20 Best Beaches of Iran: A Journey to Remember

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When you travel through Iran, make time for its amazing beaches – they’re a must-see!  In addition to its historical sites, Iran coastline wonders deserve attention too. Both Iranians and foreigners love Iran beaches. Besides the historical and architectural attractions, Iranian beaches are a big draw. Some of the most stunning Iran coastline are in the north and south of Iran. Each beach has its own special qualities that make it unique.

Iranian beaches—north and south—are more than just pretty sights. In the north, for example, you can enjoy lush forests on one side and a turquoise sea on the other. The beaches in southern Iran have their own charms too, like where the desert meets the sea at Darak Beach or the red sands of Hormuz Island.  These Iranian beaches are peaceful havens, perfect for a serene getaway. They’re stories etched in nature, waiting for you to explore. Discover the 20 best beaches in Iran to truly experience the country’s diverse beauty.

1. Kish Island Beach: A Hawaiian Paradise of Iran Beaches

Welcome to one of the stunning Persian Gulf beaches, Kish Island Beach, where you can experience a bit of Hawaii right here. This island is like a sunny vacation spot with its soft, white sandy beaches, such as Ladies’ Beach and Maryam Beach. Imagine sitting under the shady palm trees and looking out at the beautiful blue Persian Gulf – it’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

ToIranTour - Kish Island
Photo by Mr. Mojtaba on Unsplash

One awesome thing about Kish is how safe it is. You don’t need to worry about any dangerous sea creatures, and the water is so clear that you can see all the colorful underwater life. The best part is the coral reefs with their vibrant fish – they’re there all year round, ready to amaze you. But Kish has more than just beaches and water wonders. There are lots of interesting things to see and do on the island, making it a great place to explore.

2. Hormuz Island Beach: Where Beauty Meets Flavorful Adventures

When we talk about the best beaches in Iran, we can’t miss mentioning Hormuz Island Beach. This island is one of the other great Persian Gulf beaches which is covered with different kinds of rocks that were made by volcanoes and time. This place is special and peaceful, making it one of Iran’s top beaches. It’s really big and has natural beauty all around, which makes it unlike any other place in Iran, or even the whole world!

Hormuz Island has two popular beaches: Silver Beach and Red Beach. These beaches stand out because their sand is red. This is because the ground here has a lot of iron, which makes it look red. In fact, more than 70% of the soil here is iron. What’s interesting is that this red soil isn’t just for looks – it’s used in cooking, too. It’s used to make things like pickles, jams, sauces, and even bread and fish. So, this red earth isn’t just pretty, it’s tasty too!

When you visit this island, you can have a great time soaking up the sun on the beach. And don’t forget to try the delicious seafood – it’s really popular here. But the island has more to offer than just its beaches and food. Staying in the cozy beachfront area can be a really memorable experience. It’s like making a special memory book filled with the sun, sea, and the unique feeling of Hormuz Beach Island. This place isn’t just a spot on the map; it’s a journey into a world of its own, waiting for you to explore, enjoy, and create wonderful memories.

3. Ramsar Beach: A Hidden Beauty on the Caspian Coast of Iran

Nestled by the pretty Caspian coast, Ramsar is a secret treasure waiting to be found. Both Iranians and visitors from other countries loved Ramsar. It’s not just about the lovely beaches – there’s a mix of history and nature that makes it special. One of the best things about Ramsar is a short cable car ride that takes you up 600 meters. Imagine going up from the sea through green forests and orange groves until you’re surrounded by clouds on the mountaintop.

ToIranTour - Ramsar Beach
Photo by Pm Pm on Unsplash

Ramsar isn’t just about nature – it has an interesting past too. The village itself is pretty and small, with old-fashioned casinos, tree-lined streets, and the remains of castles from long ago. Blending history and nature, Ramsar invites everyone to enjoy its peaceful beaches and learn about the past. This hidden spot on the coast isn’t just a getaway – it’s a journey through time and nature’s beauty.

4. Bandar Anzali: A Special Place by the Caspian Sea for Beach Fun

Located right by the shores of the Caspian Sea, you’ll find Bandar Anzali, a place where the beach is something truly special in Iran. Bandar Anzali isn’t just a name – it’s also the biggest port on Iran’s Caspian coast. But beyond the ships and boats, there’s a beach that’s waiting for you. What makes Anzali special is that there’s nothing keeping you from enjoying the sea and sand. No private spots, just open spaces to connect with nature and others.

