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Iran is a mysterious country that has yet to be explored, and Discovery Style tours offer you the chance to do so. Every part of Iran, including every region, has its own topography, culture, and even language! Therefore, taking an Iran classic tour is not enough to experience the whole country. There is still a lot to learn and do, even in major cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd which are the most common destinations in the classic route of Iran tours. Let’s deviate from the norm and try something new. Immerse yourself in Iran’s landscape and culture by taking a Discovery Tour.

What we do in these active style tours

Discovery Tours are typically longer than usual classic tours. They include cultural tours, Silk Road tours, UNESCO Sites tours, archaeology tours, nomad tours, nature tours, wildlife tours, and desert tours. Actually, Discovery travel tours get you into the heart and soul of Iran. You can taste, hear, explore, and reveal the secrets of this complicated and mysterious culture. 

Discover the authentic Iran!

This is a fact that tourists generally do not see the real life of the local people and have little understanding of how their lifestyle actually is. In fact, to figure out every aspect of the local’s real lifestyle, you should become one of them for a while and experience everything close to its origin.

This is why Discovery Style Tours are longer than normal tours. In addition to their longer schedule which makes you able to spend much more time in the context with locals, you are relatively free to interact with local people. Also, you can participate in their ceremonies and learn their traditions and rituals just the way they practice them. It is even possible to find yourself in the kitchens of locals, take the herds out with shepherds or even climb up the mountains to see caves with archaeological remains.

So, do not hesitate to check out our Discovery Tours below and find your favorite one. We would be glad to guide you to the heart of the Iranian lifestyle.

Discovery Style Tours in Iran

1-Day Abyaneh Village Tour

1-Day Camel Riding in Maranjab Desert

One-Day Kashan Tour

Kashan Tour of Culture & Crafts

1-Day Kharanaq & Chak Chak Tour

1-Day Meymand Village Tour

1-Day Tabriz Sightseeing Tour

Pasargadae & Persepolis Tour

1-Day Tour of Ancient Bishapur

Firuzabad Tour: A Journey Through Time

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