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In the heart of Shiraz, a city known for its love and beauty, stands a special piece of history — the Quran Gate. This ancient gate goes way back to the Buyid Dynasty, making it one of Iran’s oldest gates. What makes it unique is not just its old stones but the holy Quran placed on top. According to Muslim belief, passing under the Quran keeps you safe, especially on a journey.

Walking through the old streets of Shiraz, the gate is more than just a building — it’s like a protective friend. It’s been there for centuries, from the time of the Buyid rulers. Putting a holy Quran on the gate is like adding an extra layer of protection, connecting history with faith. Passing through the gate is not just moving through old rocks; it’s a journey through trust and belief. It’s where the stories of the gate mix with the power of the Quran, making Shiraz more than just a city — it’s a living story of how history and faith can come together.

Quran Gate History

Back when the Buyid Dynasty ruled Iran and Iraq, the Quran Gate Shiraz was born under the guidance of Azado Dolleh, a notable Buyid King. He not only gifted the city a stunning view but also added a special touch by placing a Quran above the gate. This was believed to bring protection to those passing underneath, making their journeys safe.

Over time, the gate faced hard times and fell into disrepair. However, Karim Khan Zand, the founder of the Zand Dynasty, stepped in to revive it, restoring its former charm. Despite earthquakes during the Qajar era causing some damage, the spirit of fixing and preserving the gate stayed strong.

In a sad twist in 1937, the city decided to use dynamites to bring down the gate. The Quran, once proudly on top, was moved to the Pars Museum. But the story didn’t end there. In 1949, a determined businessman named Etemad-Ol Tojjar built a new Quran Gate close to the old one. He not only paid respect to its history but also left his mark by choosing to be buried in a small room beside the gate, showing the enduring spirit of this special place.

Quran Gate Architecture

ToIranTour - Quran Gate Architecture
Photo by Arastgar on Wikimedia

The Quran Gate Shiraz is a true work of art, featuring a big arch in the middle, two smaller ones on the sides, two cute windows, and a little room with fancy lattice work where the holy Quran is kept. The whole thing is made from big stones and is decorated with special tiles displaying verses from the Quran in two different styles of Islamic writing, Naskh and Thulth. There are also pretty patterns of flowers and swirls called arabesque.

When night falls, the gate Shiraz transforms into something magical. Lights come on, making the gate look even more beautiful and showing off its detailed tiles. It’s like a nighttime show where the gate becomes a shining star, and you can’t help but be amazed by the patterns and designs. The gate doesn’t just stand out during the day; it’s a nighttime masterpiece that captures your attention and makes you appreciate the skill and meaning behind its creation.

How to Get to Quran Gate

Here are accessible ways to get to this amazing gate:

By Car

To reach the gate Shiraz by car, just follow Haft Tanan Boulevard. This road makes the journey easy and enjoyable, guiding you to the majestic gate with its historical and spiritual significance. Let the charm of Haft Tanan Boulevard lead you to this sacred destination, connecting the ordinary drive with something divine.

By Bus

If you prefer the bus, pick one that stops at Darvazeh Quran Station. The bus ride becomes a shared adventure, bringing passengers together on a collective journey to the gate. As the bus moves through the city, the anticipation of reaching the gate blends with the rhythmic hum of the engine, turning a simple commute into a sacred pilgrimage toward enlightenment.

The best time to visit the Quran Gate is in the evening. That’s when the lights come on, making it look magical. Locals often take a stroll around the gate during this time, creating a lively atmosphere that shows off Shiraz’s nightlife.

Being there in the evening lets you enjoy the beautiful lights and the friendly community, making it a special and memorable experience.

Working Hours of Quran Gate

ToIranTour - Working Hours of Quran Gate
Photo by Melorian on Wikimedia

The gate Shiraz is open all day, every day. It’s a welcoming place that never closes, so you can visit and explore its beauty and wisdom whenever you like. Whether it’s day or night, the gate is ready to share its timeless charm with everyone.

Where to Eat Near Quran Gate

ToIranTour - Persian kebab
Photo by Hill93 on Wikimedia


Dive into Shandiz for a taste of delicious Persian kebabs. The cozy atmosphere and mouthwatering menu make it a must-visit spot, whether you’re a meat lover or prefer vegetarian options.


Explore Bakuya for a modern twist on Iranian cuisine. Mixing local ingredients with creative techniques, Bakuya offers a menu with both classic dishes and inventive creations, promising a delightful dining experience.

