Kish Island: The Hawaii of the Persian Gulf

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Tired of winter’s chill? Look no further than Kish Island, Iran’s very own tropical retreat, often called the Hawaii of the region. With a relaxed vibe that welcomes everyone, Kish is the perfect getaway. It’s a shame that many international tourists miss out on this beauty. Kish has stunning sights and exciting activities waiting for you!

Imagine leaving the winter behind and stepping into a sunny haven – that’s Kish Island. Located in the Persian Gulf, it’s a spot for unwinding and feeling rejuvenated. But here’s the twist: not many foreigners know about this incredible spot. It’s like a hidden treasure waiting to be found. There are amazing things to see, from long sandy beaches to lively markets. Kish Island Iran offers an orchestra of experiences for every kind of traveler.

Dive into its heart, and you’ll find more than just beaches. Kish has historical spots that tell stories of the past and modern places for entertainment. There’s something for everyone – whether you love water adventures or exploring charming old towns. Kish Island is not just an escape from winter; it’s a place where relaxation and exploration go hand in hand. Let’s uncover the beauty of Kish – a warm, inviting paradise that deserves a spot on every traveler’s must-visit list.

Kish Island History: A Bridge Between Civilizations

Kish Island, resting in the heart of the Persian Gulf, has been known by different names throughout history: Kamtina, Arakia, Arakata, Ghiss. But it wasn’t until 325 BC that its name was etched into history books. Back then, Alexander the Great sent Nearchus on a remarkable expedition into the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Nearchus’s words marked the first time Kish Island was mentioned in ancient records. Fast forward to Marco Polo’s tales: when he admired pearls from the Emperor’s wife, little did he know they hailed from Kish.

Imagine Kish Island in the 1970s, transformed by the last Shah of Iran into a paradise for the rich and famous. Luxuries abounded, including a dazzling Grand Casino, now reborn as the Shayan International Hotel. Then came a turning point: the Islamic Revolution reshaped the island into a hub of duty-free shopping. Now, the island caters to a different crowd, offering a treasure trove of goods to eager shoppers from around the world.

Kish Island isn’t just a name from the past; it’s a bridge between civilizations. Ancient Assyrians and Elamites used it as a pit stop during their seafaring journeys through the Persian Gulf. Today, it’s like a gem in the sea, surrounded by other islands like Qeshm and Hormoz. With its stunning coral sands and tranquil shores, Kish Island lives up to its nickname, the ‘Pearl of the Persian Gulf.’ This tiny island’s allure remains timeless, as it continues to tell stories of history, culture, and the ever-flowing sea.

Kish Island Climate: A Blend of Warmth and Comfort

ToIranTour - Kish Island Climate
Photo by Reyhane naseri on Unsplash

Kish Island’s weather tells a story of warmth and mild humidity throughout the year. Rain is minimal, allowing the island to enjoy peaceful days. The average yearly temperature hovers around 26.2°C.

July brings the peak of summer, with temperatures reaching around 44°C. It’s a time to enjoy the beach and the sea’s embrace. In contrast, January sees temperatures drop to 10.2°C, perfect for cozy moments with warm drinks. Kish Island’s weather creates a lovely balance between its different sides.

Kish Island Airport: A Gateway to Paradise

ToIranTour - Kish Island Airport
Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

Imagine a special place in the Persian Gulf, where planes take off and land, welcoming people to Kish Island. This airport, known as Kish International Airport (KIH), is like a door to paradise, where people come to visit or do business. It’s the fifth busiest airport in Iran, a vibrant hub connecting the island with the world.

Back in 1970, smart folks from Iran and America visited Kish Island. They saw its amazing history and natural beauty and thought, “Let’s make it easier for people to come here!” So, they planned to build an airport – a place for planes to come and go. After a lot of work, on October 29th, 1977, a plane landed on Kish International Airport’s runway for the first time. That’s when everyone knew the airport was open for business. Kish International Airport isn’t just buildings and runways – it’s a symbol of what people can do when they dream big and work together.

Kish Island Flights and Terminals

ToIranTour - Kish Island Flights and Terminals
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Kish International Airport has four parts called terminals for different flights. One of these, the Domestic Flight Terminal, is open from 6 AM to 12 PM and is for trips within the country.

Kish Airport doesn’t only help people travel inside the country. International Flight Terminal also helps them go to other countries. There are two special parts for this – Arrival and Departure Terminals. When people arrive from other places, they go through the Arrival Terminal. It’s like a meeting point for people coming from different directions. The Departure Terminal is where people leave from. Kish Airport makes it easy to go on adventures, no matter where you’re from or where you’re going.

