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Do you have any special interests when you are traveling? Have you ever tried a tour to be concordant with your special interest? Are you interested in a gastronomy or photography tour? How about bird watching or a carpet tour? Our In-Depth Style tours are where you may find journeys that match your special interests. If you are seeking to learn more and enrich your awareness about special subjects in Iran, In-Depth tours take you into the heart and soul of Iran. You go for your particular passion. So, you’ll get a much fuller picture of both the subject you are interested in and the country you’re visiting.

What are In-depth tours?

“Tourists normally do not see the depth and the lower layers of where they are traveling” you definitely have heard this saying. Actually, it is truly a fact and we all should confess and accept it. Because tourists normally just visit the places that they are supposed to as tourists. Furthermore, they rarely find this chance to discover deep cultural and non-cultural layers of a country. Taking an in-depth style tour will give you the chance to dive deep into what is beneath the outer surface of the destination!

Focus on Your Special Interest!!

The range of our special interest tours is enormous. It may range from bird watching and Persian language tours to gastronomy, handicraft, ethnic music, photography, and more. Iran is a gastronomic paradise! It is said that an Iranian ceremony without food is not even a ceremony. So, if you want to entirely comprehend Iranian culture, you should consider its cuisine as an important aspect of Iranian culture.

Furthermore, Iranian ethnic music is one of the oldest and the richest ones in the whole world and deserves to be discovered. Handicrafts as well show thousands of years of engineering behind them. On a handicraft tour, you can go to ceramic, enamel, mosaic, and glassware workshops. In this way, you can learn about the history behind them and make such crafts with your own hands.

In-Depth Style Tours in Iran

Feel Classic Persia by 5 Senses Tour

13 Days Persian Carpet Tour

15 Days Iran Culture and Nature Tour

10 Days Persian Theme Tour

14 Days Persia Health and Lifestyle Tour

6 Days Iran Wildlife Tour

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