Karim Khan Dining

Experience regal dining at Karim Khan Dining, where tradition meets contemporary sophistication. Enjoy meticulously crafted dishes that showcase the richness of Persian culinary heritage in a refined atmosphere.

Haft Khan

Embark on a culinary journey at Haft Khan, where Persian flavors take center stage. From aromatic stews to flavorful rice dishes, the diverse menu invites you to savor the essence of Persian hospitality.


Discover Zomorod near Quran Gate for a charming setting and delectable Persian cuisine. With a warm and welcoming environment, Zomorod offers an intimate dining experience, perfect for those seeking authenticity with a touch of sophistication.

Where to Stay Near Quran Gate

ToIranTour - Shiraz Hotels
Photo by Rizorius on Wikimedia

Discovering accommodation near Quran Gate in Shiraz offers a variety of choices to suit different preferences.

Shiraz Grand Hotel

The Shiraz Grand Hotel, located near the historic Quran Gate, promises a luxurious and comfortable stay with its rich amenities and breathtaking views.

Setaregan Hotel

For those seeking a blend of elegance and tranquility, Setaregan Hotel provides a charming ambiance and impeccable service, creating a delightful retreat near the symbolic Quran Gate.

Atlas Hotel

With contemporary design and considerate amenities, Atlas Hotel stands as a modern and comfortable choice among the diverse options.

Shiraz Royal Hotel

For those seeking grandeur, the majestic Shiraz Royal Hotel enriches the array of choices. Apochi invites you to immerse yourself in the allure of these accommodations, ensuring each stay near the Quran Gate is a chapter of comfort and enchantment.

Other Attractions Near Quran Gate

ToIranTour - Tomb of Khawju Kermani
Photo by Ali Naderi on Wikimedia

Among Shiraz must-see attractions, here are some near to this gate:

Tomb of Khawju Kermani

Close to Quran Gate Shiraz is the Tomb of Khawju Kermani, a spot brimming with history. The tomb showcases the life of Khawju Kermani, a famous poet. As you explore the site, you’ll find intricate designs and calligraphy, creating a sense of connection to the past. The Tomb of Khawju Kermani is not just a historical site; it’s a journey through time, inviting you to immerse yourself in Persian culture.

Luna Park

A quick hop from the gate is Luna Park, a lively amusement park offering vibrant entertainment. Amidst historic landmarks, Luna Park stands out with colorful lights, laughter, and thrilling rides. Families and friends gather here for a playful escape, enjoying everything from roller coasters to cotton candy. Beyond the historical wonders, Luna Park is your ticket to whimsical delights and carefree moments.

Tomb of Hafez

Among the treasures near the gate is the Tomb of Hafez, dedicated to the renowned Persian poet. The tranquil gardens surrounding the tomb create a serene space where Hafez’s words come alive.

Adorned with mosaic tiles and calligraphy, the tomb reflects the artistry of Hafez’s era. A visit here offers a chance to reflect on Hafez’s wisdom, making it a poetic haven celebrating Persian cultural heritage.

FAQs about Quran Gate

Q1: Why is the Quran Gate in Shiraz special?

A1: The Quran Gate in Shiraz is special because it’s really old, going back to the time of the Buyid Dynasty. It has a holy Quran on top, and people believe walking under it keeps you safe, especially when you’re traveling.

Q2: Who built the Quran Gate, and how did it get fixed over time?

A2: A king named Azado Dolleh started building the Quran Gate. Later, Karim Khan Zand fixed it when it was damaged. Despite earthquakes, people kept fixing and saving it.

Q3: What makes the Quran Gate look different?

A3: The Quran Gate looks unique with its big arch, smaller arches, windows, and a special room for the Quran. It’s decorated with Islamic writing and pretty patterns.

Q4: How can people get to the Quran Gate in Shiraz?

A4: People can drive there following Haft Tanan Boulevard or take a bus to Darvazeh Quran Station. Both ways let you connect with the city and have a special experience.

Q5: When is the best time to visit the Quran Gate, and is there a fee?

A5: The best time is in the evening when it’s all lit up. There’s no fee, and the gate is open day and night, so you can visit whenever you want.

Last Words: Explore the Best of Quran Gate with a Customized Tour

In Shiraz, there’s an ancient gate called the Quran Gate. It’s from the Buyid Dynasty and has a holy Quran on top for protection during travel. The gate blends history with faith, making Shiraz a living story of the past and belief.

To truly savor the essence of this unique destination, opting for a Customized Tour becomes imperative. At To Iran Tour, we don’t just offer tours; we present opportunities to delve deep into the heart of Iran. We are here to ensure that your journey to Iran is nothing short of spectacular.

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