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Kashan City is a living testament to Iran’s rich history and cultural heritage. Kashan boasts a blend of ancient charm and modern allure, making it a must-visit destination for travelers from all walks of life.

Explore Kashan attractions and uncover a wealth of historical wonders. From the beautiful architecture of traditional Persian houses to the serene atmosphere of historic gardens, every corner of Kashan tells a story of times gone by. Wander through the bustling bazaars, marvel at the intricate tilework of ancient mosques, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of this enchanting city.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply seeking to soak in the ambiance of a bygone era, Kashan tourist attractions offer something for everyone. Experience the timeless appeal of Kashan as you delve into its fascinating past and discover the magic of this ancient city. Here are the top 10 things to do in Kashan that we are going to explore together:

Agha Bozorg Mosque

ToIranTour - Agha Bozorg Mosque
ToIranTour – Agha Bozorg Mosque

Right in the heart of Kashan stands the magnificent Agha Bozorg Mosque, a true marvel of 18th-century architecture. Its symmetrical design and intricate details make it a must-see attraction for visitors to the city.

Explore the grandeur of Agha Bozorg Mosque, Kashan sightseeing, celebrated as one of the finest mosques of its time. There’s no need for a special dress code or entry fee, so feel free to wander through its corridors and take in the beauty of its sunken courtyard. For the best photo opportunities, visit during the golden hours of early morning or late afternoon, when the light casts a magical glow over this architectural wonder. Take your time to soak in the tranquility and capture the essence of this historic gem with your camera.

Kashan Traditional Houses

Kashan boasts a collection of traditional houses that have become iconic tourist attractions, offering visitors a glimpse into the city’s rich cultural heritage. Here’s a brief overview of some of the must-visit traditional houses in Kashan:

Tabatabaei House

Adorned with intricate stone reliefs and stunning stained-glass windows, Tabatabaei House stands out as one of Kashan’s most beloved traditional homes.

Abbasi House

Renowned for its exquisite stained-glass windows, Abbasi House enchants visitors with its mesmerizing beauty and architectural elegance.

Ameriha House

Once the largest residence in Persia, Ameriha House boasts seven courtyards and two hammams. Today, it has been transformed into a hotel, offering guests a unique opportunity to experience the grandeur of its past.

Borujerdi House

Despite its relatively small size, Borujerdi House captivates with its elaborate decorations and intricate designs. It took a remarkable 18 years to construct, a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of its builders.

Fin Garden

ToIranTour - Fin Garden
Photo by Diego Delso on Wikimedia

Up in the north of the city lies Fin Garden, a peaceful retreat and one of the top Kashan attractions. With its lush greenery, it offers a calm escape from the city’s buzz.

Despite being a favorite spot for locals, Fin Garden maintains a quiet atmosphere, perfect for relaxation. Dating back to 1590, it’s one of Iran’s oldest gardens, full of history and charm.

Despite its age and popularity, Fin Garden remains a peaceful sanctuary, inviting visitors to enjoy its beauty and reflect on its rich history.

Tepe Sialk

ToIranTour - Tepe Sialk
Photo by Ljuba brank on Wikimedia

In the Fin neighborhood of Kashan lies Sialk Hill, an ancient site steeped in history. This hill, dating back around eight thousand years, holds the remains of Iran’s earliest civilization, offering a glimpse into the lives of its ancient inhabitants.

Sialk Hill isn’t just a relic of the past; it’s a serene oasis, inviting visitors to step back in time. As you explore its grounds, you’ll discover artifacts left behind by the people who once called this place home, providing insight into their way of life.

But beyond its historical significance, Sialk Hill offers a sense of tranquility that’s truly captivating. Amidst the quietude of this ancient site, you’ll feel a deep connection to the past, as if time itself has stood still. For those seeking to experience the essence of ancient Iran, a visit to Sialk Hill, one of the top Kashan sightseeings, promises a journey unlike any other.

Abyaneh Village

One of the best things to do in Kashan is visit Abyaneh Village. Set against the stunning backdrop of Kashan, Abyaneh Village stands out with its striking red buildings covered in earthy red soil, earning it the nickname “Red Village.” Perched high at 2222 meters above sea level, it’s one of Iran’s highest communities.

The village’s layout, spanning about 900 meters long and 3 meters wide, offers a glimpse into its ancient history. Abyaneh’s charm extends beyond its architecture to the colorful attire of its locals. Women wear vibrant garments over Shaliteh skirts, paired with flowery scarves and long stockings, while men opt for loose black pants.

With a history dating back over 1500 years, Abyaneh is one of the oldest settlements in the area. As you wander through its narrow streets, you’ll encounter traces of ancient civilizations, reflected in artwork from the Sassanid, Seljuk, Safavid, and Qajar periods. Explore the timeless beauty of Abyaneh Village and delve into the rich heritage of Iran’s culture.

Kashan Bazaar

One of the top Kashan attractions is its ancient bazaar, packed with history from the Seljuk and Al-e Buyeh times. While the bazaar got a facelift during the Safavid era, most of what you see today comes from the Qajar period. That means you get to see Iranian architecture from over seven centuries. Don’t miss the Timiche Amin-o-Dowleh section, known for its amazing architecture and decorations.

