Kashan Restaurants, Top 10: A Foodie’s Guide

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When it comes to exploring Kashan restaurants, it’s all about finding what suits your taste buds. Some people like fancy places, while others prefer cozy spots that won’t break the bank. Whether you want a quiet meal or a lively atmosphere, Kashan has something for everyone.

With its charming old buildings and rich history, dining out in Kashan feels like stepping back in time. From cute cafes in old houses to busy restaurants serving up all kinds of food, there’s no shortage of options to satisfy your hunger. So, whether you’re craving local dishes or something from afar, Kashan’s food scene promises a delicious adventure you won’t forget. Let’s explore the top 10 restaurants in Kashan:

Morshedi House Café and Restaurant

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Located in the heart of Kashan, Morshedi Cafe Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kashan and offers a delightful blend of traditional charm and tasty dishes at prices that won’t break the bank. Unlike some of the fancier traditional houses in Kashan, Sarai Morshid keeps things simple yet cozy. Here, you’ll find a wide-ranging menu featuring rare Kashan favorites that won’t empty your wallet. What makes Morshedi special isn’t just the food—it’s the experience.

Picture enjoying your meal served in rustic clay dishes with fresh veggies and local butter, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your dining adventure. And if you’re in the mood to relax, the cafe next door is the perfect spot to sip on some tea or coffee and soak in the friendly atmosphere.

Morshedi Cafe Restaurant is a true gem, celebrating the rich flavors of Kashan’s culinary heritage in a welcoming setting. With its down-to-earth vibe and delicious dishes, it’s the ideal place to experience the warmth of Persian hospitality. So whether you’re craving a taste of tradition or just looking for a cozy spot to unwind, Morshedi has you covered, promising a delightful escape into the heart of Kashan’s culinary scene.

Manouchehri House Restaurant

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Manouchehri House stands tall as a piece of Kashan’s history, now serving as a hotel, restaurant, and a must-visit spot for tourists. The Manouchehri House Restaurant, as one of the best restaurants in Kashan, shines as the top-notch dining spot in Kashan. It occupies a part of the house that used to host important guests and boasts impressive dome-shaped ceilings with wooden windows and stunning stained glass that catches the eye of every visitor.

Apart from its historical charm, the restaurant offers a wide-ranging menu of traditional Persian dishes for guests to enjoy. One such local favorite is the “Khoresht Nokhod Alleh,” featuring succulent lamb meat, hearty chickpeas, tangy tomatoes, and onions, all infused with the delightful flavors of rosewater, saffron, and Omani lemon. Each dish served here tells a story of Kashan’s culinary heritage, inviting guests to embark on a flavorful journey through the region’s rich traditions.

Saraye Ameriha Restaurant

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Ameriha boutique hotel, featuring a stunning restaurant called the Mirror Hall. This dining spot, as one of the toppest restuarants in Kashan, is truly special, adorned with mirrors crafted by Kashan artisans centuries ago. Inside, you’ll find a spacious and bright dining area with beautiful walls and a unique ceiling, making every meal unforgettable. Due to its popularity, it’s best to book your table ahead of time to secure your spot in this fancy setting.

While the Mirror Hall Restaurant sticks to tradition, offering only the finest Kashan dishes like “Kofte Ab Somag,” “Abgosht Lobia,” and “Gosht Lobia,” it does come with a higher price tag. But the delicious flavors and elegant atmosphere make it worth every penny, promising a dining experience you won’t find anywhere else in Kashan.

Abbasi Coffee Shop and Restaurant

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Abbasi Restaurant, located in the historic Abbasian House next to the Tabatabai House, is one of Kashan’s top dining spots, often praised by travelers in their stories. Unlike other restaurants in the area, Abbasi blends traditional Iranian tables seamlessly with its historical setting, creating a unique dining experience.

Here, guests can enjoy delicious traditional Iranian cuisine and Kashan food, with camel meat and dizi being the standout favorites. Additionally, the complex includes a cozy coffee shop serving Iranian saffron tea, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration in Kashan. With its rich history and tasty food, Abbasi Restaurant offers the ideal ending to a memorable day in this charming city.

Cafe Shazdeh

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Shazdeh Cafe is a quaint coffee spot right in the heart of old Kashan. Despite its small size, it’s big on flavor, offering a simple menu with espresso, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and traditional Kashan syrup. No matter what you pick, you won’t be disappointed. Known for its top-notch coffee, Shazdeh Cafe is the go-to spot for a great cup in Kashan.

If you’re wandering around the historic parts of Kashan and spot this little coffee stand, definitely give their brews a try. It can be considered on of the best restaurants in Kashan and is a tasty addition to your sightseeing journey in this charming city.

Mozaffari Traditional Restaurant

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Among Kashan restaurants, Mozaffari’s traditional dining room, located in Kashan’s old town, is a cozy place with beautiful architecture. Besides its inviting atmosphere, it also features a tea house and its own heating and cooling system for comfort. The menu offers a mix of local, traditional, and Persian dishes, including tasty local foods and desserts.

