Historical Houses of Kashan

interior design of Tabatabai House

6 Historical Houses of Kashan

The beautiful city of Kashan is one of the most historic cities in Iran that has many attractions for tourists. Also, Kashan has a special reputation for having large, beautiful, and old houses. These houses represent the unique and valuable Iranian architecture that has preserved its historical identity over time and the change in the body of the city.

The names of the 6 historical houses of Kashan are as follows:

  1. Tabatabai House
  2. Boroujerdi House
  3. Abbasi House
  4. Ameri house
  5. Manouchehri house
  6. Raheb house

In this article, we are going to introduce the top 3 popular and beautiful historical houses in Kashan.

The Tabatabai House

The Tabatabai House in Kashan is one of the unique masterpieces of Iranian architecture. This historical house is mentioned as the bride of historical houses in Iran. This mansion is known as one of the main tourist attractions of Kashan. The main fame of Tabatabaei’s house is due to the special details and delicacies used in its design and construction.

Historical Houses of Kashan - Courtyard of Tabatabai house

The unique Tabatabaei house is one of the most famous buildings of the Qajar period and was built in 1250 AH by one of the famous and rich businessmen of that period named Seyyed Jafar Tabatabai in Kashan. This house has an area of 4730 square meters and its construction took almost 10 years.

Seyyed Jafar Tabatabai was an Iranian carpet merchant, and for this reason, all the plastering used in the building was one of the original designs of Iranian carpets. This makes the architecture and art used in this house significantly pristine and modern.

The Tabatabai House has three main sections, which include the inner section, the outer section, and the staff section. The architecture of this house, like other houses belonging to the Qajar period, is completely introverted and Islamic, in such a way that the interior of the house or rooms cannot be seen in the exterior. Tabatabai house consists of 40 rooms, four courtyards, four cellars or basements, three windbreaks, and two aqueducts (qanats).

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The most beautiful part of the house is the royal part. This seven-door room has a special beauty and grandeur and you can see unique elegance and decorations in its place. In the front part of the royal, there is a mirror porch. The design of the mirror porch ceiling is inspired by the original patterns of Persian carpets, and its beauty is doubled by the lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

Plaster work in tabatabai house, Kashan

The interior of the house is designed much simpler. The Tabatabai family lived in the interior. The interior consists of a five-door room in the center and two courtyards on either side.

Below the inside of the house, one of the cellars or basement is located and due to the moisture that enters this cellar from the water of the yard pond, it has a relatively cooler and milder temperature. It is noteworthy that in summer the temperature of this part of the house is 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding environment.

The Borujerdi House

At the end of the thirteenth century AH, Seyyed Hassan Natanzi fell in love with the daughter of Seyyed Jafar Tabatabai and proposed to her. Seyyed Jafar Tabatabai, who was one of the largest carpet merchants and lived in the Tabatabai house, made a condition for accepting this marriage. He asks Seyyed Hassan to build a house suitable for his daughter and like his own. Seyed Hassan accepts the condition.

It took 7 years to build the inner courtyard and 11 years to complete the main hall. This house represents the glory and beauty of original Iranian architecture. Borujerdi House is the most famous and important historical house in Iran and one of the best tourist attractions of Kashan and is mentioned as a symbol of traditional Iranian architecture.

Borujerdi House, Kashan

One of the attractive and spectacular points of the Boroujerdi house is watching the art and creativity of Sania Al-Molk and Kamal Al-Molk. The paintings and plasterwork in this mansion were created and executed by these two famous Iranian artists and are known as a masterpiece of Iranian art in terms of aesthetic principles. In all parts of this great historical mansion, the original art of Iran can be seen and is reminiscent of the culture, civilization, and glorious history of this borderland. Even the paintings of this mansion have been executed in a special way and using different methods with oil paint and watercolor.

The area of Boroujerdi house is 1700 square meters, consists of two parts, outer and inner, and has three entrances. The main entrance is located in the north of the mansion, one entrance in the south of the mansion is for special guests and the third entry in the west of the mansion is intended for religious ceremonies.

Due to the fact that Kashan is a city in the heart of the desert, it has always been tried from the past to the present to make the architecture of the buildings such that the interior of the house is cooler in the hot seasons of the year and keep warm in cold and winter seasons. Boroujerdi house is designed and built in accordance with the climatic conditions of this region in such a way that in the hottest days of summer, cool and pleasant air is directed to the cellars through the windshields behind the roof, making the interior of the house very balanced and pleasant.

Detail of interior stucco at the Borujerdi House

The most important and main part of Boroujerdi house is the summer residence and it is located in front of the main entrance and behind the sun. This section includes the main hall, two rooms, two side aisles, a main indoor, a royal and a hall. In the center is a dome with beautiful skylights and masonry decorations. The walls of this section are full of Russian-style paintings and extraordinary plasters that are placed together in the most beautiful way possible and attract the attention of every viewer.

Abbasian House

The Abbasian Historical House is one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture in the city of Kashan, which is considered as a candidate for the award of the most beautiful Iranian-Islamic residential building.

What makes the architecture of the Abbasian house so beautiful, apart from the many decorations that have been used in it, is its symmetrical architecture, so that when you look carefully at the designs of the house, you will see that all the sides are perfectly symmetrical, which shows the pinnacle of elegance in design.

The construction of this house dates back to about 200 years ago, in fact, the construction of this house began in 1823 and was completed 20 years later.

An exterior view of the Abbāsi House and its central courtyard, Kashan

In this house, a lot of attention has been paid to religious issues, so that the house is divided into two parts, inside and outside, and the design of the rooms is nested. Interestingly, two different handles were used to knock on the door, which, depending on their different sounds, determined whether the person behind the door was a man or a woman.

The house has an exterior consisting of a mirror room, an indoor hall, three-door and five-door rooms, a porch, and it was used only when business guests came to the house. You can see the most beautiful part of the house architecture in the mirror room of this section.

The interior of the house is the part where the main occupants of the house lived their daily lives. This part was completely separated from the other parts and guests and others could not come there. Upstairs, there is a royal residence, which, like the royal residence, has interesting decorations.

A ceiling inside the Abbāsi House

As mentioned before, the historical houses of Kashan as a precious treasure of original Iranian architecture is one of the most interesting attractions of this city for any tourist. And every year, many tourists from all over the world travel to Kashan to visit them. You can also travel to Iran by buying your tour from To Iran tour website and visit the historical city of Kashan and its magnificent historical houses.

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