Kish Island Airlines

ToIranTour - Kish Air
Photo by Pedramgh on Wikimedia

On Kish Island, Kish International Airport is a hub for many airlines. It links travelers to different places both in Iran and abroad. Airlines like Kish Air, Zagros Airline, Iran Air Tour, Qeshm Air, and Iran Air make this airport a lively center, inviting people to explore.

From the airport, planes fly to lots of Iranian cities. You can visit Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, and Isfahan, each offering a mix of history and modern life. Other cities like Bandar Abbas, Kerman, and Ahvaz are also on the map, letting you experience Iran’s diverse landscapes and cultures.

Not only is Kish International Airport connected to Iran, but it also offers flights to Dubai in the UAE and Muscat in Oman. This lets you explore more, making the airport a bridge between different cultures.

Kish Island Airport Features and Facilities

At Kish International Airport, parking is a breeze. Whether you arrive by car, you’ll find ample space to park worry-free, making your journey smoother from road to runway.

Inside the departure terminal, take a breather at the restaurant or coffee shop. Treat yourself to delicious meals or a comforting cup of coffee before your adventure takes off.

Kish Airport goes beyond basics. With CIP services for both incoming and outgoing travelers, modern facilities such as fast internet, emergency services, and currency exchange are at your fingertips.

From handling lost items to packaging cargo, Kish Airport has it covered. Grab souvenirs, manage postal needs, and more, as you step into a world of possibilities within the airport’s walls.

Top Attractions on Kish Island: Adventure Awaits!

What’s so cool about Kish Island? The most awesome part is all the fun stuff to see and do! There’s a super interesting Underground Town and a place called Kish Dolphin Park where you can watch dolphins play. When the sun goes down, you can see a really old ship in the water, all colorful from the sunset. Families, friends, and people by themselves all have a great time here.

Kish Island is the place to be if you want to relax and have an adventure. Every step you take here will make your vacation story even more special.

Greek Ship

ToIranTour - Greek Ship
Photo by Ali Hedayat on Unsplash

Step into a world where history meets beauty on Kish Island at the Greek Ship. This old cargo vessel, resting on the island’s western coast since 1966, has turned into a captivating attraction. Gather with locals and visitors on the beach as the sun paints the sky with stunning colors during sunset.

The Greek Ship beach offers more than just a view. Try Iranian and Lebanese dishes in nearby restaurants or take a leisurely bike ride along the shore. The beach’s calm atmosphere welcomes families, friends, and solo explorers, creating moments that blend nature’s beauty with the joy of companionship.

This isn’t just a visit; it’s an immersion into the island’s charm. Become part of its story, leaving your mark in the sand and carrying cherished memories of the Greek Ship’s embrace.

Ocean Theme Park

Come and have a blast at Kish Island’s Ocean Theme Park – the first of its kind in Iran, opened in January 2017. This outdoor water park is like a magical story created by Ahmad Jafari, who worked with Disney. Imagine a castle with a sun mystery – that’s the theme here.

The park has 13 cool rides, four pools to swim in, and a nice spa. Plus, you won’t go hungry with two restaurants and four places to get drinks. There’s even coffee and shopping spots. With over 400 staff members, the Ocean Theme Park is a world of fun and excitement for everyone.

People loved it right from the start. In just six months, over 80,000 visitors splashed in for the time of their lives. If you’re looking for fun, adventure, and a bit of magic, the Ocean Theme Park is where you should be.

Kish Dolphin Park

Kish Dolphin Park is a big play area on Kish Island. It’s in the southeast part of the island. Inside, you can see more than 20 types of sea animals, like dolphins, sea lions, and penguins.

They have buses there to take you around the park. You can go to different places, like where dolphins do tricks, where birds live, and where sea animals swim. If you like animals, you should totally go here.

Kish Dolphin Park is a cool place. Dolphins, birds, and more are waiting for you. Families and friends can have a good time here. It’s not just a visit – it’s a dive into a world of sea wonders. So, pack your curiosity and come explore this watery haven like never before.

Kariz Underground City

Kish Island might not be known for old stuff, but guess what? There’s a really old underground city here! It’s called Kariz Underground City, and it’s one of the oldest in Iran.

People built this place over 2000 years ago to get clean water. They used something called a “kariz” to bring water. Inside, look up at the ceiling – it’s made of something called coral and has really old fish and shell fossils stuck in it. People here say those fossils are millions of years old!

Here’s a cool thing: no matter if it’s hot or cold outside, the temperature in Kariz stays the same – like a comfy 22-25 degrees Celsius. So, if you want to step back in time, see old things in the ceiling, and enjoy a nice, cool place, Kariz Underground City is where you should be.

Kish Ladies’ Beach

Guess what? There’s a special beach on Kish Island just for ladies. You might think paying to use a beach is weird, but this one is amazing! It’s one of the best places like it in the Middle East.

