Masuleh: Iran’s Picturesque Mountain Village

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Masuleh Tourism Village

ToIranTour - Masuleh Tourism Village
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Situated amidst the mountains and forests, Masuleh tourism village invites explorers with its stunning scenery and rich past. Found just 55 km away from Rasht city, this charming village sits high at 1050 meters above sea level, offering stunning views of rocky slopes and lush greenery. Masuleh’s unique architecture is a real eye-catcher; each building’s roof doubles as the courtyard for the one above it.

Rich in Iran history and culture, Masuleh proudly holds the title of Iran’s first living historical town, earning its spot on the National Heritage Sites list in 1975. With a height difference of about 120 meters from top to bottom, the village’s steep layout adds to its charm, especially when mist blankets the town, giving it a magical atmosphere. Previously known as Maasalar and Khortaab, the roots of the village date back to the 10th century AD, offering a peek into Iran’s ancient history.

Its pleasant weather, along with the allure of local architecture, natural springs, waterfalls, the winding ‘Rood Khan’ River, and dense forests, make this village a must-visit for travelers looking for history, culture, and natural beauty all in one place.

Masuleh History

Six kilometers northwest of today’s Masuleh tourism village lies the starting point of this ancient village, once called Khortab, later renamed Masalar as it grew. It all began when the province of Gilan was a hotspot along the Silk Route, known for its iron mine. This mine sparked a whole industry, turning Masalar into a busy trading center where merchants from all over gathered to do business.

But as time passed, Masalar faced tough times. First, a terrible sickness swept through, taking many lives. Then, a huge earthquake shook everything up, changing the land forever. Now, what remains of the old village, called Kohneh Masuleh, is just rocks and empty ground. Yet, the village lives on in its new form, bustling with life and activity.

Masuleh Architecture

Masuleh’s architecture, dating back to the Zandiyeh Era, stands out for its special style that might puzzle visitors but fits perfectly with the green hills and mountains around it. Known as Extrovert Architecture, it’s a typical style in northern Iran, where there are lots of hills and mountains. This type of architecture means houses have lots of windows, balconies, or open spaces, which help keep them cool using natural winds. Unlike regular houses, the village’s homes are like a chain going up, blurring the line between private and public areas.

Located halfway up the mountainside, the houses avoid the dangers of floods and extreme cold. Painted in Persian yellow, they’re easy to spot through the mist. Residents repaint them every year to keep them looking bright. These two-story homes have various sections like entrances, basements, guest rooms, and sitting areas, using materials like stone, brick, and wood. Built on solid rock with natural water sources, they show how well the village’s architecture fits with its surroundings, making it a beautiful and practical place to live.

Masuleh Meaning

Its name, Masouleh, comes from old Iranian words meaning “mountain” and “high.” Put together, they paint a picture of lofty mountains. It’s like Masuleh is a high mountain itself!

This name reflects the resilience of the people here, just like a strong mountain standing tall against nature’s challenges.

Masuleh Bazaar

ToIranTour - Masuleh Bazaar
Photo by Wojciech Kocot on Wikimedia

Enter the lively Masuleh Bazaar, the bustling hub that truly captures the essence of this village. Here, the locals’ warmth and happiness paint a vibrant scene, making every visit a delightful experience.

What makes Masuleh Bazaar special is that you won’t find mass-produced goods here; instead, each stall offers unique treasures crafted by the locals themselves. It’s not just a place to buy souvenirs; it’s a chance to connect with the soul of Masouleh, where every purchase tells a story of community pride.

Masuleh Souvenirs

ToIranTour - Masuleh Souvenirs
Photo by Leyli beglou on Wikimedia

Masuleh’s souvenirs offer a peek into its vibrant culture and skilled craftsmanship. From cute knitted dolls made by local women to clay pots bursting with colors, each item tells a unique tale and is among the top souvenirs to buy in Iran.

Stroll through the bustling markets and treat yourself to tasty snacks like pomegranate sauce and fruit rolls. You can also munch on dried veggies, a savory delight. And don’t miss slipping into a pair of traditional Giveh shoes or cozy woolen socks. Every souvenir, whether it’s a rug or a straw craft, reflects the village’s timeless charm and local pride.

In this village souvenirs aren’t just things you buy – they’re memories of the town’s warmth and creativity, waiting to be cherished long after you’ve left its winding streets.

How to Get to Masuleh

By Car

If you’re driving from Tehran, just hop on the Tehran-Karaj Road. After passing through Qazvin, Rasht, and Fuman, you’ll reach the village. Enjoy the changing scenery along the way, from urban areas to lush countryside, before arriving in this charming village nestled in the Alborz Mountains.

