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Frequently Asked Questions 

What you need to know about traveling to Iran!

Is Iran a safe country to visit?

Whether “Iran is safe” or not is the biggest matter for those who have Iran in their mind for their next journey. Despite all the bad press and propaganda around Iran, Iran is simply the safest country in the region. To make sure, read a few travel blogs of those who traveled to Iran and see how they talk about Iran and all its glory.

When is the best time to travel to Iran?

Since Iran is considered a four-season country, you can visit Iran almost every month, but the best time to travel to Iran is from April to June and September to November. Here is an article that gives you a good sense of when is the best time to travel to Iran.

Do I need a Visa to travel to Iran?

Yes, in order to visit Iran, you need to obtain an Iran Tourist Visa. But if you’re from these 7 countries you don’t need to have Iran Visa: Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Egypt, Malaysia, Armenia, Georgia, and Venezuela (read more about countries that can travel to Iran Visa Free). Other countries need to obtain Iran Tourist Visa.

Can the USA, UK, and Canada citizens get an Iranian visa?

Yes, they surely can. But it takes more time rather than other nations and a few things are different. For example, these nationalities need to have a tour guide by their side during their trip and they need to send a CV for their visa applications. And more importantly, they must contact an approved Iranian tour operator/ travel agency to apply and obtain a visa e.g. https://toirantour.com/To Iran Tour Company. All American, UK, and Canadian citizens who wish to travel to Iran as tourists are required to book their tours via a travel agency that is based in Iran. Please be mindful that your tour must be an organized tour, meaning, a qualified local guide must always accompany your tour. For more information, read how to obtain an Iran tourist visa for American, British, and Canadian Citizens.

How long does it take for Americans, British, and Canadians to get their Iran Tourist Visa?

Due to security checks, the process of receiving an Iran Visa for American, British, and Canadian citizens will be a bit longer than other travelers. Usually, it takes 30-45 days according to Low/High seasons. Read more about obtaining Iran tourist visa for American, British, and Canadian Citizens

What is the dress code in Iran?

Since Iran is an Islamic country, you need to keep some things in mind: for men, they should wear long pants with long or short sleeves shirts. And for women, they should cover their hair, arms, and legs in public. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with different kinds of clothes and colors. You can find more on the subject here.

How is internet access in Iran?

The Internet in Iran is good enough for surfing the web and using social media. But since some of these social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram, are limited in Iran and are only accessible via a VPN, the internet connection may be a little slower. To get a clear image on Iran’s Internet and also useful applications to use in Iran, read the article.

What are the emergency numbers in Iran?

Ambulance 115
Directory inquiries 118
Fire Brigade 125
Police 110 (112 from mobile (cell) phones will also get you through to the local police)

What days are the weekend in Iran?

Thursday and Friday are weekends in Iran and Saturday is the first day of the week. Just in case you forget, the museums are closed on Mondays. Read more about Iran holidays here.

Is it safe for women to travel to Iran?

Yes, As a woman living in Iran and having friends who are traveling solo all the time in Iran, I can tell that Iran is a safe place to visit for solo female travelers. But just like any other country and city, you should consider a few facts for traveling solo. Like being cautious in places that are not crowded and have emergency numbers always with you. Here is 7 tips for solo female traveling to Iran.

Do you arrange airport transfers?

Yes, arrival and departure airport transfers for IKA Airport are included in our tour fee. Please inform your travel expert of your flight times prior to your arrival in Iran so we can arrange your transfer. We additionally recommend you not book your flights until your place on the tour is fully confirmed.

What is “traditional house” accommodation?

A traditional house is a type of accommodation which is very fashionable these days in Iran. Its probably safe to say that after experiencing these accommodations in Iran, most tourists choose them as their main option for accommodation. These accommodations are actually local Persian houses which are turned to touristic accommodation so that you can fully embrace life in Iran.

How is food in Iran?

Talking about Iranian cuisine requires a full article. Here is one of the articles that introduces Iranian foods to try while visiting Iran. Get ready to enjoy and discover new dishes and new sweets in Iran.

Is vegetarian food available in Iran?

Yes, you can find vegetarian foods in Iran especially in the classic route and north of Iran. But in other places in order to find vegetarian food you’d better look for local restaurants. Here is a list of Iranian vegetarian foods.

Is it possible to pay by Credit Cards in Iran?

Unfortunately, international credit/debit cards (Visa Card, Master Card, etc.) are not used in Iran and it’s better for you to have your money in cash or take some gift cards from Iranian domestic banks. And if it’s possible, carry your money in US dollars or Euros. Because they are easier to exchange in Iran. But in case of an emergency or becoming low on budget, don’t worry, there are places (specific places like currency exchange offices) in which you can use your credit card to cash your money.

What is the Iranian currency?

Here in Iran, there are two currencies, Rial and Toman. Rial is used in a formal context and Toman is used in an informal context and between local people. It’s worth to mention that what is written on the currency is Rial and not Toman. So, when you’re exchanging your money from Euro to Rial, please keep it in mind that 1 Euro is about 130000 Rials and 13000 Tomans (you simply remove one zero from rial, 10 rials=1 toman).
Here’s an example, when you are in shopping centers or bazaars and people ask you how much money do you have, you would answer I have 13 thousand Tomans, and not 130 thousand rials. And when you ask how much money is this carpet? and they say “it’s 1 million and 230 thousand toman”, you simply add another zero to the number and pay 12 million and 300 thousand in Rial. Learn more about Iran’s currency and how to exchange it.

Is it allowed to drink alcohol in Iran?

Alcohol is strictly forbidden in Iran, either to drink or even carry it with you. But you can easily find non-alcoholic beers in every supermarket.

Is it allowed to have and use drugs in Iran?

All kinds of drugs are banned and are illegal to have, carry or use in Iran.

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