Here, ladies can swim and relax without any worries. It’s super clean and safe. You can put your stuff in a locker and get it back later. And after you’re all done with the beach fun, you can take a shower too.

This beach is more than just sand and water – it’s a place where ladies can have a great time, all to themselves. So, if you’re a lady looking for a cool spot to hang out, Kish Ladies’ Beach is the place to be.

Harireh Ancient City

Imagine journeying back to the 8th century, guided by the words of Persian poet Sa’adi in his work “Golestan.” In Kish Island’s northern heart, you’ll find Harireh Ancient City—a silent witness to the past. Though time has worn its stones, this place once thrived for centuries, as a bustling hub of life.

Strolling amidst the ruins, you’re tracing a thousand-year-old story etched in stone. Harireh was a place where life’s tales flourished, and where dreams echoed in its streets. Today, as sunlight bathes the remnants, you’re connecting with a legacy that refuses to fade.

Harireh Ancient City whispers tales of times gone by, inviting you to be a part of its journey. With each step, you’re weaving history into your own story—a captivating encounter with the past.

Green Tree Complex

Up in the north of Kish Island, there’s a really green place called Portuguese Valley. And right there is the cool Green Tree Complex. It’s built around this super old banyan tree that’s been around for 600 years! People think it’s lucky, so they come to make wishes. They tie threads on its branches and hope their wishes come true—especially if they’re wishing for love.

Think of it like a secret chat with nature. But the complex isn’t just about the tree. It’s a chill spot to relax. You can sip hot Persian tea and feel warm all over. Or grab some ice cream and feel cool in the shade. The Green Tree Complex isn’t just a place to visit; it’s like being part of a story where wishes are woven into the leaves and dreams float in the air.

Twin Water Reservoir

On Kish Island, the Twin Water Reservoir shines as a clever creation. Back in 1993, it was built where an old reservoir stood. Think of it as a nod to the past. It looks a lot like the water reservoirs in Yazd, a place not too far away.

Way back, when water was hard to find, people made these reservoir things. They stored water in them, like saving for a rainy day. The Twin Water Reservoir whispers stories of those times. And guess what? It’s got something cool called a badgir. It’s an old Persian trick for catching the wind and letting it play with the air inside. This keeps the water almost icy.

Standing by the Twin Water Reservoir means more than just looking. It’s like going back in time when folks used smart ideas to solve problems. This reservoir isn’t just walls and stuff. It’s a symbol of how people can be super smart and find answers, even when things are tough.

Marjan Beach

ToIranTour - Marjan Beach
Photo by Marjanko1103 on Wikimedia

Close to Marjan Bazaar, there’s a special place called Marjan Beach Park on Kish Island. It’s like a bridge between a busy market and a calm beach. This beach is famous for its Coral Beach. The water is super clear, like blue glass, so you can see all sorts of tiny sea creatures. There are pretty corals, colorful shells, and different kinds of snails and stones. These treasures get washed up by the sea.

Imagine looking underwater without getting wet. You’d see a colorful show of sea life. The corals are like nature’s art, and shells and snails have their own stories. It’s like a hidden world that’s not just for fish.

Every year, people—both travelers and folks who live here—come to this beach for fun. It’s like a big play area where time slows down, and you can forget your worries while watching the waves. When the sun sets, painting the sky with warm colors, you’re not just watching; you’re part of the picture. The sounds of laughter and nature’s beauty make memories that stick with you.

Kish Sea Turtles

Between March and August, on the sandy parts of Kish Island’s south and west sides, something amazing happens. Big hawksbill turtles come out from the sea to lay eggs. It’s like a special show just for nature lovers. You can watch these turtles swim in the waves and then go back into the sea. Get your camera ready because it’s a sight you won’t want to miss.

Picture this: turtles with heads popping up in the water. And if you’re lucky, you might see them digging holes in the sand to put their eggs. But remember, it’s important to stay far enough away so they’re comfortable.

Kish Island becomes a magical place during these months. It’s like a peek into the lives of these ancient turtles. You’re not just watching; you’re sharing a moment with nature that’s sure to stay in your heart.

Things to Do on Kish Island: Enjoying the Best Experiences

Kish Island invites you to multiple activities that you can enjoy the best. Here’s the list of things to do on Kish Island:

Parasailing on Kish Island

ToIranTour - Parasailing Kish Island
Photo by Reza Salehan on Unsplash

Do you want to try something awesome on Kish Island? Go parasailing! It’s like flying with a parachute. A speedy boat lifts you up, and you can see the whole island below. The water is blue, the beaches are gold. Up there, it’s calm and exciting at the same time.