By Bus

Prefer the bus? Take a Tehran-Rasht bus. Once you’re in Rasht, hop on a local bus or taxi to Fuman. Then, catch a minibus or taxi to the village. It’s an affordable and easy way to travel, offering a chance to connect with fellow passengers and experience the local culture on your journey.

By Plane

Flying from Tehran to Rasht? Simply purchase Tehran-Rasht flight tickets. Upon arrival, hop on a bus or grab a taxi to Fuman. From there, it’s just a short ride to the village. Enjoy the convenience of air travel, followed by a scenic journey through the Iranian countryside to reach your destination.

Best Time to Visit Masuleh

Masuleh tourism village offers a unique experience in November. The atmosphere feels a bit moody, creating an intriguing vibe. Mist wraps around the ancient buildings, adding to the mysterious feel. The smell of damp earth mixes with delicious Persian dishes, inviting you to explore the village’s history and charm.

Spring brings a stunning transformation to the village. The village bursts with greenery and flowers, replacing the dull winter colors. Sunlight filters through the trees, creating beautiful shadows on the streets. Birds fill the air with their songs, adding to the scenic beauty. April is the best time to see Masuleh at its most vibrant and alive.

Where to Eat Near Masuleh

Wandering around Masuleh’s winding streets, you’ll find plenty of places to eat that promise delicious meals. From cozy cafes to fancy restaurants, this ancient village has something tasty for everyone.

You can start your culinary adventure at Dehkadeh Abshar Restaurant, where they put a new spin on classic Persian dishes. Or, head to Mah Salar Kooh Restaurant for more tasty Iranian cuisine.

Looking for a mix of luxury and comfort? Aria Hotel and Restaurant is the spot for you. And if you want a taste of both old and new, Four Season Masooleh Restaurant is worth a visit.

In this village, every bite is a chance to dive into the village’s flavorful traditions and top Iranian cuisine.

Where to Stay Near Masuleh

Luxurious Places to Stay in Anzali

In Anzali, the nearest town to Masuleh Iran, you’ll find some top-notch places to stay. Behesht Talab Hotel, Sefid Kenar Hotel, and Dolphin Hotel offer fancy stays with lots of comforts. These spots are all about luxury, giving you a real treat during your visit to Gilan province.

Affordable Options in Gilan Province

If you’re keeping an eye on your budget, there are plenty of wallet-friendly places to stay in Gilan province. In Anzali, check out Iran Hotel, Naze Khazar Apartment Hotel, and Amiran Hotel. In Rasht, you’ve got choices like Shabestan Hotel, Kadus Hotel, and many unique local ecolodges like Rasht Telarkhan-e Bordbar ecolodge. These spots offer comfy stays without breaking the bank, making sure everyone can enjoy their time in the area.

FAQs about Masuleh

A1: How old is Masuleh Iran?

Q1: The earliest settlement of this village dates back to around 1006 AD, situated about 6 kilometers northwest of the present-day city. It’s known as Old-Masuleh, or Kohneh Masuleh in Persian.

Q2: What is Masouleh famous for?

A2: Masouleh is an old town in Iran famous for its unique architecture. The buildings are built in a way that the roof of one building serves as the yard for the one above it. It’s a special place, recognized as a historic gem since 1975 when it was listed as a National Heritage Site.

Q3: What is the climate in Masuleh?

A3: The village sits about 55 kilometers from Rasht, nestled in a mountainous, forested region, perched on rocky slopes at an altitude of 1050 meters above sea level. The weather there is mild and damp during the summer and chilly and damp during the winter.

Q4: What is the cultural landscape of Masouleh?

A4: This special landscape is found in the Alborz Mountains in northern Iran, sitting between the lush Hyrcanian Forests and the dry highlands. It forms a bowl-like shape surrounding the ancient city of Masouleh.

Q5: What is the highest village in Iran?

A5: Babzangi stands tall at an impressive altitude of 3300 meters, earning the title of the highest village in Iran. Its lofty position makes it truly exceptional, with lush greenery, trees, plants, hills, water, and, of course, the village itself, all contributing to its beauty.

Last Words: Experience the Best of Masuleh with a Customized Tour

Masuleh is a village in Iran surrounded by mountains and forests. It’s only 55 km away from Rasht and sits high up at 1050 meters above sea level, giving visitors beautiful views of rocks and greenery. The buildings of this village are special because each roof also serves as the courtyard for the building above it.

If you’re dreaming of visiting Iran, especially the charming village of Masuleh Iran, consider going on a customized tour. At To Iran Tour, we specialize in making personalized travel packages for Iran. Whether you love history, food, or nature, we’ll create an itinerary that suits you. Our goal is to make your trip special, filled with unique experiences that you’ll always remember.

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