ToIranTour - Bandar Anzali
Photo by Masih Jani on Unsplash

Anzali Beach has everything you need, set about 3 km from the shore. You’ll find shady spots and solid shelters, plus separate places for men and women to swim comfortably. If you’re up for some games, there are courts for volleyball and beach football. And don’t worry about parking or restrooms – they’ve got those covered too, making sure you have a great time. Anzali Beach isn’t just a place to visit; it’s a place where you can make memories. So, if you’re looking for a spot to relax and enjoy the simple things, this beach is waiting for you.

5. Hengam Island Beach: Where Nature’s Sparkling Party Awaits

Down in the south of Iran, there’s a beach that’s like a dream come true – Hengam Island Beach. People also call Hengam Beach the “Silver Beach.” That’s because something super cool happens when the waves touch the shore and the sun shines on them. There are these tiny things called plankton in the water, and when they light up, it’s like the sea is filled with sparkle. Imagine nature throwing a sparkly party right by the water!

ToIranTour - Hengam Island
Photo by Kayvan Mazhar on Unsplash

At Hengam Island Beach, time feels like it’s slowing down, and you forget about your every day worries. Instead, you feel peaceful and like you’re really part of the natural world. It’s a place where the waves look silvery and the sand gets a warm sun-kiss. Everything here is like a magical show for your senses, and each moment you spend here turns into a special memory. Exploring this beach is like going on a journey into nature’s big hug, where words can’t quite capture how awesome it really is.

6. Ramin Beach: The Charm of Iran Coastline with Dual Delights

Imagine heading south of Iran’s Chabahar and finding yourself at Ramin Beach, a real coastal treasure. What’s special about this place? Well, it’s like having two beaches in one. On one side, you’ve got the huge, wild sea with big waves. On the other side, there’s a smaller, peaceful sea that’s perfect for scuba diving. This beach is the only spot in Iran where people can surf, and the best time to do that is between May and October when it’s a bit rainy.

Visiting Ramin Beach is like stepping into a world of surprises. It’s a place where both wild and calm waters meet, where surfboards ride the waves, and where one enjoyment might be missing, but another, equally wonderful one takes its place. When you visit Ramin Beach, you’re in for a real adventure filled with different experiences shaped by the sea’s magic.

7. Caspian Coastline: A Unique Getaway

Does Iran have a coastline? Up north in Iran, there’s something special – the Caspian Sea. It’s the largest landlocked lake on earth. Think of it as Iran’s special beach area. It’s not far, just four hours away from busy Tehran. Between the mountains and the sea, there’s a bit of land with fields and fruit trees. In this place, even leopards and bears wander around old Mongol forts, adding a bit of mystery.

Here on the Caspian coast, in places called Gilan, Golestan, and Mazandaran, things are totally different. People from Iran really like the three provinces here. They’re like a secret getaway spot. In summer, the weather is warm and cozy, and even in winter, it’s not too harsh. The beaches here are sunny and sandy, perfect for chilling. Lots of holiday places and fancy houses are all around, making the area feel relaxed and fun. The Caspian coast is a special place where you can have a peaceful time and also some adventure.

8. Zeytoon (Olive) Beach: A Water Lover’s Paradise on Qeshm Island

Located within the charming Zeytoon Park, Zeytoon Beach on Qeshm Island is a true coastal treasure in Iran. It’s a paradise for those who love water activities, with clear waters and a diving school right on the beach for people of all skill levels. Whether you’re new to diving or an expert, Zeytoon Beach has something exciting for you to explore underwater.

When the sun lights up the waves, the nearby area comes alive with a mix of delicious smells. There are many restaurants to choose from, and they serve unique seafood dishes that you might not expect to find in Iran. Imagine trying tasty octopus and shrimp that are seasoned with a mix of turmeric, cloves, and dried rose petals. It’s a special blend of flavors that goes perfectly with the ocean breeze, creating a meal you won’t forget.


Adding to the charm, some of the restaurants even have live music, making your dining experience by the ocean even more memorable. While women are welcome to enjoy the beach, swimming in the sea isn’t allowed here. But don’t worry, you can still soak in the beauty of the ocean and enjoy the music while having a delicious meal.

9. Sisangan Beach: Where Sea, Forest, and Mountains Unite in Nature’s Artistry

Sisangan Beach is like a hidden treasure in northern Iran. It’s a place where you can see the sea, the forest, and the mountains all at once, which is pretty amazing. The beach is special because of its soft sand and unique rocky parts covered in algae, making it look really cool against the blue water. It’s like nature’s own art show. The trees and plants around the beach add even more magic. Tall trees make patterns with their leaves and shadows when the wind blows. All of this beauty reminds us how everything in nature is connected.