The wind feels nice, and the big sky is super cool. It’s a mix of fun and peace that sticks with you. So, whether you’re a daredevil or just like chilling, give parasailing a shot on Kish Island.

Jet Ski on Kish Island

ToIranTour - Jet Ski Kish Island
Photo by Fouad Ghazizadeh on Unsplash

Want some serious fun on Kish Island? Try jet skiing! It’s like riding a fast water bike. Imagine racing on the blue water of the Persian Gulf, wind in your hair, and excitement in your veins.

You can find jet skis at scuba diving and sea clubs in Kish. It’s a splashy blast that you won’t forget! So, get ready to rev up the waves, make unforgettable memories, and experience the ultimate thrill of skimming the sea.

Scuba Diving on Kish Island

Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash

Kish Island is all about cool water fun, and one of the coolest things you can do here is scuba diving. Imagine going underwater and seeing all sorts of colorful fish and plants – it’s like being in a magical world!

If you’re curious about the sea and want to see what’s hiding below, scuba diving is perfect. The water in the Persian Gulf is super clear, and when you dive, you’ll meet fish of all colors and corals that look like art. It’s a special thing you can only do here in Kish. Just remember, scuba diving might cost a bit more than other stuff, but the amazing things you’ll see are totally worth it. So, if you want to have an awesome adventure and see the ocean up close, scuba diving on Kish Island is the way to go.

Karting on Kish Island

Get ready for a super fun ride at Kish Island’s karting track – the first one in Iran! It’s huge, almost 800 meters long and 7 meters wide, like a big road for small, speedy karts. Lots of people visit here every year, and they even had a big race here for Iran’s Karting Championship.

Imagine driving a small kart that goes really fast. You zoom around turns and go super quick on straight parts. The wind feels cool, and every turn is like a little adventure. This karting track on Kish Island is where all the excitement happens. No matter if you’re a big fan of racing or just want to have a blast, this is the place to be. So, get ready to put the pedal to the metal and have a ton of fun that you’ll remember for a long time!

Safari on Kish Island

Ready for a wild time? Head to Kish Safari and get ready for some serious fun. It’s a place on Kish Island where they want everyone to have a good time, especially young people and tourists. And guess what? They’re the first ones in Iran to set up cool desert safari trips.

Imagine this: you’re in a huge desert, surrounded by sand and wild land. You’re not just walking – you’re riding in cool vehicles like Land Rovers and Toyota Land Cruisers. You can even hop on a camel for a ride! But here’s the trick: the weather needs to be hot and dry for this kind of adventure. Luckily, Kish Island has just the right weather and spot for this kind of fun.

And guess what else? There’s more than just the adventure. They have a restaurant inside, another one outside, and even a coffee shop. You can also check out booths where they show cool stuff from all over Iran. So, if you’re up for a desert adventure that’s all about fun, Kish Safari on Kish Island is the place to be.

Kish Island Shopping Malls: Shop Till You Drop

ToIranTour - Kish Island Shopping Malls
Photo by Amiraali2321 on Wikimedia

Get ready to discover some awesome shopping spots on Kish Island with us! We’ll introduce you to a bunch of different malls that have cool stuff. So, stick around to find out where the fun shopping is happening. Get excited for a shopping adventure like no other!

Morvarid Shopping Center

Ready to have some fun at Morvarid Shopping Center? Inside, you’ll find 8 cool stores with all sorts of things – from clothes to kitchen stuff. And guess what? There’s a restaurant to fill your tummy, a café to relax, and an Internet café to stay connected. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion or a cozy spot to unwind, this center has it all covered for you.

Damoon Shopping Mall

Step into Damoon Shopping Mall and get ready for a blast! With 98 shops full of clothes, bags, shoes, makeup, gold, jewelry, and even chocolate, you’ll be spoiled for choice. But that’s not all – the second floor is all about fun with an ice-skating rink. And the soothing piano music adds a touch of relaxation to the air. Damoon Shopping Mall: where shopping excitement and entertainment come together for an unforgettable experience.

Sarina 1 Mall

Just think of Sarina 1 Mall, right next to Pardis and Kish Malls. And you know what’s cool? There’s a super fancy hotel nearby! Need a posh place to stay close to the mall? You’re all set. Explore all 10 floors of this mall and park your car without worries.

Sarina 1 Mall: where shopping in style and unwinding go hand in hand, giving you the best of both worlds in one awesome place.

Marjan Mall

Looking for a beachy mall? That’s Marjan Mall! It’s got homes and stores in one place. With its fancy modern look, people really like it. Check out the huge fish tank with 800 types of fish – it’s like a mini ocean! And don’t miss the 39 fountains and 420 lights that make the mall feel so lively. Soak in the coastal charm while you shop and explore.