Apart from the food, Mozaffari’s also serves various drinks and snacks, and you can even buy souvenirs related to Kashan. Whether you’re enjoying a meal or browsing through the gifts, dining here gives you a real taste of Kashan’s culture and delicious cuisine.

Mahinestan Raheb Restaurant

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Mahinestan Raheb Hotel combines traditional charm with modern comforts, making it Kashan’s top choice for a luxurious stay. Besides its cozy atmosphere, the hotel boasts a highly recommended restaurant that attracts many travelers. Guests can enjoy popular dishes like Tas Kebab, Gosht Lobia, Khoresht Nokhod Alleh, Chelo Dizi, and Kashan food, all served in traditional dishes, adding to the experience.

The hotel also ensures a weekly supply of authentic Sharbats, traditional fruity-rosewater-flavored cool drinks, sourced from Ghamsar. This attention to detail highlights the hotel’s dedication to offering guests an authentic taste of Kashan’s culinary heritage. Whether you’re dining or relaxing with a drink, Mahinestan Raheb Hotel promises a memorable stay steeped in Kashan’s culture and hospitality.

Noghli Restaurant

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Noghli Restaurant, situated in the historic Noghli House, is a charming spot you shouldn’t miss in Kashan. Here, you can enjoy a variety of local Kashan dishes and popular Persian cuisine, like Kalehjoosh, Khoresht Kado, Gheymeh Bademjan, and Ashes, along with a choice of teas and herbal infusions.

What makes Noghli Restaurant special is its interactive approach to dining. Guests can personalize their table settings and even get involved in the cooking process with the chefs. Additionally, the restaurant offers amenities such as firewood bread and tea, access to a library, parking, bike rentals, and free internet. With its cozy vibe and range of features, Noghli Restaurant offers a memorable taste of Kashan’s culinary traditions. It is among toppest Kashan restaurants.

Rose House

Rose House is a well-known restaurant in Kashan, conveniently located near the Sialk hills. This large complex, as one of the best restaurants in Kashan, has everything you need, including a hotel, restaurants serving both Iranian and international food, a cozy coffee shop, nice green areas, a quick eatery, and pretty glass pavilions. Plus, there’s a hall for events and meetings.

It’s a great spot for tourists to grab a meal after exploring historical sites nearby. The menu offers a mix of Iranian and international dishes, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re hungry or just want to relax, Rose House is a welcoming place for visitors in Kashan.

Cafe Baam

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Cafe Baam offers a unique experience on the rooftops of Kashan, situated atop one of the city’s traditional houses. As its name suggests in Persian, this cafe provides an atmosphere you won’t find elsewhere in Kashan. With a stunning view of windmills, old houses, and mountains in the distance, Cafe Baam adds an extra layer of beauty to your visit.

Many tourists flock to this cafe, especially at sunset, to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in such a lovely setting. Located in one of Kashan’s old neighborhoods, near landmarks like Sultan Amir Ahmad’s monument and the Agha Bozorg Mosque, finding Cafe Baam might be a bit tricky. But once you do, you’ll be glad you made the effort. And don’t forget to try the sherbets—they’re a must-try at Cafe Baam!

FAQs about Kashan Restaurants

Q1: What’s the vibe like at Morshedi House Café and Restaurant?

A1: Morshedi House Café and Restaurant have a cozy and traditional feel with simple dishes and fresh veggies, making it a nice place to eat.

Q2: What kind of food does Manouchehri House Restaurant serve?

A2: Manouchehri House Restaurant serves traditional Persian food, including dishes like “Khoresht Nokhod Alleh.”

Q3: What makes Saraye Ameriha Restaurant different from other places to eat in Kashan?

A3: Saraye Ameriha Restaurant, also called the Mirror Hall Restaurant, stands out with its old mirrors and fancy atmosphere.

Q4: What should I expect at Abbasi Coffee Shop & Restaurant?

A4: Abbasi Coffee Shop & Restaurant offers a cool mix of old-style tables and tasty Iranian food.

Q5: Where can I find Cafe Baam, and why is it cool?

A5: Cafe Baam is on top of a traditional house in Kashan, giving you a neat view of the city while you eat.

Last Words: Explore the Best of Kashan Restaurants with a Customized Tour

When you want to eat out in Kashan, you can choose fancy or cozy places that fit your budget and mood. The city’s historic charm offers many dining options, from quaint cafes to bustling restaurants serving various cuisines. Whether you crave local flavors or something new, Kashan’s food scene promises a memorable experience.

To truly explore Kashan’s food scene, you need a tour that’s tailored just for you. To Iran Tour specializes in creating customized experiences that cater to your preferences. Our team ensures that your journey through Kashan’s culinary world is exactly how you want it to be.

Whether you’re a food lover or an adventurer, let us plan your perfect trip to Kashan. Your unforgettable experience starts with To Iran Tour.

An Unforgettable Journey Through the Historical City of Kashan

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