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In-Depth Style


Focus on Your Special Interest!!

Do you have any special interests when you are traveling? Have you ever tried a tour to be concordant with your special interest? Are you interested in a gastronomy or photography tour? How about a bird watching or a carpet tour? Our In-Depth Tours is where you may find journeys that match your special interests.

“Tourists normally do not see the depth and the lower layers of where they are traveling” definitely you have heard this saying. Actually, it is truly a fact and we all should confess and accept it. Because tourists normally just visit the places that they are supposed to as tourists. Furthermore, they rarely find this chance to discover deep cultural and non-cultural layers of a country.

So if you are seeking to learn more and enrich your awareness about special subjects in Iran, In-Depth tours, take you into the heart and soul of Iran. You go for your particular passion. So, you’ll get a much fuller picture of both the subject you are interested in and the country you’re visiting.

What are In-depth tours?

The range of special interest tours is enormous. It may range from bird watching and Persian language tours to gastronomy, handicraft, ethnic music, photography and more. Iran is a gastronomic paradise! It is said that an Iranian ceremony without food is not even a ceremony. So, if you want to entirely comprehend Iranian culture, you should consider its cuisine as an important aspect of Iranian culture. Furthermore, Iranian ethnic music is one of the oldest and the richest ones in the whole world and deserves to be discovered. Handicrafts as well show thousands of years of engineering behind. In a handicraft tour, you can go to ceramic, enamel, mosaic and glassware workshops. In this way, you can learn about the history behind them and make such crafts with your own hands.

In-Depth Style Tours in Iran:

Iranian Carpet with an amazing pattern

13 Days Persian Carpet Tour

13 Days - 12 Nights

In this 13-day trip, the “Persian Carpet” can only be part of the Persian carpet culture that belongs to the central Iranian regions.

Iran Birdwatching Tour

13 Days Iran Birdwatching Tour

13 Days - 12 Nights

Join our Iran Birdwatching Tour for 13 days to experience Middle East’s second largest country that offers a great deal to the intrepid and curious traveler.

Dizi Sangi or Abgoosht

15 Days Persia Health and Lifestyle Tour

15 Days - 14 Nights

In this tour, you will delve deeper into the healthy lifestyle of traditional Persians. You get familiar with Persian Traditional Medicine and Humorism.


13 Days Iran Silk Road Tour

13 Days - 12 Nights

In Iran Silk Road Tour, we experience some of the most eminent historical sites across Iran: ancient archaeology, teeming bazaars, majestic mosques, and astounding desert route.

Qom Carpet, Iran

9 Days Persian Theme Tour

9 Days - 8 Nights

From a long time ago, the land of Persia has been known for its carpet. In fact, Iranian taste and aesthetic are manifested in the pictograph of the carpets. The Persian carpet is a media of communication.

Eco-Yoga into Classic Iran

10 Days “Yoga into Classic Iran“ Tour

10 Days & 9 Nights

To Iran Tour offers you an opportunity to explore one of the world’s oldest civilizations, with a rich culture, history, and magnificent natural landscapes in a healthy joyful way.

Eco-Yoga Retreat in Iran Tour

10 Days Eco-Yoga Retreat in Iran

10 Days - 9 Nights

In this eco-yoga retreat, you have this opportunity to just be yourself. Our Yoga retreat tour takes place in amazing mountain villages of Ardabil province in the north-west of Iran.

Feel Classic Persia - 5 Senses Tour

Feel Classic Persia by 5 Senses Tour

12 Days - 11 Nights

With this Iran 5 Senses tour, you have a chance to do things that usually tourists do not do in Iran, like making ceramics with your hands and visiting musical instrument-making workshops, etc.