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What is the first thing that comes to your mind by hearing the phrase “visit Iran”?! Someone that never has been to Iran might say “are you crazy?” and the others may think of Persian fairy tales, but someone who has visited Iran before, undoubtedly, would respond with a certain “YES, When?!” In this article, we talk about why you should visit Iran and why those who have visited Iran are eager to travel to this surprising and yet eye-catching destination again.

Iran is the land of One Thousand and One Night and Perso-Arabian fairy tales. In addition, Iranian hospitality is epic as well as Iran’s cuisine, art, history, culture, and nature.

Here are 15 reasons why you should visit Iran:

1. Hospitality

Iranian Hospitality - Ojagh Seyed Karim, Pasargadae - To Iran Tour

The warm hospitality of Iranians is iconic. Not just because “welcome” is possibly the most popular English word here, but because it is an essential feature of our culture. Iranians have a saying that is “Guest is a gift from God”. Which is showing how we feel about our guests and why we cherish them like a precious jewel. This is a lovely fact that whoever has traveled to Iran can remember vividly. There are many stories out there about Iranians’ hospitalities from a nice little smile in the street to giving a free map to the tourist.

There is an attraction in Iran that is not listed in UNESCO world heritage sites or any map, guide books, or applications. Actually, it’s only found in the hearts of Iranian. It is a kind eye contact, genius smiles, small friendly talks, and invitations for tea or dinner. Iranian hospitality is one of the several reasons to visit Iran.

2. Climate Diversity

Mahan Persian Garden in its 4 climate, Iran Tour

Iran is one of the rare countries in which you can experience four seasons at the same time. Its north is covered with evergreen forests and a beautiful lake with a moderate climate. Its south leads to the Persian Gulf, with a hot and humid climate, beautiful and attractive palm trees. In the east, you will face hot deserts with running sands and nights full of stars. Finally, the west of Iran is the land of high mountains where the eye-catching oak land of Zagros is located.

Due to this complex climate, Iran is where you can have four distinct seasons at the same time. One can go skiing in the northern mountains and swimming in the southern waters on the same day.

3. Safety

One of the most asked questions by tourists who are interested in visiting Iran is whether it is safe or not. Iran is a safe country, with little to no petty crime and almost non-existent violent crime. However, you should always be aware of your surroundings and avoid any unnecessary risks as you would in any place. You will soon find out that you completely can feel safe. Iranians are extremely willing to help, quickly taking you under their wings not only because you are a foreign tourist but also because you are traveling alone.

Because of the global political issues against Iran, there are many negative opinions all around the world. However, people should not forget the fact that all these arguments are between the governments and not people.

4. Costs

Costs of traveling to Iran

Do you want to explore fine architecture with a gastronomy journey? Do you want to dive into the warm ocean while having a nice and comfortable stay in a 5* hotel? How do you feel about not worrying too much about money while traveling abroad? Iran is a destination in which you can enjoy fine architecture, delicious food, adventurous activities, breathtaking landscape, and luxurious shopping while being on a budget.

What is obvious is that the cost of traveling in Iran can vary from how you want to explore this magical land, whether you want to backpack through Iran or being in a group and enjoy an organized tour. According to Financial Tribune’s report, Iran is considered one of the most affordable tourist spots in the world.

There is one thing challenging about expending money in Iran which is paying with international credit cards. It’s better to have your money in cash. To know more about the subject, read here.

5. Deserts

Kaluts, Lut Desert, Shahdad- To Iran Tour - Persia Classic Tour

The central part of Iran includes vast deserts with a subtropical climate. They are unique in their kind and can be a paradise for sand and sun lovers. In addition, it attracts researchers. There are many famous deserts in Iran. To name a few: Mesr Desert near Yazd, Shahdad Desert in Kerman which is famous for its unique Kalouts and has been recorded as the hottest place on the Earth for many times, and The Maranjab Desert located in Aran and Bidgol which is a county close to the cities of Kashan and Isfahan. Matin Abad Desert Camp of Kashan is also one of the well-known desert camps of Iran, which is worth visiting.

Keep in mind that the best times to visit deserts in Iran generally are from April to June, and September to November. Its because the temperatures are more tolerable; however, the temperature plummets by night in winter, so keep it in mind and do not forget to bring warm clothes.

