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Iran Archaeology Highlights Tour

Delicately Designed fixed departure Archaeology tour of Iran with a highly professional guide

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Pasargadae & Persepolis Tour

16 Days Iran UNESCO Sites Tour

8 Days Persia Classic Tour

Iran Archaeological Tour: Layers of Iranian History

8 Days Iran Silk Road Tour

3 Days Kerman Tour: Desert & History

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10 Days Yoga into Classic Iran Tour

Yazd Tour: Sightseeing of Historic Yazd

10 Days Persian Theme Tour

14 Days Persia Health and Lifestyle Tour

Pasargadae & Persepolis Tour

One-Day Kashan Tour

Modern Tehran City Tour

Kerman Sightseeing Tour

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ToIranTour offers a wide variety of Iran tour packages from small group to private tours.

ToIrantour-Active style tours

Active Style

Active tours are designed to please your curious soul with adrenaline!
Do you want a little bit of adrenaline?
There’s nothing quite like exploring the land you are visiting on your own two feet – and we’ve got the best trips and experiences for it.
This style is suitable for those who have an active lifestyle.
See Active Tours
ToIranTour-Discovery style tours

Discovery Style

A profound experience of Iran, immersing in its culture and nature
Our Iran discovery tours give you a chance to have a profound experience of Persia. You can immerse yourself in the culture and nature of Iran.
We offer cultural, silk road, classic, UNESCO sites, nomad, natural, wildlife, and desert tours.
See Discovery Tours
ToIranTour-In-Depth style tours

In-Depth Style

For the ones who are looking for satisfying their passions in life
Are you interested in special themes on your travels? Are you interested in a culinary or photography tour?
How about a bird watching or carpet tour? This style includes journeys that match with your passions.
See In-depth Tours
ToIranTour-Inside style tours

Inside Style

For those who are looking for a trip to refreshen their souls
Modern life has many challenges, most of the time we live in chaotic zones of ourselves and things around us running so rapidly.
These tours are a stop to plunge into yourself and put life in slow-motion for a while so can watch it wisely in detail. 
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ToIranTour-Knowledge-Based style tours


Creative on-site learning activities for learning goals and engaging the students/researchers
Differentiated services and tours, tailored to the age and interests of students & researchers.
Our Knowledge-based tours contain creative on-site learning activities for recreation, learning and engaging in the local culture. 
See Knowledge-based Tours
ToIrantour-Active style tours

Daily Tours

To have an authentic experience of a specific city or activity, without joining a tour
Are you interested in special themes on your travels? Are culinary or photography tours attract you? How about a bird watching or carpet tour?
These one-day sightseeing, excursion or workshop tours are to see, try or learn something specific about Iran. 
See Daily Tours

Providing more flexibility and options than ever, our customized Iran tours include all the essentials of a group tour. for instance airport transfers, all hotel accommodations with breakfast, and, major sightseeing at each destination.

Authentic Iran Local Experiences

Pasargadae & Persepolis Tour

Yazd Tour: Sightseeing of Historic Yazd

Kerman Sightseeing Tour

1-Day Tour of Kandovan Rocky Village

Kashan Tour of Culture & Crafts

Firuzabad Tour: A Journey Through Time

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"I started reading about travelling to Iran and was put off by the prospects of all the unknowns. I emailed To Iran Tour and asked for their advice—they were so helpful! They answered all my questions and were able to arrange me a local family dinner in Shiraz! I had a great time exploring Iranian culture, it is spectacular country. To Iran Tour made it possible and I will be recommending them to anyone"


Customers in San Francisco
“To Iran Tour was great I wanted to visit Tehran once and I fuond this site they were responsive and responsible from my arrival to my departure I loved my time spent in Iran with To Iran Tour“


Customers in San Francisco
“I am so excited to share my trip to Iran with you! Myself and two friends went on a tour of the country and had an absolute blast. It was well worth the money, and the memories I have made will last a lifetime. The tour arrangement was the most convenient one although we made a last minute application and Sima was really helpful!“


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“If you require to obtain Iran Visa, this is the tour agency you should consider. I had a great experience of getting Iran Visa Grant Notice in two weeks on my American passport with the assistance of Mr. Hassanpour, CEO of TO IRAN TOUR. He is super friendly, helpful and caring that he even swung by Cultural Heritage & Tourism office in person in order to get things done. During the process, he was providing me update on each step so I didn’t need to be worry about anything. Y’all, I just highly recommend this place. They offer phenomenal services!“

Mohammad T


Stories, tips, and guides

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The Amir Chakhmaq Complex in Yazd, Iran, is a stunning…

Dowlat Abad Garden: A Testament to Persian Artistry and Nature

Dowlat Abad Garden, situated in the heart of Yazd, is…

Iran Nomads: From History to Typology

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Hawraman: A Testament to Creativity and Resilience

The Cultural Landscape of Hawraman/Uramanat, located in the Zagros Mountains…
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