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Iran Medical Tourism

Iran medical tourism is one of the most important pillars of Iran tourism. Attracting tourists to perform medical activities in various ways is called medical tourism, which some countries around the world have paid much attention to this category. In the following, we will have a comprehensive look at medical tourism in Iran, Iran’s position in medical tourism, Iran medical tourism destinations, why medical tourism in Iran, how to get Iran medical visa, and everything you need to know about it.

At first glance, it may seem that medical tourism is only related to medical activities, but the fact is that this branch of tourism is very broad and includes a wide range of activities. Performing medical and therapeutic activities and any kind of activity that improves the physical and mental condition of a person in an environment outside his place of residence is called medical tourism or health tourism. This is the definition provided by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Only developed countries are not successful in attracting tourism for medical treatment. Countries that have ideal conditions in terms of nature and mineral springs will also be included in this group. Also, countries that are medically acceptable and the cost of medical services is low or the cost is high, but in converting those costs into dollars, the cost of providing these services to foreign tourists is also successful in attracting health tourists.

In general, Iran medical visa is a short-term visa that “allows patients to use the health services of the destination country during their stay – with the necessary documents and conditions.”

iran medical tourism

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Growth of Medical Tourism in Iran

Iran has been at a very good level medically from the very distant past until today. In addition to the presence of experienced and specialized doctors, as well as fully standard and up-to-date equipment in Iranian hospitals, Iran’s nature also has good conditions for attracting and treating health tourists.

That is why among other fully developed countries in the world, Iran is ranked 10th in health tourism. In addition to the very famous and well-known mineral water springs in different cities of Iran as well as salt lakes, in Iran you can benefit from the best medical services by paying a low cost. Providing quality and successful medical services at a low cost is the main condition for success in health tourism, and for this reason, Iran medical tourism has been successful.

The most important successful areas of medical tourism in Iran

Among the most important medical categories in which Iran has been very successful, the following can be mentioned:

Heart Surgery

Since Iran is ranked 10th in the world in heart surgery, as a result, it has provided very ideal conditions for this type of surgery in the Middle East.


Iran is among top countries in performing rhinoplasty. As rhinoplasty is very widespread in Iran, as a result, doctors in this field are very skilled and experienced. In addition, the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is very low compared to European countries and other neighboring countries.

Dental Implants

Iran has a very good position in the field of dental implant science in the world and is the first country in Asia to enter into this discussion because the development of this science was needed to treat war wounded. Iranian specialists and dentists in the field of treatment of gum diseases, tissue engineering, reconstruction of the jaw bone and soft tissue around the teeth, and other dental services have a very high position scientifically in the region.

iran medical tourism - dental implant in Iran
  • Infertility treatment
  • Performing cosmetic surgeries (hair transplant, nose, jaw, and face cosmetic surgery)
  • Dentistry
  • Eye and keratoconus surgery
  • Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Neurosurgery

Iran Medical Tourism Destinations in Iran

Although most cities in Iran are at a very good level in terms of medicine and treatment, some cities have a better position and have become a destination in Iran medical tourism. For example, Yazd is one of the most successful cities in Iran in medical tourism for infertility treatment. Due to its excellent facilities and equipment in the field of infertility treatment, this city hosts many people from all over the world all year round.

Another very successful city in medical tourism in Iran is Mashhad. Since Mashhad is the most religious tourist city in Iran, many Muslims from the Persian Gulf countries and other parts of the world travel to it. The existence of highly advanced specialized hospitals and the activity of experienced and skilled physicians in various fields such as heart surgery, eye surgery, etc. are the main advantages of Mashhad. In addition, beauty clinics and cosmetic surgery services such as rhinoplasty, hair transplantation, and skin treatment and beauty are other factors that have made Mashhad very successful in the field of medical tourism.

Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz are other successful cities in the field of medical tourism in Iran. Shiraz is the best option for the treatment of liver diseases and their transplantation in the Middle East.

Why Medical Tourism in Iran

  • Adhere to medical standards and fight against infectious diseases. Fortunately, Iran copes well with infectious diseases such as hepatitis, typhoid and malaria, and the necessary tests and precautions to prevent it are performed in all hospitals and medical centers.
  • Low-cost and convenient treatment and excellent quality of medical services
  • Providing accommodation and welfare facilities for patients and their companions in different cities of Iran at a low cost
  • Numerous tourist and natural attractions in different cities such as Sarein hot springs and salt lakes

How to Get Iran Medical Visa?

To get Iran Medical visa, tourists must prove that they are able to pay for treatment and accommodation. The validity of the Iranian medical visa is 30 days, which can be extended according to the doctor’s order. getting Iran medical visa may take about 2 to 8 working weeks, depending on your country. With the cooperation of medical tourism facilitation companies in Iran, it has become easy to get Iran medical visa.

The general process for getting Iran medical visa is like any other Iran visas. First, you need to prepare a personal photo and a digital photo of your passport (which should be valid for at least 6 months before departure). Then you need to provide medical documents, previous procedures done in the country of origin, and the patient’s history by your doctor. Then you need to fill out the Iran medical visa application form and send the required documents to us. Our team of travel experts will review your documents and start the process of getting the IPD letter from the hospital according to your needs. After getting the IPD letter, the process of applying for Iran medical visa starts.

Passport Picture - getting iran visa
getting iran visa

In case you have a companion with you, he/she should also apply for an Iran visa but he/she just needs to send us the personal picture, passport picture, and the Iran medical visa application form.

In this article, we talked about Iran medical tourism in general and how its affecting Iran tourism in general. Also, we gave a short summary of how to get Iran medical visa. In order for you to get Iran medical visa and experience Iran medical tourism, get to know the process of Iran medical visa, and in case of any questions, we are here to help you!

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