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Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island

If you have never been to Qeshm, do not waste any more time. The island has many tourist and natural sites. Qeshm tourist attractions such as pristine nature, historical monuments, entertainment facilities and shopping centers are waiting for you on this trip. But before you start your trip to Qeshm, it is better to get acquainted with the attractions of Qeshm island. In this article, we try to introduce you to the top tourist attractions of Qeshm Island and the surrounding islands like Hormuz and Hengam.

Qeshm Island is the largest island in Iran. Therefore, in Qeshm, you see a lot of vast spaces and vast plains. This large area has caused the distance between the scenic areas of Qeshm to be large.

Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island:

Stars Valley, Qeshm

Land erosion by hurricanes, seasonal showers, and surface water over many years has created an extremely beautiful and unique effect on Qeshm Island that attracts many visitors every year. Stars Valley is actually the only such geological complication in Asia, located in Qeshm Geopark, the only geopark in the Middle East. That is why it’s not only one of the top tourist attractions of Qeshm Island but also one of the mysterious places in Iran.

Stars valley has tall columns of various shapes that the locals believe that when the stars hit the ground, the soil of this area raised and then the areas that had been risen were dried in any way they were and formed these long and short columns.

Due to the special arrangement and shape of these columns, the wind blowing side by side creates a frightening noise that the locals believe is the sound of wandering ghosts that are present in this area. For this reason, the natives avoid being in the Valley of the Stars at night and in the dark.

Stars Valley, Qeshm Island - top tourist attractions of Qeshm Island
Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island 13

The Stars Valley is formed by the erosion of soil, sand and rocks in this area and according to researches belongs to the Cenozoic geological period. This means that the Stars Valley, which is adjacent to the Persian Gulf, is more than 2 million years old, and the complication that we see today is caused by changes in nature during these years.

Naz Islands

There is an area in the south of Iran and on the shores of the Persian Gulf where you can walk on water and walk one kilometer in the sea at low tide and watch the heights of the Naz islands without getting wet.

Naz Islands near Qeshm Island
Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island 14

Naz Island or Naz Islands is one of the most beautiful places in Qeshm and also one of the top tourist attractions of Qeshm Island. These islands are actually three rocks that are located in the middle of the sea. When the sea level goes down, a path opens from the shore to these rocks and you can go to these rocks on foot.

It is really enjoyable to stand on the rocks and watch the sea wave hit the rock. Also, if you look a little closer, you will see crabs from the top that go to and fro at the bottom of the cliff. 

You can also watch the different views of the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, Lark Island, and the coast of Qeshm from the rocky platform of Naz islands. Of course, to do this, you must pay attention to the tidal hours of the water.

Naz Islands are different from all the beaches you have ever seen. Here, at low tide, a strip of sparkling sand connects the three rocks coming out of the water to Qeshm. Naz Islands are part of Qeshm World Geopark and one of the seven wonders of this island.

Chahkooh Canyon, Qeshm

One of the top tourist attractions of Qeshm Island is Chahkooh Canyon and is very famous not only in Iran but also in the world due to its strange and unique shape and appearance. Chahkooh canyon is the result of millions of years of activity by natural phenomena and natural factors, and when you look at it, it looks like you have traveled to another planet. The depth of this canyon is about 100 meters and it opens a new world on you as if you thought you had entered another land. 

In the information board of Qeshm Free Zone Organization, this gorge is mentioned as the holy Chahkooh Canyon because water had a special sanctity for Iranian ancestors in the distant past and this canyon was a place to store water.

Chahkuh rocks have been formed over millions of years due to erosive changes and have created the shape and image of today. In some parts of the rocks, beautiful erosion lines can be seen, and in other parts, deep cracks and holes, which are due to the tendency of some parts of the rock to erode and dissolve.

Chahkooh Canyon in Qeshm Island
Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island 15

Mangrove Forests, Qeshm

The mangrove forest, also known as Qeshm Green Gold, is home to water-rooted trees. Mangrove forests with an area of 22,000 km are located on the shores of the Persian Gulf and Oman sea. These forests are one of the rare natural phenomena in the world.

The trees of these forests are green all year round and their length reaches 3 to 6 meters. An interesting feature of these trees is that they have adapted well to saltwater over millions of years, so they feed on saltwater and naturally desalinate it by removing its salt.

Hara mangrove forest, Qeshm island
Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island 16

When the seawater is high, the mangrove trees go underwater and when the seawater is low, the trees stick their heads out from under the water. If you are interested in bird watching, do not miss this opportunity.

The forest coming out of the water is a place where all kinds of birds travel. You can see birds such as herons, flamingos, pelicans, fish-eating chickens, and more in this place. In case you’re wondering, here is our Iran birdwatching tour.

The Salt Cave, Qeshm

Qeshm Island Salt Cave is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Hormozgan province and top tourist attractions of Qeshm Island, which has a collection of unique beauties. At the bottom of the cave, streams of saltwater can be seen, which creates a wonderful view for visitors.

The humidity of the island air and the infiltration of water in the caves cause the saturated salt water to drip on the body of the chandeliers and cause the continuous formation of these chandeliers.

According to studies conducted on 6,000 meters of this cave, the age of the salts of this cave dates back to before the Canberra period, which is approximately 570 million years ago. But the salt domes themselves and their appearance in this area are new and younger phenomena, so that some of these caves are about 6,000 years old.