Pardis 1 Mall

Welcome to Pardis 1 Mall! With 2 floors and 200 stores, it’s one of the biggest places to shop on Kish Island. Get ready for cool clothes, shoes, and bags all in one spot.

But there’s more! You can eat at the restaurant, have tea at the traditional tea house, or grab coffee at the café. Need to plan a trip? Travel agencies are there. Got money stuff? Banks can help. And if you want to use the internet, there’s a place for that too.

Pardis 1 Mall isn’t just about shopping. It’s a whole package of things to do and try. Come explore, have fun, and get what you need, all in one awesome place!

Pardis 2 Mall

Right next to Pardis 1 Mall, you’ll find Pardis 2 Mall. It’s not just a shopping spot – it’s also a place for clothes, bags, shoes, and even fake flowers. There’s sports stuff, food, gadgets, and things for your home too. And guess what? There’s a bank, a restaurant, and a café as well, so everything is close by for you! Pardis 2 Mall: where shopping is easy and fun, just steps away.

Zeitoon Shopping Mall

Discover Zeitoon Shopping Mall, a 2-floor wonder that’s unlike other malls. It’s not just about shopping – it’s also about the cool design. And when you need a break, the café and restaurant are ready to make you feel better before you shop some more. Zeitoon Shopping Mall: where shopping is extra special and relaxing too! With its distinctive architecture and refreshing amenities, Zeitoon creates a shopping experience that’s both unique and rejuvenating, making every visit a memorable adventure.

Paniz Mall

Discover a shopping paradise at Paniz Mall, a hotspot for travelers. From clothes, bags, and shoes to gadgets and toys, this mall has it all. Find everything from groceries to jewelry and more. When hunger strikes, head to the mall’s café and restaurant for a tasty break. Paniz Mall: where shopping meets satisfaction for travelers.

Venus International Mall

Get ready for an incredible shopping journey at Venus International Mall. With a whopping 310 shops, most of them on the first floor, this mall is a dream come true for shoppers. The mall’s café and restaurant are ready to serve you delicious food and drinks. So, whether you’re exploring shops or satisfying your taste buds, Venus International Mall has it all!

Maryam International Mall

If you love shopping under the sky, look no further than Maryam International Mall. This unique outdoor destination is where you’ll uncover a diverse range of items – from clothing, bags, and shoes to beauty and hygiene products, even groceries. This mall invites you to relish shopping in the great outdoors like never before.

Pars Khalij Mall

Pars Khalij Mall isn’t your ordinary mall. It’s a world of options waiting for you to explore. Discover trendy outfits, bags, shoes, and even eyewear to match your style. But it’s not just about fashion – you can also find hygiene and beauty stuff, plus fun toys. If you love tech, there are cool gadgets and phones to explore. Shop till you drop, and enjoy every moment!

Best Restaurants on Kish Island: A Cuisine Expedition

ToIranTour - Iranian Food
Photo by Pouya Hajibagheri on Unsplash

When you travel, trying local food is a must. This is especially true for Kish Island, a place that guarantees an exciting trip. To make the most of your visit, make sure to explore the best dining spots on the island. We’ve put together a list of top restaurants in Kish to help you choose the perfect place to eat based on your preferences.

Mirmohana Restaurant in Kish

Mirmohana Restaurant is a great place to eat in Kish. They have a mix of tasty grilled, traditional, and seafood dishes. It’s on the east side of Kish, close to the marina. While you eat, you can listen to the Damon band play live music – they’re really good!

If you want to eat at Mirmohana, it’s smart to book a table beforehand because lots of people like their delicious food. And it’s near Kish’s shopping centers, so you can start your shopping right after eating. Mirmohana Restaurant shows off Kish’s yummy food scene and invites you to enjoy its tasty offerings while soaking up the lively island vibe.

Royal Star Restaurant in Kish

Royal Star Restaurant stands out as one of Kish’s premier dining establishments, celebrated for its delectable seafood and mouthwatering dishes. It’s not just a treat for travelers; even the locals love dining here. Royal Star Kish covers both traditional and seafood options for lunch and dinner. The restaurant’s ambiance is divided into two sections – an open area and a cozy indoor space – catering to diverse preferences.

This dining haven offers a comprehensive menu for every meal and boasts a coffee shop selection. Convenience is key, with ample parking, a playground, and free internet. The friendly staff’s excellent service is the cherry on top, contributing to the restaurant’s well-deserved popularity. Royal Star Restaurant beckons with its sumptuous offerings and inviting atmosphere, whether you’re exploring the island or calling it home.

