A Visit to the Tomb of Hafez – Discovering the Legacy of a Master Poet

Tomb of Hafez

Hafez, a renowned poet and mystic, has left an indelible mark on the literary world with his works that have transcended time and place. One of the most significant landmarks in Shiraz, Iran, is the tomb of this literary mastermind, known as Hafezieh. The tomb of Hafez, surrounded by two exquisite gardens, is a tranquil and serene place that exudes an aura of peace and calmness.

The gardens of Hafezieh are a sight to behold, with rectangular pools, streams, and well-manicured flower beds that create a serene environment for visitors. The scent of orange trees fills the air, and the paths lead to Hafez’s tomb, which is the main attraction of the site. The dome over his grave is beautifully lit at night, providing an enchanting focal point for those who visit.

Aside from the mausoleum, a library dedicated to Hafez scholarship is housed in the former tomb of Qaasem Khan Waali. This library contains over 10,000 volumes that provide a glimpse into the life and works of Hafez, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of his literary genius. The tea house located on the grounds provides refreshments in a traditional setting, allowing visitors to take in the beauty of the surroundings while enjoying a warm cup of tea. Hafezieh is a must-visit destination for anyone who appreciates literature, beauty, and serenity.

Tracing the History of Hafezieh: A Tale of Renovation and Rebirth

The tomb of Hafez, or Hafezieh, as it is commonly known, has been an integral part of Shiraz’s cultural and literary heritage for centuries. The history of this landmark dates back to 1452, when a small dome-like structure was built near Hafez’s grave by the order of Babur Ibn-Baysunkur, a Timurid governor of Shiraz. The original land where the tomb is situated was more than two hectares wide and was part of Shiraz’s cemeteries. The Golgasht-e Mosalla Garden, which is mentioned several times in Hafez’s poems, was also nearby.

In the Safavid and Afsharian eras, the tomb was renovated twice, once by the order of King Shah Abbas and then by Nadershah Afshar. However, it was during Karim Khan Zand’s reign that a new metal shrine was built, bearing one of Hafez’s famous ghazals, or sonnets, engraved in calligraphy. The shrine has since been destroyed and reconstructed several times throughout history.

Finally, in 1935, the current pavilion structure of Hafezieh was built, designed by the famous French architect and archaeologist, André Godard, who incorporated Zandieh architecture elements into the design. Despite the many renovations and reconstructions, the tomb of Hafez remains a testament to the enduring legacy of this literary genius, attracting visitors from all over the world who come to pay homage to his memory and immerse themselves in the cultural richness of Iran.

tomb of hafez
Photo by Shayan Ghiasvand on Unsplash

Architecture of the Tomb of Hafez

The architecture of the Hafezieh, as the tomb of Hafez is known, is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Iran. The complex of monuments is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern architecture, with elements that have been added and modified over centuries. The intricate design of the tomb and its surroundings is full of symbolism and mysticism, reflecting the deep spirituality of Hafez’s poetry.

The entrance to the tomb is intentionally hidden from the main street, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue for visitors. The path to the tomb is lined with nine stairs, representing the nine levels of the sky in Persian literature. The tomb itself is a beautiful sight to behold, with a dome that resembles the hat of a Sufi Darwish. The exterior of the dome represents the sky, while the interior is adorned with tiles in various colors, each representing a different aspect of nature and the divine.

One of the most captivating features of the Hafezieh is the large pool next to the tomb, where visitors can make a wish and toss a coin. This ritual is said to have a high success rate, so be careful what you wish for! The Hafezieh is not just a tomb, but a sanctuary for the soul, a place where visitors can connect with the beauty of Persian culture and the profound wisdom of Hafez’s poetry. The tomb of Hafez is also one of the top places to take pictures in Iran.

Location and Surrounding Attractions of Hafezieh

If you’re planning a trip to Shiraz, visiting the Tomb of Hafez or Hafezieh should be on top of your list. Not only is it a beautiful place to pay homage to the great Persian poet, but it is also located in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible to other nearby attractions.

Just a short walk away from Hafezieh, you can find the stunning Jahan Nama Garden, which is an excellent spot for picnicking and relaxation. The garden’s beautiful design and peaceful atmosphere make it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Moreover, you can explore other cultural and historical sites such as the Karim Khan Citadel, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, and the iconic Quran Gate, all within walking distance from Hafezieh.

One of the most stunning and must-see attractions in Shiraz is the Nasir Ol-Molk Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, located just a few kilometers away from Hafezieh. This mosque is famous for its stunning stained-glass windows that create a kaleidoscope of colors inside the building during the morning hours.

In summary, Hafezieh is not just a pilgrimage site for literature enthusiasts and Hafez’s fans, but it is also a gateway to explore the city’s rich culture and history. Take your time to explore the nearby attractions, and you will experience the beauty and magic of Shiraz that has inspired poets and travelers for centuries.

Best Restaurants near Hafezieh

Exploring the historical and spiritual richness of Hafezieh can make you work up an appetite, but don’t worry, as Shiraz offers an abundance of dining options to cater to every taste. Haft Khan Restaurant is a must-visit for traditional Persian cuisine enthusiasts, where you can indulge in a wide variety of grilled kebabs, stews, and rice dishes, all served with aromatic herbs and spices. For those who prefer a more upscale dining experience, Shah Abbasi Restaurant offers a luxurious atmosphere along with mouth-watering dishes, including lamb shank and succulent chicken kebabs, served in elegant surroundings.

If you’re looking for a cozy atmosphere with a selection of authentic Persian dishes, Qavam Restaurant is a great option. The restaurant is located in a beautifully restored traditional house, featuring a charming courtyard adorned with colorful flowers and a fountain. Shandiz Restaurant offers an excellent combination of delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere, with a spacious and tastefully decorated interior, serving dishes like lamb shank with saffron rice and chicken kebab with fresh vegetables. Lastly, Sharzeh Restaurant offers an elegant setting with a varied menu of Persian and international dishes, including seafood, pizza, and pasta, that will cater to a wide range of tastes.

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