Shazdeh Garden: Where Nature and Architecture Are in Perfect Harmony


Shazdeh Garden, or Shazdeh Mahan Garden, a historical gem in Iran, is located just 2 kilometers away from Mahan City in Kerman province, nestled in the Tigran Mountains. It dates back to the Qajar period and every year, tourists flock to this lovely garden to enjoy its beauty and freshness.

Recognized by UNESCO as one of the nine Persian Gardens, Shazdeh Garden’s information is translated into 35 languages, making it a popular destination for visitors worldwide. Its rectangular 5.5-hectare expanse houses a stunning entrance structure and a main summerhouse, where the owner could rest and relax. The garden’s allure lies in the harmony of its architecture and natural elements, boasting elegant ponds, fountains, and various fruit trees. This garden’s timeless charm earned it a spot in UNESCO’s world records, preserving its cultural significance for generations to come.

Step into the captivating world of Shazdeh Garden Iran, one of Iran’s most beautiful historical treasures. Found near Mahan City, surrounded by the Tigran Mountains, this garden hails from the Qajar period and was created in the 1276 solar Hijri year. It attracts countless tourists annually, who relish its mesmerizing beauty and soothing atmosphere. As one of Iran’s nine esteemed gardens, UNESCO acknowledges its global appeal, translating its information into 35 languages for the world to explore.

Spanning 5.5 hectares, the garden welcomes visitors with an exquisite entrance structure, leading them to a remarkable main summerhouse. Nature and architecture unite in perfect harmony, showcasing delightful ponds, fountains, and an array of fruit trees. Its enduring allure has etched its name in Iran’s UNESCO world records, preserving its historical and cultural value for eternity.

Location of Shazdeh Mahan Garden

Shazdeh Garden sits amidst a vast desert in the southeastern suburbs. It’s a beautiful oasis with lush greenery and stunning architecture. A peaceful escape from the city, you can also visit the nearby Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine just 9 kilometers away.

Water Supply of Shazdeh Garden

At the heart of Shazdeh Mahan Garden lies its lifeline – water flowing from the nearby mountains. This essential water supply comes from the Tigran aqueduct, starting its journey from the high peaks of Jopar mountain. As it makes its way down, it graciously enters the garden at its highest point, bringing life and vitality to every corner.

Photo by Ninara on Wikimedia

Once the water from the Tigran aqueduct enters the garden, it becomes the key to a cleverly planned irrigation system. Crafted by skilled hands of the past, the system ensures water reaches every part of the garden, nourishing the lush greenery and making this beautiful oasis possible. The seamless connection of nature and human ingenuity shines through as the water flows gracefully through the garden, sustaining its charm and allure.

Activities You Can Enjoy in Shazdeh Garden

Calling all horse enthusiasts! Shazdeh Garden has a fantastic treat for you – horse riding! It’s a joyful experience, allowing you to ride around this beautiful place and have a blast. Feel like a time traveler as you sit on the horse’s back, exploring the garden’s wonders. The pathways are smooth, and the gardens are a sight to behold. It’s a great chance to connect with nature and enjoy the company of these incredible animals. So, saddle up and embark on an unforgettable adventure there!

ToIranTour - Shazdeh Mahan Garden Interior - Kerman
Photo by Ninara on Wikimedia

Accommodations near Shazdeh Garden

Once you’ve explored Shazdeh Garden, why not stay a bit longer? The garden has its own cozy guesthouse, where you can experience traditional Persian charm. The rooms are beautifully designed, taking you back in time, and when the sun sets, the garden becomes a peaceful and relaxing place to spend the night.

Restaurants near Shazdeh Garden

At Shazdeh Garden Kerman, you can enjoy a delightful dining experience at the restaurant located inside the charming Shahneshin mansion or even in the garden’s open space. Savor delicious food while being enchanted by the beautiful surroundings. Plus, you’ll have the added convenience of free internet access during your visit.

Handicraft Souvenir of Shazdeh Garden

Shazdeh Garden offers a treat for souvenir enthusiasts with its dedicated rooms filled with mesmerizing handicrafts, rugs, and carpets. The vibrant colors and intricate designs of these treasures promise to leave visitors spellbound. Perfect for gifts, these handcrafted delights hold a touch of history and culture that make them truly special.