Payab Restaurant in Kish

Payab Restaurant stands as another gem among Kish’s best dining spots, offering travelers an open and serene ambiance. The restaurant prides itself on delivering top-notch cuisine that caters to a wide range of palates.

Adding to its charm, Payab has thoughtfully included a tea house where guests can unwind while relishing tea and soaking in the restaurant’s inviting atmosphere. Live music further enhances the experience, creating an enjoyable backdrop to your meal.

Moreover, Payab Restaurant extends the convenience of reservations and complimentary food delivery. So, whether you prefer the restaurant’s environment or wish to relish their high-quality and flavorful dishes at your own space, the free delivery service has you covered. In Payab, satisfaction transcends through both taste and flexibility, making it a must-visit spot in Kish.

Padideh Shandiz Restaurant in Kish

Padideh Shandiz Restaurant is a top spot in Kish. Imagine eating 42 meters high with a glass floor below you. It might not suit everyone, especially if you’re afraid of heights. But if you like excitement, Shandiz is great for trying yummy southern food in Kish.

Outside the restaurant, there’s a huge 100-ton anchor that got a Guinness record. It was built in just 35 days and now it’s a cool tourist attraction. This restaurant has lots of tasty food, a friendly family vibe, and really nice staff. It’s a must-see place in Kish, whether you’re into the daring heights or just want a good meal.

Spaghetti House Restaurant in Kish

If traditional and grilled food isn’t your thing, why not give Spaghetti Kish House a shot? It’s one of Kish’s best places to eat, and they serve Italian dishes like spaghetti, steaks, and lasagna. If that sounds tasty to you, it’s a good option to consider. The prices won’t break the bank, unlike some other fancy places in Kish. Plus, they can bring your food right to your hotel or home, making it super convenient.

So, if you’re not feeling the usual grilled stuff, Spaghetti Kish House is here to offer a different kind of deliciousness.

Damon Food Court Restaurant in Kish

The Food Court Restaurant in Kish is a standout choice for those seeking exceptionally tasty food. Found on the second floor of Damon Shopping Center, it’s the perfect place to head after a shopping spree. This spot offers a wide range of delectable dishes, from Iranian and Italian to Turkish, Chinese, Indian, and Mexican cuisine. No matter your taste, they’ve got you covered with top-notch quality that guarantees a delightful experience.

Kish Foodland Restaurant

Looking for a Kish restaurant with lots of food options? Foodland Restaurant is the place to go. They’ve got Iranian, Middle Eastern, and French dishes in separate sections. Try the Shirmahi (Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel) and Tahchin dishes in the Iranian corner. More than 100 food options make this place unique in Kish and Iran. They use international ingredients and spices to meet high standards.

There are two coffee shops here – one for hot and cold drinks and another for tea and hookah. And if you’re a night owl, Layali Cafe is open from midnight to 2 AM. Bring your family or friends for a nice time.

Kish Burger House

If you’re up for something beyond traditional dining, consider trying the city’s burgers. Kish Burger House is a top spot for high-quality burgers. In addition to their delicious burgers, they serve a variety of mouthwatering sandwiches, crispy pizzas, and other tempting choices. Kish Burger House has you covered with flavors that won’t disappoint. It’s a great choice for a casual and satisfying meal on the island.

Best Hotels on Kish Island: Retreat to Elegance

ToIranTour - Kish Hotels
Photo by Prosha Amiri on Unsplash

Kish Island, a Persian Gulf jewel, has been a prized tourist and business spot for ages. Its coral beaches and peaceful ambiance attract visitors worldwide. Experience a dream vacation at Kish’s luxury hotels, where comfort meets elegance. If you’re curious about why to visit Iran, Kish’s hotels provide a compelling reason.

Toranj Marine Hotel

Toranj Hotel, Iran’s first marine hotel, redefines luxury on Kish Island. Positioned on the northwest coast, it’s a blend of modernity and tradition. With rooms suspended over the Persian Gulf, the hotel’s 100 rooms create a Toranj pattern, a classic Persian design.

But it’s more than just looks. Toranj Hotel connects you intimately with the ocean. Every room features a glass floor window, offering your private peek into the underwater world. Imagine having your own aquarium!

Beyond lavish amenities and stunning balcony views, Toranj Hotel blurs the lines between inside and outside. It’s not just a stay; it’s an immersion into marine elegance and luxury, leaving a lasting mark on your memories.

Dariush Grand Hotel

Discover a realm of indulgence at the Dariush Grand Hotel, an opulent 5-star gem paying tribute to Persia’s past. Named after the renowned King Dariush, this architectural masterpiece mirrors the grandeur of Persepolis, an ancient marvel.

