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Negarestan Garden stands as a cool spot in Tehran, Iran Capital, with lots of history. Right in the city center, it’s a cool place to check out if you’re into Iran’s past. The place has links to the University of Tehran and this famous artist, Kamal-Ol Molk. You can take a stroll and soak up the 19th-20th-century Iranian architecture vibe – it’s pretty awesome.

Inside Negarestan, there’s this hall that’s like a mini-museum all about a big-deal Iranian artist named Mohammad Qaffari, or Kamal-Ol Molk. This guy kickstarted an art school right here in the garden. So, when you wander through, you get to see not just his cool art but also what his students cooked up. It’s like a journey through time, connecting the garden, the artist, and Iran’s art scene.

Negarestan Garden History

Travel back to 1802 when Negarestan Garden was built as a summer hideaway for Fath-Ali Shah, the second Shah of Iran. Picture it like a royal photo album, filled with paintings by famous artists like Johnny Mirza and Mirza Baba, giving the place its name, “Negarestan,” meaning “a place full of pictures” in Farsi.

Fast forward to 1834, and the garden hosted the big inauguration party for Mohammad Qajar, the third Shah of Iran. The “Peacock” throne, a star of the show, now lives in the National Jewelry Museum. Over the years, Negarestan switched gears, becoming a hub for schools – agriculture, fine arts, and religion all had a spot. The University of Tehran even set up shop here in 1934, turning the garden into a sort of outdoor classroom.

Despite some rough patches, like when parts of it were torn down after the Qajar Dynasty fell in 1925, Negarestan stuck around. Threatened with bulldozers in 1971 and 1986, it got a new lease on life as the University of Tehran declared it a museum. Today, Negarestan Garden isn’t just a slice of history; it’s a place where stories of kings, art, and education come together, creating a beautiful tale that’s still unfolding.

Negarestan Garden: Halls and Mansions

Wandering through Negarestan Garden feels like strolling through a Persian history book but in real life. In this green haven, you’ll find some cool halls and mansions, each with its old tale. Take the Delgosha Mansion, for example – it’s like a fancy time capsule with fancy walls telling stories from way back when.

Then there’s the Salam and Ghalamdan Halls, adding more flavor to the mix. These aren’t just cool buildings; they’re like history diaries standing quietly in the garden. And speaking of history, there’s a pretty wild story about the famous Iranian prime minister, Ghaem Magham Farahani. He got in some serious trouble, meeting his end at the hands of Mohammad Shah Qajar and his crew right here in Negarestan. So, as you stroll through these halls and mansions, it’s like you’re stepping into the past, where all these crazy stories happened.

Negarestan Garden Museum

Negarestan Garden Museum is like a window into the world of Kamal-ol Molk’s art. Thanks to Tehran’s Municipality and Tehran University, this once lively garden is now a cool museum celebrating the Kamal-ol Molk School. Inside, you can feast your eyes on not just Kamal-ol Molk’s paintings but also see what two batches of his students created. It’s like a journey through the art family tree.

This place isn’t just about paintings on walls. It’s like a storybook that tells us about the Kamal-ol Molk School and how it shaped fine arts. There are old papers and records that let us time-travel into the school’s history. Imagine, a few years after it started, they added a department just for making sculptures. And when Kamal-ol Molk passed away, the school split into two—Kamal-ol Molk School of Arts and the School of Traditional Arts. It’s like the story of how art education grows and changes over time.

How to Get to Negarestan Garden

By Metro

To reach Negarestan Garden, hop on the dark blue line metro and get off at either Darvazeh Shemiran or Baharestan stations. A quick 7-10 minute walk from either stop will lead you straight to the garden, letting you soak in the lively atmosphere of Tehran along the way.

By Bus

For a relaxed journey, catch any bus passing through Baharestan Square – a handy landmark guiding you to Negarestan Garden. Enjoy the ride as you witness the city’s vibe, making your trip not just a means of transport but a cultural exploration.

On Foot

If you fancy a slower pace, take a leisurely walk from Masoudieh Palace to Negarestan Garden. Explore the charming neighborhood, observing modern Iranian life as you go. Every step brings you closer to the heart of Tehran, revealing its unique blend of tradition and contemporary living.

When you step into Negarestan Garden in May, it’s like walking into a fairy tale of colors and sweet scents. Picture this: flowers bursting into bloom everywhere, making the whole place feel like a dream. The air is filled with their sweet smell, turning a simple walk into a journey through a magical garden.

May is the chosen month for a reason—it’s not too hot or too cold, just right for a relaxed stroll in Negarestan. As the sun adds its touch, the flowers light up, creating a perfect setting for a leisurely day out. And here’s a bonus: if you visit in Autumn, the trees show off their own magic, turning the garden into a mesmerizing blend of warm, rich colors. It’s like nature itself is putting on a show, and your camera is in for a treat with every snap.

Working Hours of Negarestan Garden

Negarestan Garden welcomes visitors daily, except on Mondays, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. These are the magic hours when you can unlock the secrets of Negarestan’s history. It’s a daily rendezvous with the past, a chance to stroll through its pathways, touch its ancient walls, and soak in the stories embedded in its every corner.

So, mark your calendar – Negarestan is ready to share its timeless tales during these open hours, offering a simple yet profound journey through its captivating grounds.

