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11 Amazing Iran Travel Stories

Iran Travel stories give a certain realism to the dream of traveling and are full of inspirational lessons. Also, because they are written by those who have traveled to Iran, they will give a better realization of what you might experience while traveling to Iran. Here are only 11 of these stories and you can find many more of them if you google it.

Backpacking Iran, 2017 Guide


“Salam! Backpacking across Iran is getting easier and easier. With visas on arrival now available for most countries, Iran is fast opening up to foreign travelers. I’ve spent a total of three months in Iran over two trips, I’ve hitchhiked across the whole country, explored mountains and islands, deserts and forests.” – Will Hatton

A Road Trip Through Iranian Kordestan

“Visiting Kordestan was such a special experience and a destination I’d highly recommend to other tourists! The locals were friendly, the landscape beautiful, and the culture distinctly unique from what else I experienced in Iran. You do have to dress conservatively as a woman in Iran, but you can still wear colorful, pretty clothes!” – Silvia Lawrence

A Road Trip Through Iranian Kurdistan

Visiting Kalate Talkh Desert Oasis

ToIranTour - A tourist visiting Kalate Talkh Desert

“We spent a month backpacking in Iran, arriving from Turkey at the Bazargan border, traveling east to Mashhad and then south through the deserts. The most memorable aspect of Iranian life for me is the generosity and warm welcoming people. They are simply one of the friendliest bunch of people you could wish to meet. Iran is sublime and I have so many crazy fond memorable moments from our month backpacking there that I will probably never get the time to retell all the tales. This was another crazy place that we visited – Kalate Talkh.” – Jonny Blair 

Backpacking Iran All you need to know

“Who is not dreaming of a trip to Iran, the booming destination that attracts more and more visitors with natural wonders, blue-tiled mosques, and wild bazaars? Iran is experiencing a boom in travel these days. Although there are so many false prejudices, the country surprises visitors with a huge variety of stunning nature, culture, and architecture.” – Clemens Sehi

Backpacking Iran All you need to know

Should you travel to Iran?

Should you travel to Iran Read on

“In our opinion, Iranians are the most hospitable people in the world. We couldn’t walk down the street without being invited over to share food and tea. On more than one occasion we were asked to stay in the homes of complete strangers. We stayed with a young couple for 6 nights in Esfahan and had a wonderful experience. Iranians are very interested in foreigners and will bombard you with questions about your job, income, family, and religion. But the main thing people want to talk about is your feelings about Iran. What do people in your country think of Iranians? What do you think of them? Why did you decide to come here? Do you like our country? Iranians want the world to understand that they are not the terrorists that western media portrays them to be.” – Nick and Dariece

Is it Safe to Visit Myths Debunked?

“The first question people asked me when I told them I was visiting Iran was “why?” The second was “Is it safe to visit Iran?”. Let me tell you right from the start – yes, it is safe for Americans and women to visit Iran. spent fifteen days in Iran touring the main cultural sites of the country with a small group. We started in Shiraz and worked our way back to Tehran. We visited the ancient city of Persepolis, the desert town of Yazd, and the shopping mecca of Esfahan, and ended our road trip to Tehran. The people were friendly, the food delicious, the country beautiful, and the mosques intoxicating. So don’t let friends or family stop you from visiting this beautiful country.” – Joseph Kiely

ToIranTour - A Tourist backpacking in Iran

Why Iran has been my favorite travel experience to date?

Iran has been my favorite travel experience

“One of the most misunderstood and undervalued countries of the world, my recent trip opened my eyes to a land of hospitable people, beautiful architecture, amazing food…and very few tourists.” – Matt Moffitt 

Solo Female Travel In Iran

“Most people think Iran is not a safe place to travel and even confuse Iran with Iraq. From my point of view, having spent time in the country, Iran is the best option in the Middle East for a woman to travel alone. People will stare at you because they are curious and for them, it is not common to see a girl from any other country traveling alone. But people are very kind and hospitable and don’t have bad intentions. Traveling around Iran is safe and easy. You can always take a bus or taxi without a problem. Buses provide a seat reservation and the driver will rearrange the passengers so that no woman sits next to an unknown man. So get ready to change your seat several times on a journey. Accommodation in Iran is easy to find. I always booked a hotel or hostel before arriving at each destination.” – By We Are Travel Girls Contributor Alessia Ramponi


Is Iran Safe?

Is Iran Safe?

“The real “culture” of Iran is the Persian culture. Some people don’t realize Iranians are not Arabs, they’re Persians who were conquered by the Arabs in the 700s. So perhaps visiting some traditional cultures is my best recommendation. For example, we spent a night with a nomadic family in the Zagros Mountains. We just hung out with them in their camp — and drank lots of tea, of course. They fixed us dinner and we ate with them. It wasn’t a real touristy thing — no special tents set up for visitors or any kind of practiced demonstrations or whatnot.” – Jessie Festa

Yvonne explains in her travel story why she recommends Iran

“I traveled through Iran for a month in 2012 as part of my Silk Road journey from China to Europe. I entered Mashhad from Turkmenistan towards the end of July, two days before Ramadan started, and stayed for a month. Without a doubt, it has some of the most hospitable and friendly people on this planet. They really take you in like family and invite you for picnics in parks and squares on a daily basis. The generosity I received from people throughout Iran really is a humbling experience.” – Yvonne

I travelled through Iran

Nowruz in Iran

ToIranTour - Tourists visiting Iran

Nowruz (The first day of spring in the Persian calendar) was around the time that I visited Iran. Although I currently live in the Kyrgyz Republic, where the people celebrate this holiday as well, my thoughts always go back to Iran around this time. The country of extraordinary hospitality. I was traveling alone there for more than two months in 2012. In spite of my anxiety about the general image of the Middle East in my country, the “dangerous” people were extremely kind and helpfulI’ve traveled to over 40 countries so far, and Iran is definitely one of the countries I really want to go back to again.” – Makiko

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