Beyond the lavish accommodations and complimentary perks like breakfast, airport transfers, and pool access, the hotel’s exquisite restaurant and coffee shop offer a taste of Persian flavors. The tranquil swimming pool, reminiscent of the Nile’s serenity, invites you to unwind. Engage in leisure activities like billiards, ping pong, tennis, and cycling.

Your stay extends beyond comfort—it’s a chance to immerse yourself in history and culture. Explore nearby attractions such as the enchanting City of Harireh and the vibrant Dolphin Park Complex. The Dariush Grand Hotel isn’t just a stay; it’s an expedition through time, where luxury meets legacy in perfect harmony.

Marina Park Hotel

Right in the middle of the island, the Marina Park Hotel is a 5-star gem. It’s near famous shopping malls and has a cozy water park. Dolphins perform at Dolphin Park Complex nearby, and you can explore cool places like the Ancient Town of Harireh.

With rooms for 2 to 4 people, there’s space for everyone. Eat tasty Persian food at the Lotus Restaurant. It’s great for business too, with meeting spots. No boredom here! Have fun playing tennis, relaxing in the Jacuzzi, and swimming in the pool. There’s a gym, video game room, shops, and a sauna. They even have a barbershop!

The Marina Park Hotel isn’t just a stay—it’s a mix of fun and comfort that you won’t want to leave.

Maryam Sorinet Hotel

Step into the world of luxury and innovation at Maryam Sorinet Hotel, a remarkable gem on Kish Island. This 4-star marvel boasts modern designs spread across four floors, reminiscent of European charm. Notably, it’s strategically placed near shopping malls, Kish beaches, and the excitement of the Dolphin Park Complex.

But what truly sets this hotel apart is its pioneering spirit—it’s the very first in Iran to flaunt BMS technology. Within its walls, you’ll discover a world of leisure, from swimming in the pool to engaging in billiards, workouts in the gym, and serene moments in the massage parlor. And if you’re in the mood to shop, the on-site shopping center awaits your exploration.

Your stay at Maryam Sorinet Hotel is not just about luxurious living; it’s an invitation to explore. Venture out to discover Kish’s treasured attractions, including the captivating Kariz-e Kish and the timeless allure of Hendurabi. With every moment, you’ll find yourself immersed in a tapestry of comfort, modernity, and adventure that only this hotel can provide.

Kish Sadaf Hotel

Discover comfort and room to breathe at Kish Sadaf Hotel, a welcoming 4-star retreat on Kish Island. With 55 rooms spread across 2 floors, it’s perfect for those who prefer avoiding elevators. And when hunger strikes, head to the café or restaurant for delicious bites.

This hotel is a family favorite, thanks to its spacious rooms. Families with young ones can rejoice too—kids under 5 stay for free. And the best part? No need to worry about visas when entering this independent island.

As you explore this enchanting haven, soak in the wonders it holds: from the golden sands of Kish Beaches and the historic charm of the Ancient Town of Harireh to the intrigue of the Greek Ship and the vibrancy of the Dolphin Park Complex. Immerse yourself in the history of Kariz-e Kish, indulge in retail therapy at Kish shopping malls, and embrace the cultural allure of Hendurabi—all while being cradled by the tranquil waters of the Persian Gulf.

Shayan Kish Hotel

Experience luxury at Shayan Kish Hotel, a grand 5-star spot since 1351, now part of Pars Hotels Group. By Kish Island’s best beach, it’s a historic haven spread over 50,000 square meters with 4 floors, 193 rooms, all facing the sea or gardens.

Enjoy dining at restaurants like Bagh Behesht, Chamblire, and the French one. Families, kids under 5 stay free.And the best part? The island’s biggest fun pier is right outside. Shayan Kish Hotel is more than a stay—it’s history and luxury in one.

Kish International Hotel

Opened in 2016, Kish International Hotel offers contemporary comfort. With 336 rooms, it’s one of Kish Island’s largest. You’ll find beach views from your window and be close to entertainment and shopping centers.

The hotel has services like 24-hour room service, free internet, and a fire alarm system. There’s even a tennis court and indoor sports areas. You can eat at the restaurant hall or the coffee shop. Plus, they arrange island tours and other fun activities. It’s more than a stay—it’s a blend of relaxation and adventure.

Parmis Hotel, Kish

Opened in 2015, Parmis Kish Hotel is an international gem on Kish Island. With 170 rooms and suites, including honeymoon suites, it’s comfy and cozy. Swim, relax in the sauna, or play in the jacuzzi, billiard room, and computer games room.

Foodies, you’re in luck—there are 4 restaurants here, serving Persian and international eats. One even looks like an old-timey place! Plus, there’s a special spot for Italian dishes. For business or events, the meeting hall is top-notch.

With easy access to shops and fun spots, Parmis Kish Hotel is more than a stay—it’s a luxurious island escape.

