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Discovering the flavors of Isfahan, half of the world is like taking a delicious tour through its amazing history and lively culture. In the midst of ancient buildings, unique bridges, and beautiful mosques, the food here is a treat for your taste buds. Isfahan, a city that attracts tourists from around the world, blends its past with tasty adventures that everyone can enjoy.

Walking along the old stone paths, you’ll find that Isfahan’s food is as diverse as its historic buildings. Each meal has a story, from timeless traditional tastes to new and exciting dishes that show off the city’s modern side. Exploring Isfahan’s food scene isn’t just about filling your stomach; it’s a fun way to be a part of the city’s spirit, making every bite a special memory of your trip. Here is the list of Isfahan best restaurants:

1. Shahrzad Restaurant

Enter the magical world of Shahrzad Restaurant, where tradition meets modern flavors amidst mirrors and colorful windows. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere as you savor the classic Kebab with rice, paired with Mast o Mousir and Khoresh Mast. The friendly and polite staff add a special touch to your dining experience.

Shahrzad Restaurant not only treats your taste buds but also surrounds you with traditional decorations and a well-trained team. The combination of a warm ambiance and delicious dishes ensures each visit is a memorable part of your experience. Keep in mind that the prices here are on the higher side, but the delightful Iranian cuisine and overall atmosphere make Shahrzad a worthwhile stop for those looking to indulge in Isfahan food and culinary delights.

2. Azam Biryani

Azam Biryani is one of the best restaurants in Isfahan and is known for its delicious Biryani that locals love. This special dish, made with minced mutton or lamb cooked over a flame, is more than just food; it’s a memorable experience for the people of Isfahan. Before you leave Isfahan, don’t miss trying the tasty Iranian flatbread called Nan-e Taftoon, usually served with Biryani. And for a refreshing end to your meal, have a cool glass of Dough, a yogurt drink with dried mint.

It’s the perfect way to wrap up your flavorful journey in Isfahan and enjoy Isfahan food.

3. Hermes

After checking out Jolfa Square, make your way to the stylish Hermes restaurant. Here, friendly waiters serve up fantastic Italian dishes in a modern setting. It’s a great place to try in Isfahan, offering a mix of delicious food and cool decor. The menu has lots of options to pick from, so you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

Give Hermes a shot – you won’t be disappointed with the tasty combination of modern style and Italian flavors.

4. Ghasr Monshi

Ghasr Monshi, once home to a minister during the time of the Qajar monarchs, has transformed into the popular Ghasr Monshi Hotel in Isfahan. This ancient place got a facelift and now not only offers a chance to enjoy a meal in its historic courtyard but also gives you a taste of its fascinating history.

Right in the courtyard, there’s a cool café where you can have your meal in a unique setting surrounded by history. Ghasr Monshi isn’t just loved by locals but has become a hit with tourists from around the world, earning its spot among the best restaurants in Isfahan.

The menu at Ghasr Monshi has lots of tasty options, and they serve great drinks too. While you enjoy your food, the sound of running water in the background and live music add a nice touch to the atmosphere. Ghasr Monshi is a place where the past meets the delicious present, inviting you to a unique dining experience for Isfahan food.

5. Zima Healthy Food

In Isfahan’s Bozorgmehr Street, you’ll discover Zima Healthy Food, a go-to spot for vegetarian delights. It’s a restaurant that’s especially friendly to those who love plant-based meals. Keep in mind, though, that many of the other places mentioned in this article are also cool with vegan options.

Just ask the waiter for help in picking something that suits your taste. Whether you end up at Zima or another place, Isfahan has plenty of tasty choices for both vegetarians and vegans.

6. Toranj Food Complex

The Toranj historic mansion was built during the Qajar period, under Nasser al-Din Shah’s early rule, as discovered during its reconstruction. After four years of hard work, the restoration was a success. Now, Toranj has four sections: a restaurant, a shop for drinks and frozen treats, a photo studio, and a cafe. It’s a place that lets you experience traditional Persian culture.

In Toranj restaurant, one of the Isfahan best restaurants, you can enjoy a variety of local and international foods, herbal teas, and traditional drinks. Take a trip back in time in the photo studio by dressing up in fancy Qajar-era clothes, creating special memories in this historical spot.

The first owner of this place, Mardiros Davidian, used to lead the Cossack Brigade during the Qajar dynasty and was originally from Jolfa in Isfahan. You can find Toranj near the Armenian Hovhannes Church in the Charco area, offering not just good food but a glimpse into Isfahan’s history.

