+98 21 48394210 info@toirantour.com
+98 21 48394210 info@toirantour.com

Who We Are

our history

Oaksland Travel Ltd. (registration No: 962/126/12459, licensed by Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran) has been formed as a knowledge-based and dynamic Iranian Tour Operator whose main operating point is inbound tourism in Iran. It has been funded in the capital of Iran, Tehran, by high academic professionals with at least 15 years of experience.

We are an Iranian Tour and Travel Company offering travel services with special characteristics. For instance, world-class, personalized, flexible, timely and affordable tours and travel services. Also, Oaksland Travel owns two other brands, “To Iran Tour” and Medpersia. Medpersia is our medical tour brand and inbound tours generally done under the name of “To Iran Tour”. Actually, what makes our tours different, is that we present creative, adventurous and responsible tours. We can design these inbound tours for individuals, families, students, and honeymooners and make them relish the glory and beauty of amazing attractions of Iran.

Oaksland Travel offers a full range of travel services such as Iran Tour packages, Visa support, Domestic flight booking, Hotel booking, Multilingual speaking guides, Car rental, Transfer service, Travel Insurance

our vision

To be one of the leading travel companies in Iran by providing quality, innovative, creative, best value for money, competitive, and responsible travel services.

our mission

Our mission is to show the world the best in Iran. In addition, creating unique, unforgettable and responsible travel experiences is our main goal. We follow our goal by offering services beyond expectations and providing high-quality tours. They vary from discovery, in-depth, active to knowledge-based and volunteer tours.

our team

Bahman Amouz

EU Representative

Bahman is one of my most experienced business executives in Bayern, Germany. He is active in establishing communication between the German and Iranian tourism markets. One of his areas of business is managing and holding trade fairs and MICE tours in the European area and Iran.

Darya Badr

Marketing Manager

Darya is our marketing manager. She graduated from Tourism Marketing Management (MA). She has a great interest in Public relations, relationship management, and Social Media. In this regard, she had experience in the Hotel’s concierge post for two years. Also, she interested in research and study in indigenous cultures in Iran, the manners and spirit of the nations.
She spends her leisure time most on contemporary Iranian poetry, literature and the French surrealist films.

Dr. Pirooz Arjmand

Professional Consultant on Ethno Music

Dr. Pirouz Arjmand is our professional Consultant on ethnomusic. He works as a composer, ethnomusicologist (MA & Ph.D.), tourism and art economy strategist and instrumentalist.
He had been the director-general of the music department at the ministry, Founder and Manager of the Experimental Music Center of Tehran University and now he is one of the members of the UNESCO National Commission.

Faezeh Cheraghi

Digital Marketer

Faezeh is an energetic tourism student who has a strong passion for learning. She has come a long way from the city of roses, culture, and poems, Shiraz, to the north and capital of Iran to make her life-long dream about educating and working in tourism come true. She has good knowledge of English and French, as a B.A. graduate of English Literature. She talks with all her fervor when it comes to books, literature, travel experience, and social media. That’s why she enjoys working as a social media manager in the field of tourism.

Mina Zare

Social Marketer

Mina is one of our new members. She is a tourism management student and is part of our digital marketing team. Mina spends her time translating, learning languages, and making handicrafts. She is usually seen reading something during her free time.

Mme R. Laurent

Directrice de Département Français

Ancienne Professeur de Français
Manager Dpt Asie chez Discover-Planet.

Mobarake Saheli

Social Marketer

Graduate of Tourism Management.
I spend most of my time learning and reading different books and I enjoy learning different things. My personal interest is in digital marketing and jewelry design and that is why I am interested in working with different software. My interest in the culture of different nations has led me to learn the language and literature of different nations in my spare time.

Mohammad Hassan Zal

Cultural Heritage Expert

Professor Zal is an expert on history and archeology. His interests are culture, archeology, and semiology. In the past few years, he has made significant field studies in different historical sites. Dr. Zal is currently an Assistant Professor at the Tourism Management Department of Mazandaran University and will be associated with our special historical, cultural and archaeological tours.

Mohsen Golanbari

Tour Manager and Guide

Mohsen is graduated in tourism management and an Eco-Adventure tour guide with 7 years of professional experience. An English and Italian language guide who familiar with the nature of Iran, especially the desert areas and the social life of people. His interests are hiking in the desert, safari and cycling tours.