Vida Hotel, Kish

Built in 2016, Vida Kish Hotel is a fresh addition to the scene. With 9 floors and a total of 144 lavish rooms and suites, it’s a haven of comfort and elegance. Nestled on Moj Boulevard in the heart of Kish Island, the hotel’s proximity to the beach and entertainment centers sets it apart.

Indulge in the indoor swimming pools, a treat for all hotel guests. Vida Kish Hotel is committed to providing the latest facilities that meet international standards. The hotel’s restaurants serve delectable dishes, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Start your day with a buffet breakfast and enjoy special ceremonies in this top-notch establishment. Airport shuttle and free internet services make your stay convenient. For those looking to stay active, the hotel offers a range of sports facilities, including a sauna, jacuzzi, gym, and free access to the swimming pool.

Parmida Hotel, Kish

Established in 2013 near the commercial hub and facing Kish City Park, Parmida Kish Hotel offers a prime location. Initially a 4-star haven, it has since been upgraded to a 5-star gem through a series of enhancements. With 4 floors and a total of 81 rooms and suites, it boasts top-notch facilities and elegant design.

Strategically placed, Parmida Hotel is close to island attractions like the marina, karting, and Kish City Park. You’ll find a trio of restaurants, conference halls, meeting spaces, and a cozy coffee shop within its walls. The hotel’s dedicated and skilled staff ensure that guests receive excellent and delightful services throughout their stay.

FAQs about Kish Island

Q1: Where is Kish Island located?

A1: Kish Island is a city by the coast and the main city in Kish District. It’s in Bandar Lengeh County, which is in Hormozgan Province, Iran.

Q2: How old is Kish Island?

A2: Kish Island boasts a history spanning roughly 3000 years. It’s considered one of the planet’s top 10 most stunning islands and ranks as the Middle East’s third most popular holiday spot.

Q3: What is the climate like on Kish Island?

A3: Kish Island enjoys a warm and mild climate with minimal rainfall throughout the year. The average yearly temperature is around 26.2°C. Summers peak at around 44°C in July, while winters see temperatures around 10.2°C in January.

Q4: Why is Kish Island famous?

A4: Kish Island: Precious Gem of the Persian Gulf. Situated in the Persian Gulf, south of Iran, Kish Island is a well-known place for tourists. It has modern amenities for both relaxation and business. Because it’s a special area for trade, people from many countries can visit Kish without needing a visa.

Q5: What are some top attractions on Kish Island?

A5: Some of the top attractions on Kish Island include Kish Dolphin Park, the Greek Ship, Ocean Theme Park, Kariz Underground City, Kish Ladies’ Beach, Harireh Ancient City, Green Tree Complex, the Twin Water Reservoir, Marjan Beach, and the Kish Sea Turtles nesting phenomenon.

Q6: What are some popular shopping malls on Kish Island?

A6: Morvarid Shopping Center, Damoon Shopping Mall, Sarina 1 Mall, Marjan Mall, Pardis 1 Mall, Pardis 2 Mall, Zeitoon Shopping Mall, Paniz Mall, Venus International Mall, Maryam International Mall, and Pars Khalij Mall are some popular shopping malls on Kish Island.

Q7: What are some of the best restaurants on Kish Island?

A7: Mirmohana Restaurant, Royal Star Restaurant, Payab Restaurant, Padideh Shandiz Restaurant, and Spaghetti House Restaurant are among the top dining spots on Kish Island.

Q8: What are some of the best hotels on Kish Island?

A8: Toranj Marine Hotel, Dariush Grand Hotel, Marina Park Hotel, Maryam Sorinet Hotel, Kish Sadaf Hotel, Shayan Kish Hotel, Kish International Hotel, Parmis Hotel, Vida Hotel, and Parmida Hotel are among the top hotels on Kish Island.

Q9: How to get to Kish Island?

A9: Kish is a free trade zone. People from other countries can come to Kish without a visa, but they need a valid passport to enter.

Q10: Do I need a visa for Kish Island?

A10: Every tourist can spend up to 14 days on either Kish Island or Qeshm Island without needing a visa. People from the United States, Canada, and the UK only need to arrange for a certified guide to meet them when they arrive.

Q11: Can you drink alcohol on Kish Island?

A11: Similar to the rest of Iran, you won’t find alcoholic drinks on the Island. Tea is a popular choice, light and tasty, and you’ll find it in every home, store, and social spot.

Q12: Can you swim on Kish Island?

A12: The beach at Kish is known as one of the safest worldwide. The coastal waters around the island are free from hazardous sharks, making swimming secure. It’s important to mention that the sharks spotted near the beach feed on small fish and do not pose a threat to swimmers.

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