Sisangan Beach isn’t just a place to visit; it’s like a special moment in nature. It shows us how amazing the world can be when different things come together. So, if you’re up for an adventure, come and enjoy this unique beach where the sea, the forest, and the mountains create a view that you won’t find anywhere else.

10. Bandar Torkaman Beach: Exploring the Timeless Serene Ambiance

As you wander the pathways leading from Bandar Torkaman towards the lively pier and bustling bazaar, you’ll sense a calm that feels like a step back in time. This hidden treasure along Bandar Torkaman carries an old-fashioned and humble vibe, wrapping visitors in a cozy embrace of simplicity. Bandar Torkaman’s core embodies a pace that brings you closer to a simpler life, where the sea’s whispers fill the air and worries fade away like sand carried by the breeze.

ToIranTour - Turkman Port
Photo by Hadi Karimi on Wikimedia

Once you reach the shore, you’ll encounter an unexpected sight – the sea, once a constant companion, has gently pulled back, revealing a fertile stretch now frequented by grazing cattle. It’s a living proof of nature’s rhythm, a captivating dance between land and water. Standing there, watching sheep peacefully munch against the backdrop of the boundless horizon, it’s a moment that feels both unreal and humbling. The mix of maritime remains and the pastoral present paints a picture of serenity, where the lines between the sea and the land blur into something wonderfully tranquil.

Bandar Torkaman sings a daily tune filled with simplicity, tradition, and the gentle balance between the earth and the sea. It’s a spot where time seems to slow, inviting you to step away from the rush of the modern world and relish the beauty in life’s simplest joys.

Ashuradeh Island

In Miankaleh peninsula, Ashuradeh Island, just 10 kilometers from Bandar Torkaman, offers a serene escape by the Caspian Sea. Reachable by boat from Torkaman Island after parking your car in Bandar Torkaman, Ashuradeh’s beach delights visitors with its local market, sandy dunes, and sturgeon hunting. Nearly half of Iran’s starry sturgeon caviar comes from its shores. Returning to Bandar Torkaman, the local Bazaar welcomes explorers, making spring until early fall the ideal time for this tranquil beach retreat.

11. Larak Sandy Beach: Where Plankton Lights Glow

Just a short 16-kilometer hop from Qeshm, Larak Island is a place where curious souls find themselves in a truly intriguing setting. One of the first things that catch the eye is the old graveyard. But this isn’t just any graveyard – it’s got a unique touch. The graves are covered with little clay pots that hold something special: pewter and frankincense. Have you ever heard about plankton lights at Larak Beach? As night falls, something enchanting happens when the ocean waves meet the shore. A soft blue light appears, like a secret whispered by the sea. The reason? It’s the plankton in the water, creating a mesmerizing show that stays with you.

Larak Island isn’t just about nature’s beauty – it’s about the things you can do too. If you’re into fishing, this place has something for you. As the sun sets, the waters turn into a playground for those who love to fish. Picture yourself casting your line into the water as the sky turns orange – it’s like a timeless dance between you and the sea. And when hunger calls, what could be better than a feast of grilled fish? Imagine the taste, the smell, and the sound of the waves keeping you company.

ToIranTour - Larak
Photo by Rizorius on Wikimedia

But it’s not just about activities; it’s also about finding a peaceful haven. Larak’s sandy beach is like a friend that welcomes you with open arms. It’s a place that’s different from the usual, inviting anyone who’s curious to take a break from the ordinary and step into a world where nature’s wonders take center stage.

12. Bandargah (Port) Beach: Where Nature and History Paint a Picturesque Tale

Down in the south of Iran sits Bushehr port, a place that nature has painted with its own hands. Imagine a narrow bit of land called Bandargah, surrounded by the shiny waters of the Persian Gulf on three sides. The beaches here are like a colorful painting with shades of white, yellow, and brown, especially when the sun is shining. And when the sun goes down, the sea near Bushehr turns all sorts of beautiful colors – gold, orange, and red. It’s like a little show in the sky with seagulls as the main characters.

In the old part of Bushehr, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time. The houses and little streets there have stories to tell from long ago. It’s like walking through a history book but in real life. And when you want to take a break by the sea, just head over to Bandargah beach. It’s one of the most popular beaches in Iran, and you can enjoy both the past and the present here.

ToIranTour - Bushehr City
Hossein Heidarpour on Wikimedia

Bushehr Port is a special place where nature and history come together. From the pretty peninsula to the tales in the old streets, everything here has a story. And as you sit on Bandargah beach, you become a part of those stories, making memories in the midst of Iran’s charming coastal scene.

