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Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz

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Popular Destinations in Iran

Iran is a collection of destinations that are both known and unknown to many of those who visit Iran. But some destinations are well-known for most of the travelers. Not only because of our Iran Classic Tours, but also because some of these destinations have fascinating Persian history, fantabulous Iranian food, and jaw-dropping landscapes. 

Kashan Tours

13 tours
Shah (Imam) Mosque, Isfahan

Isfahan Province

15 tours
Tomb of Cyrus the Great

Fars Province

14 tours
Yazd, a UNESCO world heritage site

Yazd Province

11 tours
Azadi Tower, Tehran

Tehran Province

19 tours
Rayen Castle, Kerman

Kerman Province

6 tours

IRAN Tourist Visa

Tourists who wish to visit Iran can apply for the Iran tourist visa through our online visa system. When you choose your nationality, you can get visa information, forms and requirements for your Iran visa application.

It should be noted that you can get Iran visa FREE if you apply for Iran visa while purchasing a tour with a tour operator. Unless you are an American, British, or Canadian! Because in order for these nationalities to apply for Iran tourist visa, they need to have an organized tour provided by an Iran-based tour operator.

You can fill our online form by entering all the required information and receive a visa application reference number.

Iran Tourist Visa - To Iran Tour tour operator

Iran Visa Services

With just a few clicks, you can get to know everything there is about getting an Iran Visa! 

Iran Visa Application Form

Fill out the Iran Visa application form, and you’re just a few steps from getting your Iran Visa!

Iran Visa for American, British and Canadians

If you are American, British, or Canadian, you can easily obtain your Iran Visa!

Iran Visa Stamp

Read more about how to not have an Iran visa stamp on your passport!

Customize Your Tour to Iran

What is your lifestyle? Do you prefer to have an adventure or you just need to relax? Are you an extraversion or introversion? Would you like to plan your own trip to Iran?

Our team of travel experts in TO IRAN TOUR will create a personalized itinerary based on your personal interests and budget; all you need to do is tell us the kind of places you want to visit and what activities you’re most interested in doing in Iran. Providing more flexibility and options than ever, our tailor-made tours include all the essentials of a group tour. The choice of activities is yours; from cycling, Iran Classic, culinary tastings to enriching cultural and historical sight-seeing excursions. This way you only pay for tours and activities you want to do and in the process saving both time and money!

Iran Travel Blog

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You can find useful guidance, information and tips about Iran travel styles and get the information that you might need when you visit Iran.

Slide Knowledge base Explore your Expertise! Read More

Are you a student or a researcher? We have differentiated services and tours that they are tailored to your age and interests. Our Knowledge Base tour style contains creative on-site learning activities not only for recreation but also achieving the learning goals and engaging the students/researchers in the local culture by offering interactive activities.

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What is your lifestyle? Are you psychocentric or allocentric? Would you like to plan your own trip? We offer private, custom made and tailor-made tours to all of our destinations.

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Do you want a little bit of adrenalin? There’s nothing quite like exploring the land on your own two feet – and we’ve got just the trips for it. This style is suitable for those who have an active lifestyle. We combine small-group nature journey with a healthy dose of adventure!

Slide Volunteer Hand in Hand! Read More

Have you ever thought about participating in volunteer activities while discovering Iran? We offer a range of sustainable and responsible volunteering projects in Iran, which allow you to immerse yourself in communities and help you to add values to the country you’re traveling.



Discover Persia, Discover History!

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Our Iran discovery tours give you a chance to have a profound experience of Persia. You can immerse yourself in the culture and nature of Iran. We offer cultural, silk road, classic, UNESCO sites, nomad, natural, wildlife, and desert tours.



A Style to indulge your sense!

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Are you interested in special themes on your travels? Are you interested in a culinary or photography tour? How about a bird watching or carpet tour? This style is where you can find the journeys that match with your passions.