ToIranTour - Kerman Bazaar - Kerman
Photo by Diego Delso on Wikimedia

Step there and enter a world of wonders where you can explore rooms dedicated to selling an array of souvenirs, rugs, and carpets. The skilled craftsmanship and alluring designs make these items irresistible keepsakes for your loved ones. Get ready to be enchanted by the cultural essence that exudes from these simple yet elegant pieces.

Best Time to Visit Shazdeh Garden

The best time to visit Shazdeh Mahan Garden is during spring and summer. From the entrance’s second floor, you’ll see a breathtaking view of the garden, the surrounding landscape, and the majestic mountains. Inside, the garden comes alive with vibrant colors and fragrant flowers, creating a peaceful and awe-inspiring experience.

During your visit there, you’ll be immersed in a world of colorful flowers, serene pathways, and soothing water features. Nature and architecture blend seamlessly to create a delightful oasis. Standing at the entrance gate, you become a part of the picturesque scenery, enjoying the tranquility and beauty of this special place.

Shazdeh Garden welcomes visitors from 8 am to 10 pm every day, except during Official Mourning Days when it remains closed. Enjoy the serene beauty of the garden during its working hours and plan your visit accordingly to make the most of this enchanting oasis. The recommended sightseeing time to visit the Shazdeh Mahan Garden is around an hour, however, you can spend more time enjoying the beauty of this Persian Garden.

How to Get to Shazdeh Garden from Kerman?

Getting to the Persian Garden of Shazdeh Mahan from Kerman is a 35-kilometer drive on the Kerman-Bam Road. Just head south for 25 kilometers, and you’ll be greeted by the stunning oasis. With lush gardens, soothing fountains, and charming pavilions, this oasis is a true Persian treasure. Enjoy the picturesque journey through the desert, culminating in a serene escape at Shazdeh Garden.

Attractions near Shazdeh Garden

Continuing your journey in Kerman, make sure not to miss other locations like the tomb of Shah Nematollah Vali. It’s located near the Persian Garden of Shazdeh Mahan and gives you insight into the life of this famous mystic.

ToIranTour - Shah Nematollah
Photo by Diego Delso on Wikimedia

Kerman has more to offer! Explore fascinating museums like the Zoroastrian Museum, Clock Museum, and Harandi Garden Museum. Don’t forget to wander around the historical market and visit Ganjali Khan Complex. For a memorable trip, consider seeing the Jabalieh Dome (Rock Museum) and indulging in delicious local sweets and souvenirs. Kerman is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered!

FAQs about Shazdeh Garden

Q1: What is Shazdeh Mahan Garden, and where is it located?

A1: Shazdeh Garden is a historical oasis located in Kerman province, Iran. It sits just 2 kilometers away from Mahan City in the Tigran Mountains.

Q2: When was Shazdeh Garden established, and what makes it special?

A2: n was established during the Qajar period in the year 1276 solar Hijri. It is renowned for its exquisite architecture, elegant ponds, fountains, and variety of fruit trees, all harmoniously blending with nature.

Q3: How does the water supply work in Shazdeh Garden?

A3: The water supply comes from the Tigran aqueduct, starting its journey from the high peaks of Jopar mountain. A cleverly planned irrigation system ensures water reaches every part of the garden, sustaining its lush greenery.

Q4: What are the main attractions and activities available at Shazdeh Garden?

A4: Visitors can enjoy horse riding, exploring the lush gardens, and mesmerizing architecture. They can also savor delightful dining experiences at the restaurant inside the Shahneshin mansion or in the garden’s open space.

Q5: What are some other places to visit near Shazdeh Garden in Kerman?

A5: Near Shazdeh Garden, visitors can explore attractions like the Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine, Zoroastrian Museum, Clock Museum, Harandi Garden Museum, Ganjali Khan Complex, Jabalieh Dome (Rock Museum), and indulge in local sweets and souvenirs in Kerman’s historical market.

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