13. Rudsar Beach: Embracing Tranquility and Sunrise Splendor

Head to the bottom part of the Caspian Sea, and you’ll find Rudsar Beach at Rudsar. This beach might not have fancy stuff to do, but it’s a calm and quiet place, different from other beaches in Iran. It’s like a hidden treasure where you can just relax. Rudsar Beach is far away from the noisy places, giving you a chance to chill out and enjoy the calm.

Over at Rudsar, the weather is usually nice and comfy. And if you ever wake up early, you’re in for a treat – the sunrise. Watching the sun come up at Rudsar Beach is like seeing a magical painting in the sky. The colors are so pretty that it’s hard to put into words. As the world wakes up, you’ll be right there, taking in the amazing view that nature creates just for you.

Rudsar Beach is all about simple things – the peaceful sea and the stunning sunrise. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best moments come when you slow down and enjoy the quiet beauty around you.

14. Turtle Beach: Witnessing the Extraordinary Journey of Hawksbill Turtles

One of the other best beaches in Iran is called Turtle Beach on Qeshm Island. This beach is not just about relaxing – it’s also a place where turtles do something really special in spring. You know how you’ve seen turtles in movies? Well, at Turtle Beach, you can see real ones coming to the shore to lay their eggs before spring starts.

When spring is getting close, something magical happens at Turtle Beach. Turtles, those creatures from the sea, come to this beach. They dig into the sand and lay their eggs, making little nests. These turtles are called hawksbill turtles, and they’re sadly in danger. In about 20 days, they bury around 300 eggs, but in three parts. Then, after two months, guess what? Baby turtles hatch from those eggs. It’s like a nature show happening right on the beach.

Turtle Beach is about 30 kilometers away from Qeshm. It’s not just a regular beach – it’s one of the best Gulf Beaches. Since it’s on Qeshm Island, you can find places to stay if you want to visit. But remember, visiting this beach comes with a special job – taking care of nature. The turtles and their eggs need our help to keep going. So, when you’re here, enjoy the beach, enjoy the turtles, and remember that we all have a part in keeping this amazing place safe for them.

15. Gisoom Beach: Embracing the Harmony of Land and Sea

In the north, there’s a place called Gisoom Beach in Talesh. It’s where Iran and the Caspian Sea say hi to each other. But before you even get to the beach, there’s something cool – a big forest. It’s like a tunnel made of trees that are super tall. They’re so tall that you can’t see the sky on the sides.

Gisoom Beach is a favorite in Iran. Many people love going there. You can enjoy it in different ways. You can stay really close by in a comfy place, sleep in a tent right on the soft sand, or eat at a restaurant on the beach. But, wait a bit before going in the summer. It might cost more to get in because many people want to have fun there when they’re on vacation.

So, if you want to see where the land meets the sea, Gisoom Beach in Talesh is the place to go. It’s like a fun adventure that’s waiting for you to come and enjoy.

16. Darak Beach: Where Desert Meets Sea

As one of the best beaches in Iran, Darak Beach is near the Makran Sea and has views that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Darak Beach is in a place called Darak Town, which is surrounded by a desert. But guess what? This beach gives you something cool – a view where the desert and the sea meet. It’s like a special place where they say hi to each other. People who love the sea and the desert come here all the time.

ToIranTour - Darak Beach
Photo by Ali Ahmadi on Unsplash

When you walk on Darak Beach, you’ll see palm trees near the water and big hills of sand looking at the ocean. At night, the sky has so many stars, and you can see them really well because there’s no dirt in the air. Darak Beach is also known for being super clean. It’s one of the cleanest beaches in Iran. But here’s the thing – this beach keeps things simple. It doesn’t have fancy stuff because the natural beauty is enough. People come here to chill out and enjoy how nice everything looks.

So, if you want to see a cool place where the desert and the sea hang out, Darak Beach is the place to go. It’s where nature shows off its best sides – the desert’s calmness and the sea’s prettiness. As you enjoy this awesome spot, you’ll know that some places are great just the way they are.

17. Maryam Beach: Discovering Tranquil Excitement

Think about a beach that doesn’t just look nice, but super nice. That’s Maryam Beach on Kish Island. It’s like a picture with clean, shiny sand that spreads out like a big carpet. But this beach isn’t just for looking – you can also go for a cool walk called trekking. The place is just right for having a fun adventure.

Out of all the pretty beaches in Iran, Maryam Beach is the best one. It’s like a secret treasure that’s known for being calm and easy to reach. And guess what? This beach is like a place where you can have a blast with water stuff. You can ride a fast boat on water called a jet ski, or you can go boating. It’s like a party with the waves.

