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When you decide to travel to Iran or when you get an Iran visa, you will probably have questions about Iran’s currency exchange. “What is the rate of converting Iranian Rial to my currency?”, “How much cash should I have?”, “Which international credit cards are in use in Iran?”. In the following, we will answer these questions to provide you with a trusted journey.

According to reports such as the World Economic Forum, Iran is one of the cheapest destinations in the world. So no worries about your budget. Of course, due to restrictions imposed by US sanctions, there is no possibility to use international credit cards like Visa Card and MasterCard in Iran.

Therefore, it is recommended to use internal credit cards to cover your expenses in Iran. For this purpose, you can convert a portion of your currency to Rial -To the rate of the day- at the airport or at the city by visiting banks such as Mellat Bank, Saman Bank, Pasargad Bank or Tourism Bank and receive a credit card. This card is usable in all stores, ATMs, shoppers. So you should not worry about having cash. At the end of the trip, you can also convert the remaining money into a currency exchange rate.

Important tips about Iran’s currency exchange

– Do not use Bank currency conversion Services. There is still no single-rate policy in Iran, and the bank’s exchange rate is slightly lower than the market exchange rate. Therefore, conversion through the bank will not be for your benefit.

– To convert your currency only refer to valid Currency Exchange. Before you convert your currency, be informed of the Day rate of currency (See the link below). Of course, you can ask your travel agent to provide these services through a currency exchange office.

– Most exchanges are located in Ferdowsi Square, Tehran. If you have a city tour, you can convert your currency on the tour day.

– Avoid street vendors to convert your currency.

Iran Money Secrets

To ensure the conversion rate, you can refer to the link below and get an idea of the rate updated in different currencies.

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