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The Arg of Tabriz, also called Arg Alishah and Arg-e Alishah, is a huge part of the history in the area. This old citadel now attracts many visitors who come to see its ancient mosques, religious schools, public baths, old houses, and charming old streets. Even though many parts of the citadel have been damaged by natural disasters like earthquakes and human actions like wars, it is still one of the tallest and oldest historical walls in Iran. The nearby Bazaar of Tabriz, famous around the world, adds to the excitement, making the Arg Citadel a key attraction for tourists from all over.

The citadel stood strong through many years of rough history, including earthquakes and wars. Today, even though a lot of its original beauty has been lost, the remaining structure still stands tall in Eastern Azerbaijan province, being the tallest monument in Tabriz city. The citadel’s rich history and lasting presence offer a fascinating look into the architectural and cultural past of Iran, inviting visitors to explore and think about its historical importance.

Arg of Tabriz History

ToIranTour - Arg of Tabriz History
Photo by Behrad09 on Wikimedia

The big Arg of Tabriz or Arg-e Ali Shah, a tall fortress ordered to be built by Taj Al-Din Alishah Gilani, the Ilkhanate minister, stands as a sign of Iran’s great building skills. At first, it was planned as a grand mosque complex in the 14th century, but its construction faced many challenges from the start.

Even with natural disasters like earthquakes and the damage caused by wars, the tough walls of the Arg have lasted, witnessing Tabriz’s troubled history. During the Qajar dynasty, the complex was used for a practical purpose, storing grain and weapons, which made it necessary to build a protective fence around it – a move that gave it the name “Arg,” meaning “fortress.”

A Place of Resistance and New Beginnings

In the early 1900s, the Arg was caught up in conflict again. In 1911, as Tabriz fell to Russian forces, the invaders attacked the fortress’s walls, leaving permanent scars that can still be seen today. Surprisingly, these same walls provided shelter to people fighting for the constitution and revolutionaries, including Satar Khan and Bagher Khan, who stood up against the cruel rule of Mohammad Ali Shah.

When the Constitutional Revolution succeeded, a new time began for the Arg, with the building of a modern school and a theater modeled after those in St. Petersburg, Russia. This rebirth was made stronger in 1931 when the Arg was officially named as a National Heritage Site, making sure it would be preserved for future generations.

Arg-e Alishah Architecture

ToIranTour - Arg of Tabriz Architecture
Photo by Valen1988 on Wikimedia

The Ali Shah Citadel is a great example of Iranian architectural art, standing out in the world of Iranian Islamic architecture. This grand structure shows the Azari style, a design method from the region of Azerbaijan, created by the famous architect, Master Falaki Tabrizi. The Azari style, also known as the Mongol or Iranian-Mongol style, was popular during the Ilkhanate period and is known for its strong and lasting building methods.

The Citadel’s strong structure was built using tough materials like saruj, making sure it would last through many years. However, a huge earthquake in the 10th century caused a lot of damage to this wonderful building, leaving a big crack in its walls that tells the story of its troubled past. Despite this damage, the Ali Shah Citadel remains a strong symbol of the lasting skill and cleverness of Iranian architecture.

How to Get to Arg of Tabriz

ToIranTour - Arg of Tabriz
Photo by Elmju on Wikimedia

By Car

If you like taking the metro, just get off at Mosalla Station. It’s right where the Arg e Tabriz is.

By Metro

If you’re driving, go to Saat Square and take Emam Street. Then turn onto Taleqani Street, and there you’ll find the citadel.

The best time to enjoy Arg of Tabriz is during May and June. These months bring pleasant weather and lively vibes, making your visit even more enjoyable. However, it’s wise to avoid winters when temperatures can drop to a freezing -30°C.

Additionally, 2 hours of visiting is the ideal time to explore all parts.

Working Hours of Arg of Tabriz

The Arg of Tabriz or Arg-e Alishah opens its gates to visitors from around 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. From the early morning light until the afternoon glow, this historic marvel invites explorers to uncover its secrets.

