Hotels in Iran 2023: A Guide for the Best Accommodation

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When planning a trip to Iran, selecting the right accommodation plays a crucial role, making it essential to familiarize ourselves with the various types of hotels available in the country. Whether we have specific standards in mind, a limited budget to consider, or a desire to explore different lodging options, understanding these hotel variations can greatly assist us.

This article aims to provide a concise overview of the diverse hotel types found in Iran.

Types of Hotels in Iran: Star Hotels

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Let’s start to talk about the different kinds of hotels in Iran by Star Hotels. Hotel starring is an international system, but some countries incorporate their own standards. For this reason, the concept of stars in Iran may be slightly different from European, American, or other Asian countries.

Despite these differences, we can largely predict the amenities of the hotels based on the number of stars. The rating of the stars is based on the amenities and services provided to travelers, such as restaurants, swimming pools, views and area of rooms, room facilities and suites, sports services such as spa and sauna, staff interaction, and fluency in several languages, free internet, and more.

5-Star Hotel in Iran

Luxury accommodations in Iran, known as 5-star hotels, consistently meet global standards of excellence. These hotels offer opulent experiences, boasting magnificent architectural designs, breathtaking room views, and exceptional services and amenities. Adorned with valuable artworks, both the rooms and public spaces exude grandeur.

Moreover, these hotels provide convenient access to various shops and taxi services. Typically housing over 100 rooms, luxury hotels in Iran feature spacious courtyards, welcoming lobbies, and cozy accommodations. The sleeping areas are of exceptional quality, featuring either large or standard-sized beds, premium mattresses, and impeccably clean bedding.

4-Star Hotel

4-star hotels in Iran offer fewer facilities than 5-star hotels, but their quality is much higher than average. Usually in these hotels, luxury and pleasant rooms are considered for entertaining guests, the view of the hotel is beautiful, the lobby is stylish and comfortable and the public spaces are beautifully designed. Large or regular size beds, quality mattresses and bedding, skylights, minibar, regular housekeeping, and other facilities such as fridge, towel, and wardrobe in the room or suite are provided.

The restaurant and coffee shop are of excellent quality and serve a varied menu. The hotel staff is trained, can speak and enjoy several languages. At the same time, like a 5-star hotel in Iran, they are responsible for carrying passenger’s luggage.

Sports facilities at these hotels usually include a swimming pool, sauna, massage, gym and spa. 4-star hotels in Iran are sometimes priced equal to luxury hotels and sometimes cheaper.

3-Star Hotel in Iran

Another category of hotels is 3-star hotels in Iran, which usually have the same reservation price as their facilities. However, being mediocre does not mean poor facilities.

In a 3-star hotel in Iran, also called Comfort, the rooms are average, air-conditioned and the quality of the bed, mattresses, and bedding is good. Services such as laundry and housekeeping are provided, but room cleaning may not be provided during our stay without our request. The rooms have toilets, bathrooms, and refrigerators, toiletries such as towels and shampoo, and telephones.

2-Star Hotel in Iran

When staying at a 2-star hotel in Iran, the distinction in hotel rating becomes more noticeable. While these hotels may lack luxurious amenities, cleanliness is given due consideration. The number of rooms in 2-star hotels is not extensive, typically offering medium to small-sized accommodations equipped with basic amenities such as a TV and telephone.

Some of these hotels feature on-site restaurants; however, dining services may not always be available in a separate dining room. With their reasonable booking prices, 2-star hotels can be a reliable choice for business trips. In Iran, a 2-star hotel is also commonly referred to as a standard hotel category.

1-Star Hotel in Iran

1-star hotels in Iran meet standards, but the level and quality of their facilities are minimal. The number and area of the rooms are usually small and they may not have very good lighting. Most 1-star hotels in Iran have shared bathrooms and sometimes toilets.

These hotels do not have a large number of staff and provide poor service to guests. However, one should not assume that one-star hotels do not have passengers. Due to the cheapness and affordability of these hotels, those with limited budgets can stay in these hotels. 1-star hotels are also called hotel tourists.

Types of Hotels in Iran: Eco-lodges

Eco-lodges are a type of accommodation in Iran that is in harmony with the nature around it. Eco-lodge is made up of a combination of two words, Eco meaning environmentally friendly, and Lodge meaning residence. It can be said that the concept of eco-lodges in the tourism industry is a new concept. The International Ecotourism Association first coined the term in 1994. In recent years, the share of nature tourism in the tourism industry has grown significantly and it can be said that a bright future awaits it.

Tourists stay in eco-lodges in Iran to travel to the pristine nature and villages and visit the natural beauties of the region. On this kind of trip, they can taste the delicious taste of local food and experience the making of handicrafts. Tourists get the opportunity to interact with the local community properly and receive unique experiences. In contrast, the local community benefits from the profits and revenues of the tourism industry in a balanced way.

Features of Eco-lodges in Iran:

The utmost priority for eco-lodges lies in recognizing and preserving the environment and indigenous culture of the region.