Where to Eat Near Negarestan Garden

Café Tilit

Post Negarestan Garden explorations lead you to Saadi Metro Station, where culinary wonders await. Café Tilit beckons with authentic Persian cuisine, featuring the famed Dizi soup—a must-try Iranian delight. From rich stews to savory kebabs, Café Tilit promises a taste of traditional Persian culinary brilliance.

Hassan Rashti

Seeking a midday escape to northern Iran? Enter Hassan Rashti, revealing its culinary secrets exclusively during lunch. Explore the flavors of the north, transported through dishes that capture the essence of the region. For those craving a rendezvous with Tehran’s northern culinary offerings, Hassan Rashti is the place to be.

Ivan Cafe

Yearning for European familiarity? Ivan Cafe, near Saadi Metro Station, brings the charm of European dishes to Tehran. From burgers to pasta, pizza to coffee, and delectable desserts, Ivan Cafe offers a global culinary celebration. Immerse yourself in the lively pulse of Tehran while enjoying the comfort of well-known European flavors.

Where to Stay Near Negarestan Garden

Ferdowsi Grand Hotel

If you’re dreaming of a luxurious stay near Negarestan Garden, Ferdowsi Grand Hotel awaits. This lavish spot seamlessly blends modern amenities with timeless elegance, offering an indulgent retreat.

Tehran Persian Plaza Hotel

For a touch of luxury, Tehran Persian Plaza Hotel stands as an elegant option. It’s just a short distance from Negarestan’s green beauty, ensuring a stay that combines comfort with refined charm.

Espinas Hotel Khalije Fars

For the ultimate luxury experience, Espinas Hotel Khalije Fars is the perfect choice. This 5-star retreat promises a carefully crafted stay, allowing you to enjoy opulence amidst the enchanting backdrop of Negarestan Garden.

If you’re keeping an eye on your budget while exploring near Negarestan Garden, consider Mehr Hotel or Samen Hotel. Both are conveniently located within a short walk, offering cozy stays without breaking the bank.

For a bit more comfort without splurging, check out Shahryar Hotel or Markazi Iran Hotel. They provide snug rooms that strike a balance between affordability and convenience. Another option is Escan Forsat Hotel, a 3-star choice that gives you a great stay without stretching your budget.

Other Attractions Near Negarestan Garden

ToIranTour - Golestan Palace
Photo by Sir sadeq on Wikimedia

Glass Painting Museum

Discover art at the Glass Painting Museum near Negarestan Garden. The vibrant paintings there showcase a mix of colors and creativity. Masoudieh Palace, nearby, is like a fancy old house telling stories of the past. And if you like shiny things, the National Jewelry Museum has treasures that share the history of Iran using sparkly gems and metals.

Golestan Palace

Explore the grand Golestan Palace, a beautiful part of Tehran’s history. Walk through its fancy rooms and gardens to feel the richness of Iran’s royal past. The palace is like a big storybook filled with art and culture.

Grand Bazaar

Heading south from Negarestan Garden leads you to the Grand Bazaar, a lively market. It’s a maze of shops selling all kinds of things. You can find colorful carpets, handmade crafts, and more. The bazaar is noisy and full of energy, capturing the lively spirit of Tehran. It’s not just a market; it’s a piece of Tehran’s history and culture, inviting you to be a part of its vibrant atmosphere.

FAQs about Negarestan Garden

Q1: What’s the story behind Negarestan Garden?

A1: Negarestan Garden started in 1802 as a summer place for Fath-Ali Shah. It grew over time, hosting important events. Despite challenges, it became a hub for schools and is now a museum showing Iran’s rich history.

Q2: What’s inside Negarestan Garden’s halls and mansions?

A2: Inside Negarestan Garden, you can explore places like Delgosha Mansion and Salam and Ghalamdan Halls. Each has unique stories, making the garden like a real-life history book.

Q3: What’s the focus of Negarestan Garden Museum?

A3: Negarestan Garden Museum honors Kamal-ol Molk’s art school. It displays paintings by Kamal-ol Molk and his students, telling the story of the school and its impact on fine arts.

Q4: How can you get to Negarestan Garden using public transportation?

A4: To reach Negarestan Garden by metro, take the dark blue line and get off at Darvazeh Shemiran or Baharestan stations. You can also take a bus passing through Baharestan Square or enjoy a walk from Masoudieh Palace.

Q5: When is the best time to visit Negarestan Garden?

A5: It’s best to visit Negarestan Garden in May for vibrant colors and scents. Autumn is great too. The garden is open daily, except Mondays, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Last Words: Experience the Best of Negarestan Garden with a Customized Tour

Negarestan Garden in Tehran is a cool place with lots of history. It’s in the city center, linked to the University of Tehran and the artist Kamal-Ol Molk. You can stroll around to see old buildings and visit a small museum about Kamal-Ol Molk inside. He started an art school there, so you can explore his art and his students’ work. It’s like a trip through time, connecting the garden, the artist, and Iran’s art scene.

Exploring the wonders of Iran, especially the enchanting Negarestan Garden, is a trip worth remembering. At To Iran Tour, we specialize in creating personalized travel experiences to Iran. Our goal is not just to show you around but to make sure you feel the true spirit of Iran, creating memories that stay with you long after your journey ends.

We’re here to help you not just visit Iran but to truly enjoy and cherish the special moments it offers.

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