitions held each year in different cities in Iran. Conferences as well show brilliant statistics. Also, festivals such as the International Fajr Film Festival and Rose Festival are worldwide well known and a great opportunity to take part in the events and also explore Iran.

Persian Music Tours

Iranian classical music is different from European music and also much more complicated. Persian musicians, such as Barbod, Abd- Al-Hasan Maraqei, Saba, etc. have made a great difference in the history of music and today’s Iranian classic music inherited from them. Plus classic music, each region of Iran has its own special folk music.

Iranian Local Cuisine Tours

Heaven for food lovers! If you are a fan of spicy foods, if you are a fan of sour munchies, if you love sweets, or even if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can find your favorite taste in Iran. Iranian cuisine, as well as other aspects of Iranian culture, is different from region to region. While southern foods are closer to Arabian and also Indian cuisine, you can enjoy the taste of Turkish cuisine in the northwest. As an example of these kind of tours we suggest taking a look at our Persia Health and Lifestyle Tour

Ethnography Tours

Iran is home to so many races and tribes. Some of them are settled in cities now or even have been settled for so many years. But there are still some tribes that have a nomadic lifestyle. They all are hospitable and tourists are welcome to their tents as their guests. But, do not forget that for traveling to their places, you always need a tour guide.

Architecture Tours

Iranian architecture inherited pre-Islamic Persian architecture and also Islamic magnificent architecture. Furthermore, during the 19th and 20th centuries, Iranians were impressed by European modern architecture. In addition, in recent decades, Iranian architects designed innovative buildings mostly in Tehran but also in other cities. The mixture of these schools created amazing buildings that you should visit with a tour guide.

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Knowledge-Based Style Tours in Iran

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