It is essential for eco-lodges to engage with and contribute positively to the local community.

When constructing eco-lodges, great care is taken to adhere to the traditional architectural styles of the region while minimizing any detrimental impact on the surroundings.

To promote sustainability, eco-lodges are designed to maximize energy efficiency, striving to minimize water, electricity, and gas consumption.

Incorporating innovative and clean energy sources like solar power is crucial for eco-lodges to reduce their ecological footprint.

Moreover, eco-lodges serve as gateways for travelers and tourists to immerse themselves in the natural wonders, plant species, wildlife, and delicate ecosystems of the area. They also offer insights into the rich culture, customs, and rituals of the region.

Ecotourism resorts are divided into different types according to the purpose and geography in which they are built and the level of services they provide to tourists. Some eco-lodges in Iran are called private residences. These eco-lodges are mostly of interest to professional tourists and are built in pristine and remote natural areas for specific purposes.

Objectives such as bird watching or visiting specific wildlife species. Such accommodations usually have a lower level of service. Ordinary accommodations have a better level of service and easier access and are welcomed by tourists. These accommodations are of interest to tourists who want to experience a cozy and comfortable stay with acceptable amenities and enjoy the natural scenery in Iran.

Types of Hotels in Iran: Traditional Hotels/ Houses

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Iran, the ancient land, with its unique history and civilization, has relics of its ancestors. Culture-oriented hotels or traditional hotels in Iran are built according to the culture and history of the city and historical design is considered in the design of the facade and its materials. Building such hotels is time-consuming and expensive, which is why old and historic houses have been turned into traditional hotels. Traditional hotels in Iran take us to the heart of history and connect with the roots of Iranian culture.

In cities of Iran with a traditional texture, there are houses and inns, e.g. historical houses of Kashan, that have now become traditional hotels. The pleasure of drinking tea in a slim cup, crockery, traditional food and music, sitting on the rug, stained glass windows, etc. are some of the most exciting experiences of staying in a traditional hotel in Iran. Such hotels are completely built with the architecture of the past and every corner has a sign of history.

The main features of such hotels in Iran are:

Paintings, artistic and of course flawless plastering, pools full of water with spectacular fountains, colorful windows, numerous thatched stairs, mirrors, and numerous columns, these features are signs of originality.

Types of Hotels in Iran: Boutique Hotels

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The boutique hotels in Iran have features that set them apart from the rest and make them attractive. This style of hotel is not very spacious, is smaller than other hotels, and has less than 100 rooms, which makes it easier to serve travelers. Of course, this does not mean that it has a small space, but it shows that they kept the hotel not crowded and tourists feel comfortable as if they are at home. This type of hotel does not have a large area and its facilities are acceptable and keep travelers satisfied with its appropriate equipment.

Due to the small size, the atmosphere of a boutique hotel in Iran should not be disappointing, so we have always tried to design it in an attractive and impressive way. Charming colors and designs, enchanting decorations, and special items such as kilims, sculptures, antiques, etc. are some of the things you will find in the boutique hotel and give you a pure sense of calm. In such hotels, the color spectrum is of special importance, and by mixing the colors together, a beautiful effect is given to the eyes of travelers.

Best Hotels in Iran 2023, Top 5

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In Iran, rich traditions of hospitality have given rise to welcoming resorts and unique hotels. We are going to introduce the top 5 hotels in Iran, where the old and the new converge to provide travelers with memorable experiences. From historic palaces to modern eco-friendly retreats, these accommodations offer a taste of Iran’s culture and comfort, ensuring unforgettable stays.

Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran

Nestled in the Saadat Abad district of Tehran, the five-star Espinas Palace Hotel is a contemporary architectural wonder. It opened its doors in November 2015 and offers 400 rooms and luxurious suites across 20 floors, all beautifully designed with modern amenities. This unique hotel is dedicated to providing exceptional services and facilities, ensuring an unforgettable stay in the heart of Tehran.

Parsian Azadi Hotel, Tehran

Parsian Azadi Hotel, a long-standing five-star establishment, sets the gold standard for luxury in Tehran and all of Iran. Its prime location provides a pleasant climate and stunning city views, making it a popular choice for visitors. This hotel, formerly known as Azadi Hotel or Hyatt Ex, has been part of the Parsian Hotels Group since 1991.

Featuring 475 bungalows across 26 well-decorated floors, guests can enjoy beautiful views of the Alborz Mountains and Tehran. The biggest draw is its easy access to the city’s main roads, making it a top pick for those looking for both comfort and convenience.

Abbasi Hotel, Isfahan

In the heart of Isfahan, you can step back in time by staying at the Abbasi Hotel. This special hotel is not only the best in Isfahan but also the oldest, offering a unique blend of luxury and Persian architecture from the Safavid era. Its story began in the 18th century when King Sultan Hossein Safavi had it built as a gift for his mother. Fast forward to 1966, it underwent renovations to become the Abbasi Hotel we know today, featuring 231 rooms, suites, and apartments.