6. Snowy mountains

Although Iran is very well-known for its amazing and eye-catching deserts, that doesn’t mean it’s all Iran has. The exciting fact about Iran is that it has both of these climates. Iran is home to two big mountain ranges of Alborz and Zagros. That means Iran has dozens of snowy mountains. It might surprise you but just a few kilometers from Tehran you can find numerous ski resorts. Dizin and Shemshak are two of the main ski tracks of Iran. Dizin is the largest track with 8700 feet high (nearly 2,650 meters) which is taller than the largest ski resort in Europe.

Damavand Mountain, Volcanic mountain of Iran

7. Iran Wildlife

As explained above, Iran has almost all kinds of climates. Therefore, you can see the result of this diversity in landscapes, wildlife, weather, and national parks. From the desert of Lut to Caspian Hyrcanian forests. Iran’s wildlife is composed of several animal species including bears, gazelles, wild pigs, wolves, jackals, panthers, Eurasian lynx, and foxes. Domestic animals include sheep, goats, cattle, horses, water buffalo, donkeys, and camels. The pheasant, partridge, stork, eagles, and falcon are also native to Iran.

8. Historical Sites

Persepolis is possibly Iran’s most famous ancient site, even though it’s not the only one. From ancient Persia to modern Iran, Iranian history has many ups and downs, which resulted in many historical sites and places to visit. By traveling all around the country you can soak in every period and delve into the nation’s past. Other monuments that you can visit in Iran are Golestan Palace in Tehran, Ali Qapu Palace in Isfahan, the Fire Temple in Yazd, Shahr-e Sukhteh in Zabol, Bandian-e Dargaz in Northern Khorasan, Takht-e Soleyman in Takab, and many more.

Persepolis, Gate of Nations
Persepolis, Gate of Nations – by Matt Werner

9. Architecture

Agha Bozorg Historical House, Abarkooh, Yazd - To Iran Tour - Persia Classic Tour

Iranian architecture, especially the magnificent architecture of mosques is just simply stunning. Mosques, in general, are one of the most iconic features of a Muslim city and can be seen everywhere around the country. Some of them are older than 1000 years and some of them have the most complex mosaic designs and structures. One of the most famous ones is Nasir-al Molk Mosque aka Pink Mosque, situated in Shiraz and another one is the Jame Mosque of Isfahan. Despite Iran’s complex cultural past and occasional turbulent political environments, Iran’s architecture has achieved its own distinct indigenous. As noted before, the interior and exterior mosque architecture of mosques reflect a mixture of Islamic and Pre-Islamic art.

10. Silk Road

Silk Road, the most brilliant phenomenon of the relationship among nations and a well-established network of roads, played an essential role in transferring the culture and goods to other countries. Iran is a part of this ancient road with its rich cultural footprints, ancient civilization, vast land, and variable climate and geography. According to the ancient maps, the Silk Road started from Huang City in China and continued to Turkestan. Then, the route passed through central Asia and reached Samarqand and Bukhara. When it entered Iran, it passed the northern part of Iran including Marv, Sarakhs, Neyshabur, Gorgan, Bam, Safiabad, Rey, Qazvin, Zanjan, and north of Hamadan, and ended up in one of the harbors of Syria after passing Yerevan.

11. Handicrafts

Khatamkari Handicraft

During history, Iranians always have been one of the greatest artisans around the world. Obviously handicrafts that you can buy today from bazaars are the traditions passed on from generation to generation. Today handmade products are highly regarded outside of Iran as unique works of art.

Iranian handicrafts are masterpieces, and each of them has its own history. Persian Carpets and Rugs date back to 2,500 years ago. The art of carpet weaving is impressed by the culture and nature of Iran. It includes amazing mixed patterns of flowers, birds, and animals with a myriad of colors extracted from wildflowers. Marquetry, Enamel working and so many other beautiful handicrafts could be a souvenir for your beloved ones and also a good reason to travel to Iran.

12. Food

“Why visit Iran?!” If it is still a question, diversity in Iranian cuisine will change your mind!

Iran has a lot of different tastes to offer, from pistachio to black tea, from saffron to cardamom, from Mirza Ghasemi to Ghormeh Sabzi. You will be amazed by the variety of Persian foods and the aromatic herbs that make Iranian cuisine appetizing. Persian foods are majorly spicy and tasty and rightly influenced by Turkish, Russian, and Central Asian cuisines.

If you travel to Iran with the purpose of testing foods, you will undoubtedly face an incredible variety of dishes. The main ingredients of Persian foods are meat or chicken. But if you are vegetarian there is no worry. You can find vegan and vegetarian foods in any region and enjoy the fantastic taste of Iranian vegetarian foods and even learn how to cook them!

