Top Tourist Attractions of Kashan

Top Tourist attractions of Kashan

Kashan is a 7500-year-old city with one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran and one of the oldest human social settlements. Kashan is a city of fragrant flowers and historical houses, a city of historical and ancient attractions, a city of natural and beautiful sights, a city of traditional and ancient rituals.

Kashan should be known as one of the old houses that are surrounded by cool breeze in summers. What archaeologists say suggests that this ancient city is in fact one of the oldest cities. Meanwhile, the traditional and historical texture of this city is still preserved and traces of antiquity can be seen on the face of the city.

One of the top tourist attractions of Kashan is Golabgiri (making rosewater). That is why most visits to the city of Kashan take place in the rose-picking season, ie mid-May to mid-June. At this time, many people from different cities and countries come to Kashan to participate in this traditional ceremony. That’s one of the reasons why it’s good to know when is the best time to visit Iran and its beautiful cities.

In this article, we will briefly introduce the top tourist attractions of Kashan, one of Iran’s old and historic cities.

List of Top Tourist Attractions of Kashan

Sialk Hill

Sialk hills are sometimes called ziggurats. Ziggurat was the name of a place of worship for the people of ancient Iran, which was usually made of mud and clay. It is interesting to know that this historical and ancient monument was first discovered in 1310 AH and the people of Kashan used to call it a cursed city.

Silk hills are composed of two different hills close to each other with a length of half a kilometer. In each of these two hills, there is an ancient cemetery. Cemeteries, one of which is 3,500 years old and the other about 3,000 years old. That is why this is considered to be the origin of Iranian urban civilization and that is why it is one of the top tourist attractions of Kashan.

Tappeh Sialk, Kashan

Borujerdiha Historical House

The house of Boroujerdiha is as old as the history of Qajar. This house is one of the old and famous houses of Kashan, which has a unique beauty. The landlord’s job was to trade goods from the city of Boroujerd, and that is why this house is known as the house of the Boroujerdiha. 

Borujerdi House, Kashan

The crescent and symmetrical wind-catchers on the roof and the pergola of the house have made the view of Boroujerdi’s house unique and luxurious.

The architecture of the building is such that it has two inner and outer courtyards. It has a porch and aisle and its kitchen and summer and winter courtyards are very beautiful. Rear wind-catchers are responsible for bringing cool air to the basement in summer. Oil and watercolor designs are engraved on the walls of the building, which has added to the beauty of the building.

Tabatabaei Historical House

It’s safe to say that the Tabatabaei house is among one of the top tourist attractions of Kashan. It dates back to the Qajar period. The house has forty rooms and four courtyards. There are also three windbreaks and two Qanats along with four basements in the house.

The royal room is in fact the most beautiful part of the house with latticed and colored windows and its bedspreads and mirrors dazzle the eyes of every viewer. This house is very beautiful so that this house is known as the bride of Kashan historical houses.

Interior room of Tabatabai House, Kashan

Abbasian Historical House

A ceiling inside the Abbāsi House

This house, like other historical houses in Kashan, belongs to the Qajar period, and manifestations of the original Iranian-Islamic architecture can be seen in the original designs, plaster patterns, and various decorations of this house.

This beauty is so eye-catching that according to experts, this complex has been considered as a candidate for the award of the most beautiful Iranian-Islamic residential building.

Here are a few of Iran Tours that consists of Kashan:

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Traditional Bazaar of Kashan

This bazaar is one of the sights of Kashan and for those who enjoy walking in old bazaars, can be cont as one of the top tourist attractions of Kashan, which also happens to have a lot of fans. It is interesting to know that the market has many historical monuments in its heart.

The bazaar is divided into different guilds and thus they are organized. One part is for coppersmithing, shoemaking and dyeing, the other part is for goldsmithing, tailoring, and sewing. Rosewater and sweets of this traditional bazaar are among the best souvenirs of Kashan that attract travelers.

Kashan Carpet Bazaar

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

This bath belongs to the Seljuk era. The reason for naming the bath is that it is adjacent to the Imamzadeh of Sultan Amir Ahmad. The current building of the bath is something that was renovated during the Qajar period.

Sultan Ahmad Bathhouse, Kashan

Mir Ahmad Bath has two baths, one small and the other large. Bath customers mostly went to the bathroom on weekends. Bathroom plasters have 17 layers of restoration.

The dome-shaped roof of the bathroom is one of the most beautiful dome-shaped roofs in our country due to its stunning beauty. There is a convex lens on the glass dome, which both provides light to the bathroom and prevents vision from entering the bathroom.