So, if you like pretty places, calm vibes, and fun by the water, Maryam Beach is where you should go. It’s like a special spot that’s waiting for you to check it out.

18. Kish Ladies Beach: A Haven of Relaxation and Underwater Marvels

Up in the north of Kish Island, there’s a beach called Ladies’ Beach. It’s the only beach where women can wear special swimsuits, so they call it Ladies’ Beach. If you want to swim or see cool fish with a snorkel, this is the place. The water has lots of colorful fish, so it’s like swimming in a rainbow.

If you’re hungry, there are shops where you can get food and snacks, but they cost more. Ice cream is a yummy option. When you go in, you might have to pay a bit to get to the beach. And you can use lockers to keep your stuff safe. Just remember, no pictures are allowed. It’s not allowed because of the rules.

So, if you want a day at the beach with sun and fun, Ladies’ Beach on Kish Island is the place. It’s like a cool spot to relax and have a good time.

19. Chamkhaleh Beach: Your Escape to Caspian Coastal Bliss

Chamkhaleh Beach is one of the best Iranian beaches by the Caspian Sea in the north. If you like traveling and the sea, you get to go see the beaches in the north of Iran, and Chamkhaleh is one of the best ones. Right now, lots of people really like this beach, and it’s one of the coolest places to visit in Gilan.

People really, really like Chamkhaleh Beach. You’ve got places to sit, eat at restaurants, have a drink at cafés, stay in motels, and even shop at traditional markets. And guess what? There are really nice hotels really close to the beach, so you can sleep there if you want to stay for a few days. Just like Gisoom Beach, if you’re coming from Tehran, you can take the Qazvin Rasht motorway to get to Chamkhaleh Beach. But if you want to go to Langroud, after you cross Saravan, you need to turn east.

So, if you’re into awesome beaches, having a good time, and clear water, Chamkhaleh Beach is where you want to go. It’s like a special spot that’s waiting for you to come and have fun.

20. Beris Beach: Iran’s Hidden Gem with Breathtaking Sunsets

Near the Hormoz Straits, there’s a place called Bersi Beach. But here’s the thing – not many people know about it, so it’s like a hidden treasure in Iran. Once again, there are tall cliffs by this nice beach.

ToIranTour - Beris Beach
Photo by Ali Ahmadi on Unsplash

The best time to check out Beris is between November and April. If you go in summer, it’s really hot, and you can’t stay on the beach for long. And guess what? The sunsets at Beris are super cool. They’re so good that you should take pictures for your Instagram.

So, if you want to see a nice beach that not many people know about and has awesome sunsets, Beris Beach is where you should go. It’s like a special place that’s ready for you to find.

FAQs about Beaches of Iran

Q1: What are some of the most stunning beaches in Iran?

A1: Some of the most stunning beaches in Iran include Kish Beach Island, Hormuz Beach Island, Ramsar Beach, Bandar Anzali, and Hengam Island Beaches.

Q2: Does Iran have a shore?

A2: Iran has a really long shoreline that goes for more than 800 miles along the Persian Gulf.

Q3: Can you go swimming in Iran?

A3: Because of Islamic law, only males and kids are permitted to swim in public places. Women can swim too, but they have to wear a burkini. If they don’t have one, they can wear leggings, a long-sleeve t-shirt, and a cap instead.

Q4: Does Iran have beaches?

A4: When you think about beaches, Iran might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, the country has a coastline that stretches for 2,400 km (about 1,491 miles), and it’s very varied. There’s the popular Ladies’ Beach on the southern island of Kish, and if you go all the way up north to the Gilan province, you’ll find Gisoom Beach. So, there are many options to pick from.

Q5: Is there a sea in Tehran?

A5: Tehran is found on the steep slopes of the Elburz Mountain range’s south side. This mountain range curves along the Caspian Sea’s northern coast in Iran. It doesn’t have the sea for itself but with about 4 hours of driving, you will reach the best beaches in the north, in Mazandaran Province.

Q6: Do people go to the beach in Iran?

A6: Iran’s beaches are cherished destinations for both Iranians and people from other countries. Iran warmly welcomes visitors who want to relax on the beautiful golden or even red sands of its beaches. You can also enjoy swimming in the breathtaking Persian Gulf or Caspian Sea, along with exploring its rich historical and architectural attractions.

Q7: Does Iran have a coastline

A7: Yes, Iran possesses a coastline of approximately 750 kilometers along the Caspian Sea and roughly 2250 kilometers along the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

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