Ghorme Sabzi
Ghorme Sabzi – by Hami @igotitfrommymaman

13. Persian Dance

In any county, any town, any tribe, or race you can find a specific traditional or indigenous dance. Genres of dance in Iran are various and it is depending on the area, culture, and language of the local people. It can range from sophisticated reconstructions to energetic folk dances. Music has also been an ancient traditional art in different parts of this country.

14. Nomads

Nomads are the people who migrate from one place to another with their tribes and all their belongings. In such annual or seasonal migration, nomads move from their winter resort location to summer grazing lands and move back to their winter place again when it gets cold.

There are many different tribes in Iran, some of them are Turkmen, Shahsavan, Lar, Bakhtiari, and Qashqai. Iran is one of those few countries that still nomad lifestyle can be found along with modernization. If you, as a tourist, are interested in visiting or even living with nomads for a short time, Iran would be a good destination.

15. Medical Tourism

For those who are looking for medical tourism and also those who wish to take advantage of Iran’s world-renowned cosmetic professionals, Iran is an adequate option. There are many benefits to choose Iran as a medical tourism destination, from the affordable treatments and fantastic customer service to a wide range of tourist attractions. Statistical figures show that more 30,000 people from all around the world enter Iran for medical treatments and this number is even rising.

Medical Tourism in Iran, Milad Hospital, Tehran

Iran Tour & Travel Packages

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    10 Days Eco-Yoga Retreat in Iran

    10 Days - 9 Nights

    In this eco-yoga retreat, you have this opportunity to just be yourself. Our Yoga retreat tour takes place in amazing mountain villages of Ardabil province in the north-west of Iran.

  • 13 Days Iran Silk Road Tour

    13 Days - 12 Nights

    In Iran Silk Road Tour, we experience some of the most eminent historical sites across Iran: ancient archaeology, teeming bazaars, majestic mosques, and astounding desert route.

  • Asiatic Wild Ass, Khar Touran National Park

    6 Days Iran Wildlife Tour

    6 Days - 5 Nights

    Iran wildlife tour is an adventure tour designed especially for individual travelers and small groups who respect wildlife. Join us for an exciting trip to Iran to visit the natural wildlife.

  • Niavaran Palace, Tehran

    1 Day North of Tehran Tour

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  • Feel Classic Persia - 5 Senses Tour

    Feel Classic Persia by 5 Senses Tour

    From€ 1,600
    12 Days - 11 Nights

    With this Iran 5 Senses tour, you have a chance to do things that usually tourists do not do in Iran, like making ceramics with your hands and visiting musical instrument-making workshops, etc.

  • Agha Bozorg Mosque, Kashan - Iran Classic Tour

    Exploring Iran Classic by Train in 10 Days

    10 Days - 9 Nights

    Exploring Iran Classic by Train program includes the natural and historical attractions of central parts of Iran.

  • Iran Archeological Tour

    18 Days Iran Archeological Tour

    18 Days & 17 Nights

    Join us in Iran Archeological Tour and learn about the archaeology, architecture, and the art of our fascinating country. Iran is home to some truly amazing sights and sites.

  • Iranian Carpet with an amazing pattern

    13 Days Persian Carpet Tour

    13 Days - 12 Nights

    In this 13-day trip, the “Persian Carpet” can only be part of the Persian carpet culture that belongs to the central Iranian regions.

  • Ski touring in Iran - Damavand

    9 Days Ski tour in Iran – Damavand

    9 Days & 8 Nights

    When first thinking about it, it might appear to be an absurd idea to go to Iran to play ski. But this is a trip that will give you an unbelievable skiing experience and new insights into a different culture.

  • Hengam Island, Iran

    15 Days Iran Cultural – Natural Tour

    15 Days & 14 Nights

    In 15 days, you will explore Persia by visiting the natural and historical heritage from central to southern parts of Iran.

  • Chalous Road, Iran

    6 Days Exploring the Nature of North in Iran

    6 Days - 5 Nights

    Exploring the Nature of North in Iran Tour program includes the natural and historical attractions of northern parts of Iran.

  • Kaluts in Lut Deserts in Kerman, Iran - Iran Persia & Desert Tours

    22 Days Explore Lut Desert Safari Tour

    22 Days & 21 Nights

    Our 22-day trip program, entitled “Desert and Oasis Tour of Iran”, includes the natural and historical attractions of the central regions of Iran.