7. Jarchi Bashi Restaurant

ToIranTour - Jarchi Bashi Restaurant
Photo by Mardetanha on Wikimedia

Jarchi Bashi earns its spot among Isfahan best restaurants not just for its good food and history, but because it’s a special restaurant in a converted old bath. As you walk in, the doorman welcomes you warmly, creating a great start. Inside, the place is like stepping into another world, with cool arches, painted domes, and pretty tiles by the pools. Even the staff and tea cups are nice and authentic.

This 400-year-old bathhouse, now a fancy restaurant, becomes a romantic setting, especially on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Live music adds to the vibe, and the restored fountains and art make it a charming place. Even if the food isn’t outstanding, the atmosphere is worth experiencing.

Just be aware that during busy times, your privacy might be a bit compromised in crowded sitting areas. Overall, Jarchi Bashi is a unique blend of history, architecture, and good vibes that’s definitely worth checking out in Isfahan.

8. Namakdan Mansion

Don’t miss out on Namakdan Mansion where you can try top Iranian foods. This lovely traditional house in Posht Matbakh Alley, leading to Naghsh-e Jahan Square, is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy some tasty food. Whether you pick something from the cafe menu or the restaurant, both options promise a heavenly culinary experience.

Namakdan Mansion is a great spot to relax and treat your taste buds while taking in the timeless beauty of Isfahan.

9. Nayeb Restaurant

ToIranTour - Kabab Koobideh
Photo by Atheist on Wikimedia

Even though it’s not in every travel guide, Nayeb Restaurant on Ibne Sina Street is a hit with the locals. The eating area is upstairs, and you order downstairs (just a heads up, the menu is in Farsi).

The menu might be a bit tricky to understand, but you can’t go wrong with their Kebabs. They have tasty options like Kabab Koobideh (ground beef with chopped onions) and Joojeh kebab (barbecued chicken parts). Or try the Barg Kebab (barbecued lamb filet) with tomato sauce and rice. Nayeb Restaurant gives you a chance to enjoy local flavors in a cozy setting.

10. Arakhan Restaurant

Located near the Si-o-se-pol Bridge, Arakhan Traditional Restaurant invites you to a culinary oasis with its unique design featuring mesmerizing mirrors and vibrant paintings adorning the walls. The carefully crafted atmosphere enhances your dining experience, making every bite a delight for the senses. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Arakhan offers a warm ambiance where the combination of great food and artistic surroundings creates a memorable moment in the heart of Isfahan.

Don’t miss the chance to savor the flavors of tradition in this well-loved restaurant, bringing a touch of culinary magic to your exploration of Isfahan food and the city itself.

FAQs about Best Restaurants in Isfahan

Q1: What is Isfahan famous for?

A1: Isfahan is well-known for its beautiful Islamic architecture, wide streets, bridges with roofs, palaces, decorated mosques, and tall towers. It also has lots of old buildings, monuments, paintings, and artifacts with historical significance. Isfahan is so famous that people in Iran have a saying, “Esfahān nesf-e-jahān ast,” which means Isfahan is like half of the world.

Q2: Is Isfahan an expensive city?

A2: Living in Isfahan, Iran is more affordable than in New York. For a family of four, the estimated monthly expenses, excluding rent, are around $1,121.9. If you’re a single person, your estimated monthly costs, excluding rent, would be about $316.6. In comparison to New York, Isfahan is approximately 74.4% less expensive when considering living expenses excluding rent.

Q3: Why is Isfahan called half of the world?

A3: The Safavid era (1502-1736) played a crucial role in shaping Isfahan, earning it a reputation so impressive that global travelers reportedly called it “Half the World.” According to the proud 17th-century historian Iskandar Munshi, this nickname stemmed from the belief that the city’s beauty was so immense that any description would only capture half of its magnificence.

Q4: How many days is enough in Isfahan?

A4: Exploring Isfahan requires more time than other cities due to its numerous monuments and must-see attractions. A minimum of two days is recommended for a visit, while the average time spent exploring Isfahan is around three days.

Q5: Is Isfahan beautiful?

A5: In spring, Isfahan regains its greenery, transforming into a paradise on Earth with gentle breezes that make you feel rejuvenated. The fall season in Isfahan is exceptionally striking, particularly in its gardens and Nazhvan Forest Park.

Last Words: Tailored Tours for the Best Restaurants in Isfahan

Trying Isfahan’s food is like tasting its history and culture. In the midst of old buildings and pretty places, the food is yummy. Isfahan mixes old and new flavors, making every bite a cool memory of your trip.

When planning an exploration of Iran’s culinary scene, opting for Iran Tours and Travel Packages becomes essential. Embarking on an adventure to explore the best restaurants in Isfahan with To Iran Tour means having seasoned guides who are not just experts in logistics but also passionate about showcasing the heart and soul of Iran’s culinary scene.

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