Namakdan Salt Cave in Qeshm Island, Iran
Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island 17

The Valley of the Statues, Hormuz

The reason for naming one of the top tourist attractions of Qeshm Island and Hormuz Island as the Statue Valley is that you can see rocks in different shapes with a little walk to the beach. Walking it at night can be a mysterious and a little scary experience for you! If you have a little high imagination, you will liken each one to an animal. 

valley of the statues in hormuz island, near qeshm island
Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island 18

For example, some stones look like the heads of other sheep, chickens or roosters, or even dragons, which is why this high place is called the Valley of the Sculptures.

From the shape of the rocks, it can be seen that during the thousands of years that the island of Hormuz gradually came out of the water, the process of erosion has been imprinted on them. This attraction is also a great place for photography. According to geologists, the geological age of the island is 600 million years ago and its external life from water is estimated at about 50,000 years.

Silence Valley, Hormoz

The absolute silence that reigns in this valley has caused this place to be called the “Valley of Silence”. To reach the silent valley of Hormoz, you have to walk a few hundred meters. On your way, you can enjoy a variety of colored soils and salt rocks. The valley is surrounded by beautiful salt rocks and crystal valleys. Since rock salt emits very positive energy, you will definitely feel good after spending part of your time in this valley, which is why this valley is also called the valley of energy.

Silence Vallley (dareye sokut) in Hormoz Island, near Qeshm Island

Portuguese Castle, Hormuz

In 1506, the famous Portuguese sailor Afonso de Albuquerque accidentally became acquainted with the Persian Gulf and its environs. He attacked Hormoz a few years later and occupied the island. In this period, Hormoz has been mentioned as a beautiful, prosperous and comfortable city.

The Portuguese continued to dominate Hormuz, and at the same time, Afonso ordered the construction of strong forts to protect the Portuguese troops from a possible revolt by the Iranian port dwellers.

They used the red soil of the island to build the castle. In addition, the Portuguese used Iranian architecture in the construction of this castle. Among the spaces in the Portuguese castle, we can mention the weapons depot, water depot and various halls. The Portuguese castle was built on the beach. After coming out of the castle with a little care you can probably see seabirds such as pelicans and fish-eating chickens on this beach.

Portuguese Castle in Hormuz Island, near Qeshm Island
Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island 19

Colorful mountains of Hormuz Island

On the sea route from Qeshm to Hormoz, you can see interesting colorful mountains. Hormoz has interesting colorful wonders and you can touch the soils that have color by traveling. Yellow, white, purple, red, gray soil, etc. But you can not only touch the soil of one of the mountains of Hormoz with your hands but also taste and enjoy your food!

Red Soils of Hormuz Island
Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island 20

This edible mountain is about 200 meters south of Hormoz and its soil plays an important role in the food culture of Hormoz. We suggest that when traveling to Hormuz, be sure to try the food that has been used in the composition of this soil for once.

Due to the fact that Hormoz has soils with high color diversity, it is known to geologists as a geological paradise, an island full of colored mountains and salt mines. The color diversity of Hormoz soils is so high that it can be found in few places in the world.

Colored soils of Hormuz, which contain volcanic compounds and iron oxides, are also used for non-food purposes. These soils are used in various industries such as painting, ceramics, pottery, tiles, etc. The color of these soils is so clear and pure that they give good results for these industries.

Hormoz Soil Carpet

Hormoz colored carpet is a combination of 18 different colors that have been able to include 10 cultural symbols of the island. Hormoz Island has many tourist attractions.

One of the attractions of these areas is the colorful mountains. Which has edible and colorful soils. In recent years, artists have used the soil of this area to produce a colored carpet, which attracted many travelers to this area.

Hormuz Soil Carpet in Hormuz Island
Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island 21

Silver Beach of Hengam Island

Hengam Island is one of the small islands of Iran, which is located on the southern coast of Qeshm Island and has minerals such as salt, soil and lead. Among the sands of the island’s shores, there are shiny particles that are shiny minerals, which is why it is called the silver sand beach. When sunlight hits these particles, beautiful light is reflected, which is very dazzling and is considered one of the beauties of the island.

Silver beach of Hengam Island near Qeshm Island
Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island 22

But it is interesting to know that this beach is so beautiful that it can be very pleasant and dazzling both day and night. When the waves reach the shore and mix with the light particles, they have a special glow that is very dazzling. This glow stays on the sand for a while and gradually disappears.

Studies by marine scientists have found that this glow is due to marine phytoplankton (phytoplankton are tiny organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye and are classified according to their ecological characteristics.) If these creatures accumulate in the water, they turn the water green due to their greenery.

Hengam Island Local bazaar

Although Hengam Island is famous for its amazing beaches, it is impossible to ignore the sights and tourist attractions of this region and the major role they play in enjoying the tour and the wonderful experiences of tourists.

In this local market, you can buy the most beautiful types of handicrafts from there. It is better to buy their handicrafts from the natives of the whole island. Goods that will be both original souvenirs of your trip and help the economic conditions of the local people.

A woman in Hengam Island Local bazaar
Top Tourist Attractions of Qeshm Island 23

These top tourist attractions of Qeshm Island introduced in the three islands of Qeshm, Hormoz and Hengam are just a corner of the natural and historical tourist attractions of Qeshm island and also Hormuz and Hengam, and if you are planning to travel to these amazing islands, you can buy your tours from To Iran tour website and the list below.

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