Where to Eat Near Arg-e Alishah

Haj Ali Kebab

Let’s start our food adventure near the Arg of Tabriz with Haj Ali Kebab. It’s a place where they cook tasty kebabs just right. The smell of grilled meat will make your mouth water. Every bite of their kebabs is full of flavor and cooked perfectly. If you love Persian food, this is one of the best Tabriz restaurants for a meal you won’t forget.

Salar Ark Restaurant

Next up is Salar Ark Restaurant. It’s close to the citadel and it’s a great place to eat. The restaurant is cozy and has a lot of different foods to try. They make dishes like rice with nice smells and stews with lots of herbs and spices. Each dish is made with care and tastes really good. If you’re hungry for tasty Persian dishes, this restaurant is a must-visit.

Emarat Restaurant

Lastly, let’s check out Emarat Restaurant. It’s near the Arg of Tabriz and it’s a cool spot to eat. They make traditional Iranian food but with a modern twist. The dishes they serve are not only tasty but also look amazing. They take old recipes and add new flavors to make something special. Whether you’re a food expert or just looking for a yummy meal, Emarat Restaurant will give you a dining experience you’ll love.

Where to Stay Near Arg of Tabriz

Luxury Accommodations

If you’re looking for fancy places to stay near the Arg of Tabriz, there are a few top-notch options. The International Tabriz Hotel is one of the best hotels in Tabriz, offering luxurious amenities and top-notch service. Another choice is the Shahryar Tabriz International Hotel, where you’ll feel like royalty. If you prefer a more refined atmosphere, check out the Gostaresh Hotel or Tabriz Petrochemical Hotel.

Budget-Friendly Stays

If you’re watching your wallet, there are still great places to stay near the Arg of Tabriz. The Darya Tabriz Hotel is cozy and won’t cost you too much. The Sina Hotel is another good option that won’t break the bank. And don’t overlook the Park Tabriz, where you can get a nice stay without spending too much. Whether you’re looking for luxury or keeping it budget-friendly, there’s something for everyone near the citadel.

Other Attractions Near Arg of Tabriz

ToIranTour - Saat Tower Tabriz
Photo by Aminlakestani on Wikimedia

Saat Tower

Climb up the Saat Tower to see Tabriz from high up. It’s a famous tower that’s been there for a long time and reminds everyone about Tabriz’s past.

Saint Mary Church of Tabriz

Saint Mary Church is one of the other Tabriz attractions. The Saint Mary Church is like a big symbol of how different religions can live together in Tabriz. You can learn a lot about its history and see how beautiful it is inside.

Pottery Museum

Step into the Pottery Museum to see how people make things out of clay in Tabriz. You’ll see old clay things and new ones, too. It’s like a fun trip through time and art.

FAQs about Arg of Tabriz

Q1: What can I see at the Arg of Tabriz?

A1: You can see old mosques, schools, baths, houses, and streets.

Q2: Why is the Arg of Tabriz important?

A2: It’s important because it shows Iran’s old building skills and it survived many problems like earthquakes and wars.

Q3: What kind of building style is used at the Arg of Tabriz?

A3: They used a style called Azari, which is strong and lasts a long time.

Q4: When is the best time to visit the Arg of Tabriz?

A4: May and June are good because the weather is nice, but don’t go in winter because it’s very cold.

Q5: Where can I eat near the Arg of Tabriz?

A5: You can eat tasty food at places like Haj Ali Kebab, Salar Ark Restaurant, and Emarat Restaurant.

Last Words: Discover the Best of Arg of Tabriz with a Customized Tour

The Arg of Tabriz, also known as Arg Alishah, is a big part of the area’s history. It’s an old fortress that many people visit to see its ancient mosques, schools, baths, houses, and streets. Even though parts of it have been damaged by things like earthquakes and wars, it’s still one of Iran’s tallest and oldest historical walls.

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