Some of the hotel rooms open up to the main courtyard, offering lovely views of the garden through balconies or windows. What makes the Abbasi Hotel stand out is that each room has its own distinct design, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience for every guest. Plus, its convenient location near Isfahan’s main historic attractions means you’re never too far from the city’s most cherished sights.

Shiraz Grand Hotel, Shiraz

If you’re seeking a luxurious and delightful stay in the ancient city of Shiraz, look no further than the Shiraz Grand Hotel. This exceptional hotel sits at the city’s entrance, offering a stunning view along the way to the Quran gates, which is a sight to behold. But it’s not just about the view; the Shiraz Grand Hotel boasts top-notch amenities and services, including fantastic international restaurants, excellent recreation facilities, and a unique waterfront complex. Notably, it’s home to the largest restaurant in all of Iran.

Each room in the hotel is a comfortable and well-equipped haven. What makes this hotel special is its very own Quran Gate and the lovely Persian gardens in Shiraz. Plus, it’s conveniently close to historic landmarks and places for entertainment. Choosing the Shiraz Grand Hotel means ensuring a memorable experience right in the heart of Shiraz.

Ameri Hotel, Kashan

The Kashan Ameri Hotel is like a living memory of the splendid Zandiyah era. Back in 2014, this grand building was restored and turned into a hotel. It’s not just any building; it’s the oldest and largest house in Kashan, offering a unique experience of how people lived in ancient Iran.

This hotel is made up of two separate houses with two courtyards. It also has a cellar, a banquet hall, terraces for both summer and winter and two tall wind towers that showcase the impressive architecture of ancient Iran.

The hotel’s charm lies in its rooms, which have an authentic Iranian feel while still providing modern comforts. Like many other Kashan hotels, you can also enjoy traditional Iranian baths, dine in their inviting restaurants, and relax in cozy coffee shops. All in all, it’s a memorable journey through the heart of Kashan, a desert city with a rich history.

Q1: What is the check-in/check-out time in Iranian hotels?

A1: The typical check-in time is in the afternoon, around 2:00 PM or 3:00 PM. The check-out time is usually in the morning, around 11:00 AM or 12:00 PM. However, these times may vary slightly from one hotel to another, so it’s best to check with the specific hotel you plan to stay at.

Q2: Do hotels in Iran serve alcohol?

A2: No, due to religious and cultural reasons, the sale and consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited in Iran. Therefore, hotels in Iran do not serve alcohol. However, some hotels may have designated areas where non-alcoholic beverages are available.

Q3: Is it safe to stay in hotels in Iran?

A3: Yes, hotels in Iran generally provide a safe and secure environment for guests. They prioritize the safety and comfort of their visitors. However, as with any travel destination, it is advisable to take common-sense precautions and safeguard your belongings.

Q4: What amenities can I expect in Iranian hotels?

A4: Iranian hotels offer a range of amenities, depending on their star rating and category. Generally, you can expect amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, television, room service, laundry service, and toiletries. Higher-end hotels may offer additional facilities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and spa services.

Q5: Can I cancel my hotel reservation in Iran?

A5: Hotel cancellation policies vary, and it’s important to check the specific terms and conditions of your reservation. Many hotels have cancellation policies that allow for free cancellation within a certain period before the check-in date, while others may have stricter policies or non-refundable rates.

Q6: How much does a hotel room cost in Iran?

A6: We can say the highest price is around $1,222, and the lowest price is $22.

Q7: Where do tourists stay in Iran?

A7: You can find hotels in nearly every town, including a few luxurious 5-star ones in Tehran. If you’re a student or on a budget, there are options for affordable accommodations in smaller hotels and many economical places to stay.

Q8: How to book a hotel room in Iran?

A8: You can reserve your hotel in Iran by reaching out to the hotel directly through email or WhatsApp.

Q9: Does Iran have resorts?

A9: Of course! Some of the best beach resorts in Iran: Toranj Hotel, Kish, Chaboksar Ahovan Hotel, Marina Park Hotel, Kish, Khazar Parsian Hotel, and Dariush Hotel, Kish.

Q10: Is Iran expensive for tourism?

A10: If you’re a budget traveler, you can aim to use about $30 to $50 every day, and this should cover your place to stay, getting around, food, and things to do.

Last Words: Find the Best Hotels in Iran with To Iran Tour

This was a guide to different types of Hotels in Iran. There 4 types of hotels in Iran aside from Star Hotels, Eco-lodges, Traditional Hotels, and Boutique Hotels are the one which are somehow unique to Iran.

All of these hotels are available in our Iran tours and in addition, you can choose which one you prefer to stay in according to your preferences, interests, and style of travel in our tailor-made Iran tours. You can choose and buy your desired tour from “To Iran Tour” and stay in a variety of hotels in Iran, experience a local life in eco-lodges, and get to know how our ancestors used to live in their houses in traditional hotels and boutique hotels. 

Have you ever stayed in any of these hotels in Iran? If so, feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below!

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