Mojtaba Safari

Archeology Expert

Mojtaba is a faculty member at Maziyar university. He is an Archeologist, researcher, and well-known teacher in early Iranian Architecture and Ancient Iranian Civilization and History. Mojtaba will be associated with our Knowledge Base tours as an expert tour guide.

Parnia Mehdi Pour

Travel Agent

Parnia is one of our travel agents in Canada. She holds a Master’s degree in Tourism Management Marketing. Parnia does consultations for our services and tour packages. She helps tourists to personalize their trips to Iran and to make their own dream trips. Simplifying the trip planning and introducing the available tour packages are her other responsibilities as a tour agent. Her supporting and caring personality makes her a great Travel Agent. Her interests are nature sightseeing, practicing Yoga, and cooking.

RaHa Amin

Raha Amin

Marketing Manager

Raha with 6 years of experience in the Iran tourism industry is the marketing manager of “To Iran Tour”. She studied Tourism Management (B.A.) and Tourism Planning and Development Management (M.A.) and has collaborated with several complexes in the field of tourism. Raha is a senior technical person and has the special certificate of “Technical director” from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism. She has visited several countries in Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East and is a valuable expert in social media and social networking.

Reza Abbasi

Representative in Hong Kong & China

Reza is responsible as the web content provider and researcher at the R & D department of ToIranoTour. His academic background was in Tourism Marketing Management. As he is an expert at Online Business Tourism, he intends to study this field for his Ph.D. Reza is really fond of the visual world, so he has invaluable experiences in designing web and digital marketing, particularly social media marketing. Interestingly, he spends most of his leisure on his mobile phone and tourism apps.

Shadi Kalantar

Archeology Expert

Shadi was born in 1992 in Esfahan, Iran. Growing up in a touristic city like Esfahan which is like a museum of arts and architecture pushed her to travel more and see more. She also holds a master degree in archaeology but her first passion has always been traveling and discovering.

Kayaking and diving are other two hobbies of Shadi. She joined our team in 2019 and at the moment she does content production and digital marketing in To Iran Tour.

Shayan Badri

Yoga Coach

Shayan started yoga from an early age, his family introduced him Yoga. He started to practice and he participated in the Yoga classes when he was in Iran. After some years of practice, he decided to go further, when he was in Austria, he lived in an ashram for a period of time, and he learned the philosophy of Yoga from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Masters. He certified as an international Yoga teacher, now he is traveling and sharing the beauties of Yoga.

Sima Momeni

Tour Designer & Web Content Provider

Sima is a web content provider and also cooperates in designing tours, especially customized tours. She is a graduate of tourism management in the field of ecotourism. Apart from tourism, She loves to spend her time translating and watching movies. She’s good with computers and enjoys working with computers and solving problems.

Mahmoud Hasanpour, CEO of Oaksland Travel and To Iran Tour

It’s my immense pleasure to welcome you to Oaksland Travel. It was originally created with the purpose of introducing Iran and welcoming visitors from around the world. At Oaksland Travel we are working hard to expand our business and increase Oakland’s position in the Iranian travel market.

Actually, we have resolved to provide our clients with extraordinary levels of customer services. In short, for nearly a decade we’ve given all our customers reason to consider Oaksland Travel as their only choice in traveling to Iran. Furthermore, customer satisfaction is the hallmark for us to measure our performance. Besides, we hold ourselves, as do our clients, to the highest standards of quality.

Also, we are committed to minimizing the potential conflict between tourism development and the natural environment. In order to have sustainable tourism, we must manage ecotourism properly. Therefore, our tours are made to have a low impact on the environment and on the communities we visit.

After working for almost fifteen years in the tourism industry, I have realized we should hold our hands together to uphold our organization’s mission. Also, each person should play her or his own role with responsibility and commitment. Our team of travel specialists shares a passion for creating the most inspiring experiences for every client.

Oaksland mission is providing high-quality tours that vary from discovery, in-depth, active to knowledge-based and volunteer tours. So, we believe in the best and Oaksland Travel will deliver the best travel experience to you. To do that, we provide quality, innovative, creative, best value for money, competitive, and responsible services.

At last, I would like to say “collect moments” by traveling to Iran.

Sincerely yours,

Mahmoud Hassan Pour

Managing Director


Oaksland Travel (To Iran Tour) License