  • Hormuz Island

    12 Days Iran Classic Tour with a Taste of Persian Gulf

    12 Days - 11 Nights

    Iran Classic Tour with a taste of Persian Gulf program (which is a part of our Persia Classic Tour series) includes the natural and historical attractions of central parts of Iran and Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf.

  • 3 Days Exploring Alamut Valley Tour

    3 Days & 2 Nights

    This is a tour through the depth and breadth of Alborz mountain range and through a fascinating slice of Persian history.

  • Iran's UNESCO world Heritage Sites

    16 Days Iran UNESCO Sites Tour

    16 Days - 15 Nights

    Our 16 days journey has tailored to take you across some part of this ancient land. Discovering Iran’s complex culture, Iranians’ warm hospitality and endless layers of history will be possible by this trip.

  • Iran Birdwatching Tour

    13 Days Iran Birdwatching Tour

    13 Days - 12 Nights

    Join our Iran Birdwatching Tour for 13 days to experience Middle East’s second largest country that offers a great deal to the intrepid and curious traveler.

  • Eco-Yoga into Classic Iran

    10 Days “Yoga into Classic Iran“ Tour

    10 Days & 9 Nights

    To Iran Tour offers you an opportunity to explore one of the world’s oldest civilizations, with a rich culture, history, and magnificent natural landscapes in a healthy joyful way.

  • Natures Treasures & Horse, horseback riding

    7 Days Natures Treasures & Horseback Riding Tour

    7 Days & 6 Nights

    With our Natures Treasures & Horseback Riding Tour we will show you the most sensational places in Golestan province in just 7 days and take you on amazing adventures.

  • Milad Tower, Tehran

    1 Day Tehran Classic Day Tour

    1 Day

    Join us for Tehran Classic Day Tour to show you Tehran beyond your expectations. Explore the heart and historic core of Tehran by visiting Golestan Palace, Jewelry Museum or Carpet Museum, the National Museum, Tehran Grand Bazaar.

  • Overlooking Chelgerd Village, Kuhrang

    8 Days Ski touring in Iran – Zagros Mountains

    8 Days - 7 Nights

    When first thinking about it, it might appear to be an absurd idea to go to Iran to play ski. But this is a trip that will give you an unbelievable skiing experience and new insights into a different culture.

  • Dizi Sangi or Abgoosht

    15 Days Persia Health and Lifestyle Tour

    15 Days - 14 Nights

    In this tour, you will delve deeper into the healthy lifestyle of traditional Persians. You get familiar with Persian Traditional Medicine and Humorism.

  • Iran Ski Tour - Sahand & Sabalan Mountains

    12 Days Iran Ski Tour – Sahand & Sabalan Mountains

    12 Days & 11 Nights

    This trip will give you an unbelievable skiing experience and new insights into a different culture. We offer ski tours that suit every budget. Our program is flexible and will give you about 12 days of skiing in Sahand and Sabalan Mountains.

  • Iran Caravanserai

    8 Days Iran Silk Road Tour

    8 Days - 7 Nights

    In Iran Silk Road Tour, we experience some of the most eminent historical sites across Iran: ancient archaeology, teeming bazaars, majestic mosques, and astounding desert route.

  • Cycling in Iran Classic Route Tour - To Iran Tour

    15 Days Cycling Tour in Iran – Classic Route

    15 Days - 14 Nights

    This cycling tour offers an opportunity to visit the cultural and major heritage sites of the great cities of Iran, mainly with bicycle.

  • Qeshm Island, Iran - iran mysterious island tour

    9 Days Iran Mysterious Island Tour

    9 Days - 8 Nights

    Landing to PERSIA. Our 9-day Iran mysterious Island tour includes the natural and historical attractions of the central and southern parts of Iran, focusing on Qeshm Island.

  • Qom Carpet, Iran

    9 Days Persian Theme Tour

    9 Days - 8 Nights

    From a long time ago, the land of Persia has been known for its carpet. In fact, Iranian taste and aesthetic are manifested in the pictograph of the carpets. The Persian carpet is a media of communication.

  • 20% OFF!
    Shah Mosque (Imam Mosque), Isfahan

    14 Days Persia Classic Tour

    From€ 1,352€ 1,127
    14 Days & 13 Nights

    Iran is a country with endless history and tradition and in Persia Classic Tour you explore both ancient Persia and modern Iran.


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