Iran Emergency Numbers

Iran Emergency Numbers

Wherever you’re traveling to, knowing the emergency numbers of that country is a necessity. Knowing Iran’s emergency numbers can be useful too. In case you are in an emergency situation wherever in Iran, call 110 (Police Call Center).

They can arrange ambulances, fire departments, and other emergency services you may need. Calling 110 is free of charge and you can call it with any public phone and even with your original mobile SIM card. 112 from mobile (cell) phones will also get you through to the local police.

Iran Emergency Numbers List:

Calendar and Prayer Times192
National Travel Call Center09629
Ministry of Foreign Affairs+98 (21) 61151
Imam Khomeini International Airport+98 (21) 51001
Railways (I.R.I)+98 (21) 55121
Roads Management Center+98 (21) 141
Customs Administration (IRICA)+98 (21) 82991

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