Besides its history, the Kashan Bazaar is a great place to find unique Iranian gifts. And make sure to check out the beautiful Persian rugs—they’re something special. Exploring the Kashan bazaar is like stepping back in time, where you can experience Iran’s rich heritage in a lively marketplace.

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

ToIranTour - Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
Photo by Amir Pashaei on Unsplash

One of the things to do in Kashan is the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, also known as the “Qasemi Bathhouse,” a relic from the 16th-century Safavid period. It’s famous for its beautiful architecture and decorations.

Inside, you’ll be amazed by the intricate plasterwork and the lovely blue-and-gold tiles. Take your time wandering around and don’t forget to go up to the roof for amazing views of Kashan’s old neighborhood. It’s a great spot for some stunning photos of the city. Visiting the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse is like stepping back in time and experiencing Kashan’s history up close.

National Museum of Kashan

Kashan National Museum is one of the oldest museums built specifically for showcasing its collection right from the start. It houses about 400 pieces dating from the seventh millennium BC to today, collected with the help of Kashan locals.

The museum, covering around 700 square meters, has two floors: one on the ground and one underground. The main exhibition area is on the ground floor, starting with ancient artifacts and ending with modern ones.

You can easily spot the Iranian architecture with its domed roof and four skylights, typical of the region. Inside, you’ll find two engraved inscriptions—one showing when the building was constructed, and the other stating that it’s the Kashan National Museum, established in 1968. These inscriptions give the museum its identity and add to its historical significance. It is one of the best Kashan sightseeings.

Sohrab Sepehri’s Grave

Sohrab Sepehri, a well-known poet, painter, and writer from Kashan, left a lasting impact on Iranian culture. He passed away at 52 and was buried in the courtyard of the Imamzadeh of Sultan Ali Ibn Mohammad Baqir in the village of Mashhad-e Ardahal, near Kashan.

Originally, Sepehri’s grave was decorated with turquoise tiles, but over time, changes have turned his tombstone black. Despite these alterations, Sepehri’s artistic contributions continue to be celebrated, reminding us of his enduring influence on Persian literature and art.

Maranjab Caravanserai

ToIranTour - Maranjab Caravanserai
Photo by Mahdi Kalhor on Wikimedia

Maranjab Caravanserai, a relic from the Safavid era, is a cultural treasure of Kashan tourist attractions. Built under the orders of Shah Abbas, it served as a stronghold during Uzbek attacks, with stories telling of 500 soldiers stationed within its walls. Made of sturdy brick and plaster, it resembles a fortress, complete with watchtowers.

Located in the heart of the Maranjab Desert, this caravanserai played a crucial role on the Silk Road. Despite its age, it still welcomes travelers, offering traditional hostels for accommodation. Visitors can experience the rich history of the region while enjoying the desert landscape.

FAQs about Things to Do in Kashan

Q1: How many days do you need in Kashan?

A1: If you stay in the old part of the city, you can easily walk to all the main sights. Signs in English will guide you through the narrow streets. I believe spending two days in Kashan is sufficient to explore. If you plan to go to the desert, consider adding another day or two.

Q2: What is Kashan known for?

A2: Kashan used to be a major hub for Persian ceramics, making beautiful pottery and tiles that were shipped to many places nearby. Their luster pottery was particularly well-known. The wool and silk carpets made here are some of Iran’s best, but there hasn’t been much modern industrial growth in the area.

Q3: What is the architecture of Kashan?

A3: The charm of Kashan’s architecture lies in how it fits with its environment. On one side, mountains form a natural border, while the desert stretches out on the other. The city’s renowned traditional architecture has evolved over thousands of years to cope with the hot, dry summers of the desert.

Q4: What are the traditional skills of carpet weaving in Kashan?

A4: In Kashan, the art of carpet weaving is traditionally taught from mothers and grandmothers to their daughters through apprenticeship. Men also learn various skills like designing, dyeing, shearing, building looms, and making tools through apprenticeship.

Q5: Which is the underground city in Kashan?

A5: The underground city of Ouyi, also known as Noushabad, sits about 5 km north of Kashan in Isfahan province and is renowned for its ancient architecture. Being in the central desert region of Iran, Noushabad faces extreme weather conditions.

Last Words: Experience the Best Things to Do in Kashan with a Customized Tour

Kashan city is a place in Iran that shows off its long history and culture. It’s a mix of old and new, which makes it interesting for all kinds of travelers. You can wander around its streets and find lots of old stuff to see. There are beautiful old houses and gardens, busy markets, and pretty mosques with detailed designs. It’s a great place to learn about the past and experience a different culture.

When you’re thinking about exploring Kashan in Iran, it’s smart to consider customized tours. To Iran Tour is a company that plans special trips to Iran. They’re experts at creating tours that match what you like. Whether you want to see famous sights like the Fin Garden or experience everyday life in Kashan, they’ll make sure your trip is just right for you.

With To Iran Tour, exploring Kashan is easy and fun. Let us help you make unforgettable memories in Iran. Contact us today and start planning your adventure!

An Unforgettable Journey Through the Historical City of Kashan

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