Agha Bozorg Mosque

This mosque and school were built during the Qajar period. The construction of the building took about eight years. The dome of the Aghabzorg Mosque is one of the largest brick domes in Iran. The style of the mosque is very similar to Chaharbagh and Sadr schools in Isfahan.

Agha Bozorg Mosque, Kashan

Nooshabad (Ouyi) Underground City

One of the mysterious and top tourist attractions of Kashan is The underground city of Ouyi (Nooshabad), which dates back to pre-Islamic times.

This complex has three floors. The floors of the city consist of corridors, rooms, various canals, and other parts. The floors are connected by vertical wells.

This city was built by humans and has been used for military and defense purposes in different eras. The area of the city is about four kilometers and it is 4 to 16 meters deep in different places. This underground city is in fact a very long tunnel, which is known as the largest underground city in the world, which has been built underground for various purposes from the very beginning.

The underground city of Ouyi in Kashan 7

Fin Persian Garden

Fin Persian Garden, Kashan

Another top tourist attractions of Kashan that you will fall in love with is the Fin Garden, where you can enjoy both nature and historical monuments. The greenery of this garden, along with the special architecture of its mansion, has an important role in the tourist attraction of Kashan.

Tall trees accompany you all the way through the garden to forget that you are in a desert area. The greenery of Fin Garden shows the most beautiful climate contrast in Iran.

Kashan National Museum

Kashan National Museum is one of the oldest museums whose building was designed and built for the museum. The objects inside the museum are about 400 pieces and the date of the works is related to the seventh millennium BC until today.

The people of Kashan helped a lot in collecting these works. The area of ​​this museum is about 700 square meters. This museum is built in the Iranian style. The roof is in the shape of a dome and four skylights can be seen on the four sides under the dome, which indicates the original Iranian architecture.

National Museum of Kashan

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Golabgiri in Kashan

Ghamsar is a fragrant and colorful region of Kashan. This place is one of the sights of Kashan, which is famous for its fragrant rose. Ghamsar in the middle of spring becomes the pink land of Mohammadi flowers and the most charming city of Iran with a pleasant spring weather.

Every year, thousands of people come to Kashan to attend the exciting spring rose-picking ceremony and experience the most beautiful Iranian festival and definitely one of the top tourist attractions of Kashan.

Abyaneh Village

One of the sights of Kashan in every season is Abyaneh village, which has many fans among domestic and foreign tourists. This village has a favorable and temperate climate and its special rural architecture, along with its pleasant nature, has made it one of the most touristic areas of not only Iran but also Kashan.

Abyaneh Village, Isfahan

Maranjab Caravanserai

Marnjab is a place that desert lovers know well. Marnjab Caravanserai is located right in the heart of the Maranjab Desert. This beautiful caravanserai was built along the Silk Road. Despite the caravanserai being very old, it still accepts travelers and hosts desert moments of tired travelers.

This caravanserai belongs to the Safavid era and is one of the top tourist attractions of Kashan. Based on the available evidence, the caravanserai was built by the order of Shah Abbas. Of course, the shape of the caravanserai is similar to a castle and fortress because it was used as a defensive base in the Uzbek attack.

Historians say there were always 500 soldiers living inside the fort at that time. The building materials are brick and plaster and in the upper part of the caravanserai, trenches have been built for observation.

Maranjab Caravanserai, Maranjab Desert, Kashan

Niasar Village and its Watrefall

Niasar was an ancient village in the past and is mentioned in the relics of the 6th and 7th centuries of this village. Compared to Kashan, which has a hot and dry climate, Niasar has a mountainous and cool climate, and in the past, it was considered by the Sassanid kings for rest.

There is a historical spring in Niasar which is known as Alexandria spring and it has clear and very cool water.

Niasar Waterfall in Niasar Village, Kashan

In fact, the whole history, antiquity, and life of this ancient village are due to the existence of this blessed spring. This spring is located a few meters below the fire temple and is one of the oldest known springs in Iran.

Niasar waterfall, which is one of the most famous attractions of Niasar, actually originates from this historical spring. In the body of this waterfall, you can see beautiful stalactites and stalagmites that have been formed due to the dissolution of limestone over the years and have given this waterfall an eye-catching appearance. Niasar waterfall has the lowest amount of water in autumn and the highest amount of water in spring.

After the fame of cities like Isfahan and Shiraz in the world, the top tourist attractions of Kashan in terms of history and architecture have become one of the most important destinations for domestic and foreign tourists. If you are planning a trip to Kashan, you can visit this city by purchasing a tour from To Iran Tour website or even create your own tour consisting of these top tourist attraction of Kashan.

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