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Zagros Mountain Range

Zagros Mountain Range in General The ancient and vast plateau of Iran, located at latitudes between 25 and 40 north degrees. Mainly placed in the dry and semi-dry strip of the northern hemisphere, but the existence of two seas in the north and south of it as well as Alborz and Zagros Mountains in the...
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Mount Damavand, Iran - Iran's mountains

Wonderful Iranian Mountains

Iran’s Mountains Surprisingly, Iran is not completely flat or desert land. 55 percent of Iran is mountainous and more than 100 peaks are higher than 4000 meters. Iran’s mountains are divided into four groups: Alborz range in the north, Zagros chain in the west, Eastern Mountains, and central ones. There are some volcanic peaks like...
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Christmas In Iran, Vank Cathedral, Isfahan

Christmas in Iran

Why Christmas in Iran? Do you want to have a different Christmas?! Are you an adventurer who wants to discover unknown cultures?! Are you tired of classic destinations for New Year’s vacations?! Have you ever heard about Armenian Christians in Iran? What about Vank Cathedral? Well, we recommend you to celebrate Christmas in Iran! It...
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Arg Bam, Kerman

Kerman, Golden Region in the Desert

Kerman in a Glance Kerman province is located in the central southeast of Iran and its capital is Kerman. Counties of the province are Baft, Bardseer, Bam, Jirooft, Raver, Rafsanjan, Zarand, Sirjan, Shahr-e Babak, Kahnouj, and Kerman (11 Counties). The north, northwest, and the central portion of the province is mild and dry. South and...
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Winter in Iran

Winter is coming!

Winter in Iran Where to travel during winter can be a challenge for everyone. But the coldness of the weather shouldn’t stop you from traveling and enjoying the moments. There are different countries with a moderate climate in winter where you can travel to. So, if you want to choose a place where you can...
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Ouyi Underground City, The Biggest Iran'sUnderground City!

The Underground City of Ouyi

The Underground city of Ouyi, A Masterpiece of Ancient Architecture Ouyi underground city (Noushabad) is located in the north of Kashan, Isfahan province. The city is one of the most remarkable and biggest underground cities in the world and a masterpiece of ancient architecture. Ouyi underground city was only discovered 15 years ago in 2004....
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Iran travel stories

Iran Travel Stories

11 Amazing Iran Travel Stories Iran Travel stories give a certain realism to the dream of traveling and are full of inspirational lessons. Also, because they are written by those who have traveled to Iran, they will give a better realization of what you might experience while traveling to Iran. Here are only 11 of...
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Iran holidays

Iran Holidays

Iran Holidays Iran recognizes 27 public holidays per year. The majority of Iran’s holidays are based on Islamic religious culture as well as political milestones commemorating a long struggle to obtain political freedom and equality. But, Iranian New Year is based on a Pre-Islamic ancient tradition called Nowrouz. Iran Calendars Three calendars are commonly used...
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Iran's Currency Exchange

Iran’s Currency Exchange

Iran’s Currency Exchange Rate When you decide to travel to Iran or when you get an Iran visa, you will probably have questions about Iran’s currency exchange. “What is the rate of converting Iranian Rial to my currency?”, “How much cash should I have?”, “Which international credit cards are in use in Iran?”. In the...
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Iran power sockets

Power Sockets & Electricity in Iran

Types of Electrical Sockets in Iran If you are planning to visit Iran, you should check if you need a power plug adapter or voltage converter for the power sockets (outlets) used in Iran. Electrical sockets (outlets) in Iran are one of the two European standard electrical socket types. The “Type C” Europlug and the...
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